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 Tiamat, [x] dragon || female
Name: Tiamat Runesong

Age: Extremely ancient, far older than many realms combined, although due to the time fluxes in the various realms she's visited, she's lost track of her exact age.

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon (Cosmic)

Alignment: Light-Neutral

Appearance: An enormous dragon, measuring slightly over one hundred fifty feet in length, and standing thirty seven feet at the shoulder. Strong and graceful in build, without being overly muscular-looking or slender. Her right eye is a bright orange-yellow color, and her left eye is a pale blue. Her scales are a dark blue-black color, reminiscent of the night sky between the stars, and her wing membranes are marked with spots and patches that resemble the stars, and nebulae, glimpsed in the heavens above. Five long, curving horns of deep royal purple rise from the crown of her skull. A subtle shading of these horns shifts to match the according monthly elemental association. Faint orange during Meiva, dark blue during Coiasira, green during Kelvar, very pale blue during Ilmen, and white during Elen. She wears braces on her forelimbs, a torc around her neck, and a circlet upon her brow, all crafted from sky metal, decorated with gems, and inscribed with various runes.

The bracers have various wards against magical attacks inscribed into them, as well as runes woven to prevent the bracers' destruction. The torc has runes warding against poisons of all kinds, and non-elemental, ethereal attacks, and curses, as well as prevention of destruction of the torc. The circlet wards her from mental manipulation, and mind-reading. It, too, is protected from destruction.

Personality: A proud, often formal individual. She tends to view dragon-kind as superior to other races, and views snakekind, sarka, and mythkin with utter contempt and revulsion. However, despite her lofty attitude concerning other races, she tends to view them with compassion rather than condescension, and views it as the duty of the dragons, as the greatest race, to look after and safeguard the 'lesser' races, even if she does believe it means they should rule to better do so.

Highly intelligent and perceptive, she is not easily manipulated, and can be prone to cryptic comments and mild teasing when dealing with other dragons, and anybody she has taken a liking to. She firmly believes respect should be earned, not blindly given, even to royalty, and while she respects the gods' power, she has mixed feelings about them personally.

Her pride can at times verge on vanity, and that vanity can lead her to acts of ruthless attacks against enemies of her kind, without regard to the motivations behind those enemies' actions might be. As such, she would view the entire Faction of Hope as traitors who should be annihilated, and the followers of The One on Millirand eradicated.

Skills/Abilities: Tiamat's aura is excessively powerful, and manifests as a dark purple, nebulous vapor. She can manipulate this aura to form an armored layer over herself, strike at others, use it to manipulate objects much like telekinesis, and manifest solid projections.

She is attuned to all elements, although fire, water, earth, lightning, air, and ice fluctuate in overall power according to the month, following the influence of the zodiac. Ice is in tune with water in that regard. Light and dark fluctuate in power with the day/night cycle. Nonetheless, her mastery over these elements is very high.

She is a master runeweaver, and has a deep understanding of all the runes. She can use them to produce almost any effect she desires, and can inscribe them into the very air with her reiatsu, written with her claws, the tip of her tail, or even her tongue. Her runes can add stability and precision to her portals even if the target realm's markers are destroyed, provided at least one still stands.

Her great size is indicative of her colossal strength, and her endurance is immense. In a straight flight, she can reach high speeds. Her tail is long, tapering to a point, and she can use it to lash out as foes. She is also gifted with the Sight, and, although she can't tell for certain just what her visions might be telling her all the time, she can witness events happening on other Realms as they occur.

Tiamat's epithet, Runesong, comes from her deep knowledge of kv'naer. Her knowledge of the language is extensive, and she can string together some highly powerful spells. However, while her great power means she can utter the language more readily than younger beings, she will still be drained by speaking the language aloud.

Weaknesses/Flaws: Her enormous size makes it difficult for her to fit in many places, and she isn't exceptionally agile. Her vanity can lead her to underestimate other races, and her hubris can often lead her to make questionable decisions without fully considering the consequences. She has a tendency to meddle in the affairs of the world, whether the other races will it or not.

Like any being, save perhaps for the gods themselves, speaking kv'naer aloud is highly draining. In Tiamat's case, overuse would leave her exhausted, and likely result in her withdrawing to the void to recover, if she didn't have somewhere safe to withdraw to. And it would be some time before she had recovered enough to risk speaking kv'naer aloud.

History: Created eons ago, in the time of the First Realm, Tiamat, unlike her brother Fate, wasn't affiliated with any of the gods directly, although she honored them all with devotion. She was the first, aside from the gods, to master the kv'naer runes. She was also the one to teach the runes to a select few dragons, and members of other races, and influence the organization of a more unified study of magic. In this respect, she formed the basis for the Order of Mages in the Realms, although she had no part in forming the Order itself.

She became enamored with Kazule, the First Royal, and became his mate and consort. For thousands of years, they remained together. But, as time passed, and she saw the state of the other Realms with her Sight, she tried to convince him to bring all of the Realms beneath his rule, by force if necessary. He refused, and over the centuries, her pride turned to arrogance, and she decided she had to usurp his Royal Mandate.

She confronted him, and when he once more refused to heed her suggestion, she attacked him, intending to force him to renounce his throne. Shocked by her betrayal, Kazule was initially forced on the defensive. However, just as he began to rally as his shock turned to rage, Tiamat received a vision of what her path would lead to if she were to succeed. Death, destruction, widespread misery as countless lives were wiped out beneath her tyrannical claws.

She didn't know if it was her brother who sent the vision, or Time himself, but she immediately ceased fighting, and submitted to Kazule, numb with shock and remorse. Hearts heavy with sorrow, they parted ways as Tiamat voluntarily exile herself into the void, leaving behind her mate, and newly hatched son, Fang, to drift beyond the borders of the Realms for thousands of years.

In her long exile in the void, she contemplated her actions, and meditated, drifting in a dream-like state beyond the suns, moons, and stars which gave her much of her power. She remained in her self-imposed exile until after Millirand really fell apart and the Remnant formed, and when she did emerge from the void, it was longer still before she ever set foot on Millirand.

Unwilling to risk falling into some of her old temptations, Tiamat stayed away from Felnova, instead, much like her brother, choosing to explore new Realms, and see new suns, moons, and stars. However, despite her attempts to remain aloof from the various happenings in the Realms, her Sight meant she could witness the waning fortunes of dragon-kind, and she subsequently returned to Millirand, intent on taking a more proactive role in safeguarding dragon-kind.
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