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 Molok, [x] sarka || male
Name: Molok, Herald of Hatred

Age: One of the first true Sarka, he is several times older than Felnova, although his exact age is unknown, even to himself.

Gender: Male

Race: Sarka

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: Deep ebony scales, as black as a moonless, starless night, cover Molok's entire body, thick and tough with age, and abrasive to the touch. Venomous purple marks adorn his body, highlighting his eyes, running down his spine, marking his talons, and covering his barbed tail tip. His head is long and narrow, and dominated by eight long, curving fangs. He is 72' from nose to tail-tip, and stands 15' tall at his shoulder.

Personality: A seething ball of hatred. His deep loathing for all dragons, save for the Dark Five, is his overriding trait. Not content with merely hunting down and killing dragons, he is driven to mutilate their bodies, and scatter their bones, and if they're lucky, he'll kill them first. While not as deep, his hatred extends to snakekind and mythkin as well, viewing the former as inferior precursors, and the latter as freaks of nature, although they don't arouse the same level of hate as dragons do. All other races are viewed with contempt and disdain.

Among his own kind, he is vicious and highly territorial, always quick to anger. Not even the mating season can completely curb his fierce temper, and he often leaves of his own volition without waiting for the female to drive him off. While he can tolerate others who have been Marked by Daecuru, this is mostly during a battle.

He absolutely hates being mistaken for a dragon, and will very likely try to kill anyone who does so.

Skills/Abilities: Like all his kind, he has massive, viciously sharp claws, a poisonous barb on the end of his tail, strong, spiked wing-bones, and a deadly shriek. His fangs are strong enough to pierce even the toughest of scales or hides, and strong enough to hold his prey while he dispatches it with his venomous tail. He s also prone to dipping his tail-barb in venomous substances to add to its lethality.

As a Marked One, blessed by Daecuru, he has the ability to control elemental Darkness and Ice, and manipulate his Aura. And, due to his vast age, he can phase through his enemies, and combine his mastery of Darkness with his phasing to become wraith-like in other circumstances as well.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His deep, burning hatred for all things draconic will cause him to unfailingly target dragons over anything else, no matter how dangerous. And, being a beast of darkness, he is almost blinded by light, and exposure to direct sunlight is anathema to him.

History: Hatched in the mountains near Mortuun'Daro, Molok, like all Sarka, was left to fend for himself once he was old enough to learn how to fly. His fierce nature manifested swiftly, and he drove his siblings away from the area, only to in turn be driven away by an older Sarka who had been displaced by his parents.

By night, he hunted the dragons of Millirand, reveling in the slaughter, and rested during the day to keep out of the sun. Years became decades, decades became centuries, and centuries became millenia. And all the while, his burning hatred for dragons grew with him. His hatred drew the attention, and favor, of Daecuru, and he was Marked.

Several millenia later, the dragons of Millirand decided to move against the Sarka in force, and their brave knights battled their deadly foes for many centuries, eventually laying siege to Mortuun'Daro itself. However, none of the dragons who entered that dark city ever left, and more than a few fell before Molok's might, dying in agony, alone in the shadows.

But, despite their might and ferocity, the Sarka were unable to prevent the dragons from using their powerful magic to simply collapse the vast caverns beneath the city, and bury it. Molok was buried with it, and endured in the caverns beneath the city for many centuries, living off of fish living in the subterranean lakes, and lesser Sarka slain during the territorial squabbles taking place beneath the surface, until, at last, he found a way back to the surface.

By that time, however, the Millirand Five had exiled themselves, dragons were scarce, and the Dark Five were sealed away. But his long imprisonment in the ruined city had not dampened his hatred. When a small group of dragons from another realm opened a portal into the dark depths of Mortuun'Daro, Molok attacked them, and wound up killing four of the five before th fifth's enchanted armor strengthened him, and enabled him to escape despite everything the big Sarka could throw at him. The dragon became the first of his kind to escape the dark city with his life when he climbed up a natural, eroded shaft into the sunlight, which prevented Molok from following him.

Seething with hate-filled purpose, he actively sought an exit from the city, motivated by a desire to find the armored dragon, and finish what they started. Escaping his long imprisonment, he set out to find the rest of the Marked Ones, intending to call the full might of the Sarka race together to resume their war against the dragons. He would see the Dark Five would freed from their imprisonment, the Ten cast down, and the Age of the Dragon ended.

The Age of the Sarka would begin.
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