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 Bakka, [x] kitsune || male
Name: Bakka ('Public' Name)

Age: 892 Years.

Gender: Male

Race: Kitsune

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: His true appearance is a dark-furred fox with golden eyes, long ears, pale belly, black paws and lower legs, and eight long tails, tipped with white. In this form, he stands two feet all at his shoulder, and weighs roughly 30 Ibs.

His favored alternate form is of an elven warrior, clad in dark robes and dark leather armor on his forearms and torso. In this form, he wields a long, cruelly sharp scimitar. His features are highly defined, dark green eyes set in a pale face. He stands 6' 2" tall, and looks to weigh around 170 Ibs.

When he wants to reveal more of his heritage, or has been found out, he shows fox ears, his natural vulpine eyes, and typically only three tails so people will still underestimate his power.

He can also take several other forms on a whim, provided they aren't too dissimilar from his preferred one.

Personality: Completely off his rocker. He can switch from calm and collected to venting loud outbursts, or abruptly laughing, seemingly apropos of nothing. He acts only to further his own interests, or satisfy some whim, but he is ultimately driven to earn his ninth tail. He doesn't care what he has to do to earn it, provided he will live to enjoy the power he will then wield.

While he is as mischievous as any kitsune, he honestly doesn't care if anybody gets hurt due to any prank or situation he may cause. While he won't outright lie, he is prone to twisting is words around to a great extent.

Skills/Abilities: Air is his natural element, and he can manipulate it to fly, manipulate the weather, and conjure strong winds from his hands. He can draw extra reiatsu from the air to bolster his own, due to his number of tails, although, like any other, an overdose will have negative effects on him, and could kill him. He tends to form a sword out of pure reiatsu, and uses said sword as a conduit for release of excess spirit energy.

He is a master illusionist, and, in a fight, or when dealing with somebody of great power, he will conjure a duplicate of himself while his real body is concealed from view. He can use his reiatsu to make said duplicate solid enough to cause physical harm, while his true body is hidden from view.

If forced to, he can fight on equal footing with all but the mightiest of demons and dragons.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His insanity is his greatest flaw. He can easily spiral off on a random tangent while in the middle of...anything, including a fight. Often enough, his insanity causes him to ruin even his pwn plans.

History: Born almost nine centuries ago in Evylon, Bakka lived a rather quiet life, getting into mischief, playing pranks, and exploring the various realms. As the years turned into decades, and centuries, his power grew, and his power grew, so too did his lust for more.

Just after he reached eight hundred years of age, he gained his eighth tail, and reached a cap on his power. But this only made him all the more determined to earn his ninth tail, and ascend to his full potential in and of his kitsune heritage.

Aside from what power his heritage could provide, he continued a quest for greater powers from other sources. After he heard rumors of what Lord Kairn had managed to accomplish, He attempted to emulate the dragon without knowing how Kairn had managed to create soulgems, hoping to transcend his dependency on his own star ball so greatly.

However, this backfired. He forgot his true name, and his mind shattered. It took him two decades to recover enough to actually return to functioning, but his mind never fully mended. However, his ambitions are still strong, if not stronger than before, as he no longer has sanity to keep his ambitions limited.
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