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» Nagaina, [x] snakekind || female
Name: Nagaina

Age: 98

Gender: Female

Race: Snakekind (Riven)

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: A massive serpent, 70 ft. in length, and weighing in at 3 tons. Jet black scales cover her body, and a broad hood, glinting blue-black, adorns her upper body, just behind her head. Six massive fangs sit within her mouth, four on her upper jaw, and two on her lower, interlocking between the upper fangs. Her eyes are a hypnotic blue-black.

Personality: Soft-spoken, deliberate, and given to slow, thoughtful decisions, Nagaina is hard to upset. However, if somebody succeeds, she can turn highly vindictive, and will focus her efforts on completely eradicating said person, and all of their friends and family. Coldly calculating, she can present herself as an understanding soul, sympathetic to the wants and needs of others, but only to make it easier to manipulate them. She tends to be cryptic in her conversations with others, but she will always answer Orochi himself as openly as she can.

Skills/Abilities: She is deeply attuned to the Earth Element, and can burrow effortlessly through the ground, leaving no trace of her passage. So deep is her power that she can raise mountains, or, if given enough time, entire continents from beneath the waves, although that is quite taxing for her.

As she spends much time in the dark underground, she has become proficiently attuned to elemental darkness, allowing her to see in even complete darkness.

She can vibrate the scales on her hood to give off a lulling, tinkling tone, and her reiatsu, which pours from her scales like a dark, yet faint, mist, can relax the unwary. If anybody makes the mistake of looking into her eyes while this is going on can find their will eroded as they fall victim to subtle but powerful hypnosis.

Once roused to battle, she is an utterly implacable foe, burrowing through the ground in pursuit of her foes, and using her massive body to crush lesser foes beneath her size while she turns her fangs upon larger targets. Despite her large size, she can move at great speeds, and can catch all but the fastest of foes in a straight chase.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She is bothered by bright lights, and is prone to bide her time before attacking, which can give resourceful individuals time to escape her grasp. If angered, she tends to lose her mental control, and analytical cunning. She can become so single-minded in her pursuit that she can fall victim to even simple ploys.

History: A long-time follower of Orochi, along with her mate, Nagaina often worked behind the scenes, using her abilities with Earth magic, and hypnotic abilities, to aid more in rebuilding in the wake of the serpent army's advance, over much along the lines of front-line activity.

Much of her time in the current war has been spent underground, acting as both a long-distance scout, and helping restore some of the taken cities. Her specific actions are something she tens to keep secret, unless asked directly. Even then, she would only answer Orochi directly.
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