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 Garza, [x] hellwolf || male
Name: Garza

Age: 138

Gender: Male

Race: Hellwolf (Famine)

Alignment: Dark

Appearance: A lithe, slender wolf with dark grey fur, with black fringes running in a ridge down his back, on his shoulders, tail tip, hips, and elbows. His ears are black-tipped, and his face is a paler grey. His eyes lack discernible pupils, and are a bright, uniform green. He almost always has a smirking grin on his face. Large, bat-like wings sprout from his back. The wing membranes are almost solid black, and the rigid structure is a dark grey similar to his pelt. The outer edges of his wings are lined with sharp scales.

Personality: A somewhat capricious, irreverent individual who often doesn't seem to take anything seriously. However, despite this outward attitude, he is extremely loyal to his overlord, and fulfills what is expected him, if not always in the same manner every time. He is highly cunning, and intelligent, capable of adapting to any given situation quickly. He tends to find humor in almost any situation, and views tough challenges as fun. He tends to be rather chatty, especially when dealing with an enemy.

Skills/Abilities: Like all his kind, he is exceptionally fast, whether on foot or in the air, and can transition from flying to running and back without missing a beat. He can use the outer edges of his wings to slice into his foes, especially while flying, and is highly attuned to elemental darkness, allowing him to fade into shadows, and even teleport between them, provided said shadows are close by. His tendency to come up with unorthodox approaches to problems can make it difficult for his foes to counter him effectively.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His capricious nature can cause him to take his time when dealing with a foe, and he is almost allergic to elemental light. His flippant nature can also be off-putting to others.

History: Born in Kurai, just one year before Verridith hatched, Garza loyally served the Lord of Famine in Kurai, but didn't make much of a name for himself until the rise of Chamenos. During the Demon King's short reign, Garza participated in the invasion, and proved to be a cunning fighter despite his outward nature, but before long, Chamenos fell, and the invasion halted as the demons withdrew to Kurai.

Now that Orochi has arisen, and the dragons of Felnova have been dealt a severe blow, Garza holds himself ready to once again heed his Lord's call.
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