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 Aurelius, [x] dragon || male
Name: Aurelius

Age: 1,200 Years

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon (Western)

Alignment: Light-Neutral

Appearance: Covered completely in hard scales the color of polished bronze, with brassy highlights on his wing spines, horns, and belly. When in the sun, he reflects its glory. His wing membranes are a bright coppery color. His eyes are a bright amber color. He stands 12 feet at his shoulder, and when seated on his haunches, towers up to 25 feet. He weighs in at close to four tons, and his belly is a bit on the large side. His forelegs end in paws which are quite dexterous, capable of being used much like hands. His tail ends in a spade-like tip.

Personality: A somewhat strict, no-nonsense type, he is prone to stick to strict protocol when dealing with royals, and expects others to do the same. Level-headed in times of crisis, but prone to get impatient and edgy if things should start to go really wrong, or if he is left without higher authority to rely on for orders.

In private, he tends to be a boisterous, but personable individual. If he really likes somebody, he'll let his sense of humor show.

Skills/Abilities: A strong, powerful dragon, greatly gifted in light and fire magics. He is also a fierce combatant in the air or on the ground. His scales are exceptionally thick and tough, ensuring he can wade into a melee with near-impunity. His eyes are similarly shielded by thickly scaled eye sockets. He is capable of moving about on his hind legs, although he is slower moving when doing so.

He can manipulate fire to a great extent, unleashing torrents from his maw, or conjuring fire from thin air, and manipulating any already lit. He can conjure a focused beam of light intense enough to burn through many materials, and is a competent, if not overly gifted, healer.

Rather uniquely to his species, he can wield a specially forged sword which most other races can't even lift, when he isn't merely relying on his fangs, claws, and tail. He possesses a keenly strategic mind, and is highly perceptive in a fight.

Weaknesses/Flaws: He is somewhat dependent upon higher authority, and isn't prone to being proactive or ambitious. His age, and somewhat sedentary lifestyle together with a love of fine foods have left him with a large gut. While he's hardly ponderous, it does slow him down some.

History: He has proudly served the Royal Family of Vystriana for a long time. He was raised to it, and he took his duties seriously. he earned a place in the ranks of Knights, and served loyally. After a few centuries, he met a beautiful dragoness, Zenanda, who was likewise a knight, and they soon became mates.

During the recent crisis, he had been away from Felnova, undertaking what amounted to a forced vacation (and absence from the dinner table) in Lizzarkyth, which may have saved his life. As soon as he heard what had happened, he returned, and, unable to find his Queen, turned his attention to locating her children.

It was also at this time that he learned his mate had been killed, and the egg she had laid had been damaged during the fighting. His son did hatch, but was weak, and bore a few deformities.
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