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 Enbarr, [x] hellhorse || male
Name: Enbarr of the Flowing Mane

Age: Over 1,000 years passed before his first death. Five since his 'resurrection'.

Gender: Male

Race: Hellhorse

Appearance: An enormous, heavily muscled equine, standing roughly 18 hands high at his shoulder, and weighing in at roughly 1,800 pounds. His coat is a glossy black color, and his long, flowing mane is orange-red, as is his tail tuft. The long hairs of mane and tail, and the long feathering around his hooves, all burn with bright orange flames. His hooves are similar in size to a human's skull, and the outer rims of his hooves glow red-hot like iron in a forge. His eyes are a brilliant red color, and often reflect his blazing mane. His horn is long, curved like a saber, extremely sharp, and is similar in color to obsidian.

Personality: A savage, abrupt creature, given to rage and violence. His iron will restrains him from wanton slaughter, but he struggles to tolerate mortal life coming into close contact with himself. So far, he has managed to direct his violent tendencies towards those he feels deserve it, but his bloodlust, and the fact that he tends to leave corruption in his wake, have forced him to adopt a more solitary lifestyle.

However, beneath that facade, he is still a noble spirit, and still longs to defend his people, and the well-being of others. He yearns to have companionship he won't be tempted to kill and eat. He still holds out hope that, somehow, he might be returned to his old self, although that hope grows fainter with each passing day.

Skills/Abilities: Like all unicorns, his horn is extremely sharp, and can pierce almost any material. His hooves are massive, and their sharp edges mean he can cut with them as easily as smash. His enormous size and powerful build allow him to bull over most opponents, and his resurrected body is resistant to injury.

Being a unicorn, he possesses great magical powers, which are largely attuned to darkness and fire. His reiatsu manifests as a red-black wind, emitted from his mane and tail, making them sway as if in an ever-present breeze. Whenever he doesn't suppress it, plants nearby wither, water turns brackish, and people feel fatigued, if not outright sick. He can actively unleash his reiatsu to cause wider corruption.

Weaknesses/Flaws: His rage can lead him to engage in brutal, but unthinking, violence during a fight. His corrupted body can no longer consume water or plant life. He must sate his thirst with blood, and his hunger with flesh. He constantly struggles to keep from slipping into raging, murderous fury.

History: Once a normal, if large, unicorn, Enbarr was admired for his long, flowing mane, from which he gained his nickname. For centuries, he helped guard his herd from outside threats, and on occasion, joined his people in war, along side the elves a few times. At one time, he even befriended an elven warrior, and allowed her to ride on his back from time to time.

Such was hos strength and power that, over time, his herd stopped facing threats altogether, until a rogue demon showed up, and attacked them. A few unicorns fell before the demon's blade before Enbarr faced the creature. Even its strength and power proved to be no match fort he unicorn's might, but it did manage to deliver a mortal wound before it died.

Despite all his herd, and the local elves, could do, he succumbed to his injuries. A distraught elf, descended from his old friend and comrade, attempted to resurrect him, but the demon's blood mixed with his own caused him to be resurrected as a Hellhorse, much to his dismay, and fury.

Struggling to come to terms with his new existence, and hold onto what he once was, his sanity is becoming more and more strained. Where he will go from here remains to be seen.
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