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» Milan Alaric, [x] vampire || male
Name: Milan Alaric

Age: 118 years

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire

Appearance: Milan stands at 6’2” and is leanly built, but it isn’t his physical size that makes him imposing so much as the fact that he’s simply dark. Pale with wavy black hair to his ribs, his garnet eyes are a flash of color in an otherwise colorless face. The way that he dresses also doesn’t help, sticking primarily to blacks, grays, and whites.

Personality: Milan is a very quiet man with a noticeable weight of past sorrow about him. It’s nearly impossible to rope him into a conversation of any length and with any manner of depth; it’s even harder to get him to reveal anything about himself should you succeed.

Abilities: As a vampire, Milan has the sharpened senses of a predator: keen eyesight, hearing, and smell. He’s also faster and stronger than a human and able to perform both with a degree of stealth that is uncanny. Sunlight, unfortunately, is extremely uncomfortable as a result and prolonged exposure to it has damaged his eyesight so that it is no longer as clear as it once was.
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