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» Sirishan, [x] elf || male
Name: Sirishan

Age: 95 years

Gender: Male

Race: Heartwoodian Elf

Appearance: Sirishan stands at 5’10”, making him unusually short for his kind. His build is particularly androgynous; narrow-shouldered and slim-hipped. His face, however, is noticeably masculine with angled features. He has amber eyes that lean more towards gold than brown. His long, wavy hair falls to his lower back and is just a few shades darker than his eyes.

In regards to clothing, Sirishan prefers pants and loose-fitting shirts of fine materials – typically of warm coloring. He also has a soft-spot for elaborate jewelry.

Personality: Sirishan fits the stereotype of an artist: creative, introverted, and passionate. He keeps a close inner-circle and mostly ignores those outside of it, preferring the company of books and paintings with few exceptions. He’s not one who is easily moved to fits of strong emotion and even more rarely, fits of temper.

Abilities: Sirishan has a keen sense of hearing and has been trained in the art of healing. He has no prowess with magic or weaponry and has no ambition to learn.
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