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 TorKrauk, [x] vystrian wolf || male
Name: Torkrauk
Gender: Male
Species: Dire

Height: 4'8 to shoulder(Big enough to carry even a more larger humanoid)
Weight: 195
Coat Color: Various shades of light gray to dark gray with some silver and Gold markings with gold inner ears
Eye Color: Gold
Other Information: Paw Pads are Gold. A marbled nose of light silver and dark gray

Familiar: Clouded Leopard

Class: DreamSage
Class Abilities:
  • Mostly he is able to enter dreams dreams and become a part of them. He is unable to change the course, but he has been practicing on leaving messages when he feels it's necessary.
  • When he leaves messages within one's mind, more often than not when the person wakes up they have a sense of being told something and it leave's them in a state of wanting and or needing to know what it was they were told, so they will seek to try to figure out what it was and to force themselves to remember. This will also force the person to awaken if he becomes urgent in getting the message across to them. However, there are times he is more successful with his message and it is completed successfully.
Elemental Type: Ice
Elemental Uses:
  • Ice Wave: If there's enough moisture in the air, he can freeze it and send it in a blast at an opponent. Normally only a medium sized wave is used,
  • Ice Step: He can create small sheets of ice that allow him to reach greater heights normal wolves wouldn't be able to reach with out having to jump down from something. Another form of this is when he walks over water the water beneath his paw will freeze and step by step the water beneath his paws will freeze and when he steps off them they'll melt back into water.
  • Ice Mist: Cold mist that can fool some wolves into thinking it a normal mist. When a wolf walks into this and TorKrauk is intent on catching them he will freeze them where they stand. The Ice only lasts for a good three to four seconds depending on the amount of energy he uses for it. (He can do other things with the mist too)
  • Hail: If it's raining he can freeze the rain and cause good sized hail to fall and shoot them at his foe.
  • Ice Blast: This is only capable of being used when TorKrauk is either on the brink of being dead, or he is utterly lost to anger. A shock wave of ice will blast from his entire body sending the icy waves in all directions freezing everything that is 20 paws away from him. He has no control what so ever over this particular ability and his body only uses it as a last resort. It also drains him completely of energy and after this is being used he can't move for a day or two.
  • More to come if he learns any more
Elemental Disadvantages: Fire, Lightning, and Light

  • Easy Going He's a very laid back kind of guy. Not a lot of things bother him as he merely just rolls it off his shoulder with a typical roll of his eyes.
  • Protective If something needs protected, Torkrauk is more than likely going to place himself in that position to protect it. If the cause is good.
  • Neutral: When it comes to being good or evil, Torkrauk doesn't really have a preference. He can lean either way depending on what's going on, or what is swaying his opinion on something.
  • Social, but wary: Torkrauk can be very sociable with any kind of species he may come across. He, of course, remains wary of most people he doesn't know.
  • Aggressive: Just like any kind of creature, Torkrauk can be seriously aggressive if provoked. Though it takes a lot to piss him off, when it does you're most likely going to get attacked.
  • More when I develop him more~

Image: (If Applicable)
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