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» Dravyn Silverhaunt, Vystrian Drow || Female
Name: Dravyn Silverhaunt

Age: 109 years

Gender: Female

Loyalty: To herself, always.

Relationship Status: Single and (mostly) disinterested.

Orientation: Bisexual

Race: Vystrian Drow

Appearance: Dravyn stands at six feet exactly with long, silvery white hair to her hips. It's pin-straight; even if she cared enough to try and do anything with it, it wouldn't hold a curl if her life depended on it. Between the hair and her dark skin, her angled, garnet eyes are especially vivid and almost eerie.

Her build is lithe and she dresses it in very snug clothing, sticking to predominately shades of gray and black. Her pointed ears are pierced all the way down. Otherwise, she almost never wears jewelry, especially not around her hands.

Personality: Dravyn is a wanton woman with a very dry manner. Her sense of humor is rather morbid and usually snarky. She has a bit of a problem with arrogance and it gets her into trouble from time to time. It's hard to win her loyalty and even more difficult to win her trust.

Abilities: She's an assassin, so most of her abilities are in that realm; keeping quiet, avoiding detection, and killing with as little mess and sound as possible. She has elemental fire abilities but they are newly discovered and run a little rampant, especially in fits of temper.

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