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» Cadoc Evander, [x] vystrian elf/night elf || male
| Name | Cadoc Evander Ciarán

| Species | Elven. He is half Vystrian Elf and Half Night Elf

| Gender | Male

| Age | Appears to be between 23 and 29, but actual age is unknown.

| Appearance | Cadoc is fairly tall, being about 6 foot, with a medium but muscular build. His unruly auburn hair hangs slightly below his ears when he keeps it straight, but it normally sticks up every which-way. He has sharp emerald eyes that can spot differences quickly. His skin is dark, but not black, and have a slight swirled appearance across his upper arms and shoulders, as they are a tattoo indicating his rank in his previous home. His left ear is pierced with a small silver stud.

Cadocs everyday wear includes a dark blue tunic and black trousers . If he needs to wear armour, he will wear a lightweight set of leather armour that won't impair his movements. In either case, he wears a pair of worn leather boots that come up to the middle of his calf. Around his waist hangs a belt which holds a small pouch and his short sword, while his bow hangs across his back. He also has various other weapons hidden on him.

| Personality | Cadoc can be quite rude, obnoxious, and a pessimistic. He usually prefers solitude, but can work with other quite well when he deems it necessary. He doesn't really show his emotions much, and people have called him heartless and cold. But he hides his emotions because he was hurt too many times, and he doesn't enjoy people thinking him weak. But Cadoc and be at least nice(er) once one gains his trust and he decides they are usable- er - a good person.

| Strengths and Weaknesses | Cadoc is skilled in the long bow and a short sword, but lacks in hand to hand combat. He fights better than most untrained men, but not as good as he would wish. Cadoc is also a mage, but he prefers to hide that fact by using items that are already charmed with magic. The exceptions are his weapons for the most part, as his sword will not break and his arrows won't get lost. Because of his avoidance to use his own magic, he has forgotten what exactly he can do, and when he thinks no one is watching, he will practice with it. He also know many other skills, but he doesn't share them much because of the pain it bring from memories that he refuses to explain.

Cadocs only known weakness his his thirst for knowledge. He is constantly reading and trying to learn new things to better himself, as he can be slightly vain. His other weakness is his pride. He hates being wrong and is not afraid to argue to prove that he is right. He does have one other weakness, but he does not count it as such, he just counts it as his disadvantage. This disadvantage is that he is slightly sensitive to the sun. He works better at night, or when the sun is not high.

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