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 Earning Jaden!, a guide on what all rewards jaden
Have you been eyeballing that limited species or godly item in the Official Bazaar lately? Or perhaps some shiny tidbit in a player shop? Wondering how to make more jaden other than posting? You've come to the right place!

Here we will list all of the ways you can currently earn jaden, and will update the post as we add more features and things that let you rack up your hoard! Check back often; and let's see what y'all can do.

Please remember to claim your jaden after you've completed any of the tasks with an asterisk (*) beside them in the claim topic linked below, or we may miss what you've earned!

claim your jaden here!
There are multiple things you can do on the forum to up your jaden count, beside the 5j a post reward. The following are all put into play, and can now be utilized as of 7-27-14.

5j reward for every post in all forums

* 50j reward for creating a thread in a Plot-Based Realm that has less than 5 topics in it
* 100j reward for reaching 5 pages in a thread located in a Plot-Based Realm with fewer than 5 threads in it

* 25j reward for posting in a suggestions topic
* 50j reward for posting in a suggestion topic actively (5+ posts)
* 100j reward for staying with a suggestion topic until completion
* 200j reward for posting a suggestions topic

* 50j reward for posting once in a news topic
* 100j reward for posting five times in a news topic
* 200j reward for posting ten times in a news topic
* 500j reward for participating in a newsletter discussion topic
(yes, these are stackable!)

In addition to forum stuff, you can also earn jaden by helping the staff out, or even simply creating a character or accepting a quest!

150j base-added for registering and joining the forum

* 300j reward for taking on a Quest (this is in addition to whatever reward price the quest gives)
* 500j reward for creating a character in a little-used species |!|

* 1000j reward for contributing to the site (writing and submitting a legend, helping to rewrite a species or Realm page, contributing artwork, etc)

|!| only species that have two or less purebred Original Characters may be claimable; go to our character directory and search to check. NO HYBRIDS of these can be counted towards the jaden claim. Only purebred characters.

Monthly events, as well as holidays and other such things, often award jaden for prizes and participation. While these vary from event to event, there are a few that have a constant value.

50j to 10,000j reward for various prizes in Monthly and Forum Events; depends on the event in question, and not all award jaden.

* 100j reward for applying for an IC position (even if not chosen)
* 200j reward for that position being accepted

These tasks have been put into play as of 7-27-14. They are not retroactive, and claiming jaden using posts that are older than this date will be denied.

Thank you, and have fun building your hoards!

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