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» Starting an IC Thread, READ THIS FIRST!
 Posted: Jun 8 2014, 03:18 PM
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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Plot-Based system! Here, you may create your own threads to role-play in along with the sitewide plot!

Before creating a thread, please read over the following.

When you start a thread in Plot-Based, be sure to read the current happenings along the sidebar and research what Realm you want to write in. Once you have updated yourself with knowledge on what's going on, choose any of the worlds and go to that subforum.

In the first post of your thread, use the following form and keep it up to date:
[b]PLAYERS INVOLVED:[/b] (usernames of everybody in the thread here!)

[b]SETTING:[/b] (list what area of the Realm it is; what landmark, city, town or anything else they're near.)

[b]WEATHER:[/b] (while current weather conditions are listed in the Realm update topics, please list your own weather doings here! make sure that no Realm-wide storms are going on, however.)

[b]TIME:[/b] (this is the important one! what time and date is it? how far ahead or behind are you from the current?)

[b]CHARACTERS INVOLVED:[/b] (no need to list NPCs or side characters, but do list your mains!)

A staff member will periodically check active threads and make sure these forms aren't over our semi-liquid time rule (located below), so make sure you keep 'em up!

In regards to our unique post icons, there are three very important ones forum-wide that you must be aware of:
user posted image = designates an open role-play thread. Hop on in!
user posted image = has multiple uses! In PB and LB, this will designate threads that are getting close to being archived. They can also be used for Suggestions, special adoptions, and a multitude of other things. It says, 'hey, you should probably look at this.'
user posted image = ATTENTION! Super important one here! These are our NEED ATTENTION buttons. See a thread you're in with this at the front? Quick, go look!

Here, we have semi-liquid time a lot like our previous version; but instead of two days, we allow these threads one month in either direction. That's 60 full days! Be sure you don't go too far over, though, as you may miss some important things.

Each Realm subforum will have its own Storyline Timelist thread*, and its own Updates. These will explain the current time, the weather, and any plot-important events that happen. There will also be threads in this forum that announce BIG plotly events, so stay tuned!

* the Storyline Timelists are similar to our old ST idea; you can post how far ahead or behind your threads are, keep them all in one place! It's a good idea to keep both the ST and the thread updated, but only the thread timekeeping is mandatory.

As things in Plot-Based will be THE canon BTACD storyline, we can't have two characters in the same time at different places! Therefore, characters are restricted to being in only one PB thread at a time. You may have multiple characters in a thread, but please do not make Character A be both in Felnova and Kurai at the same moment!

A thread in any of our Side Realms may only have five pages posted in it; after that, they must be moved to another Realm.

Side/Splinter Realm rules are located here.

Say you want to combine two threads, or move a character from one thread to another; OR your thread moves into another Realm. What do you do? It's simple!

Whenever you want a thread moved to another Realm location, closed, or anything like that, please message a staff member and we'll be happy to oblige! If you later want to re-use the thread to continue a storyline if closed, you may do so this way as well (or make a new topic if you so desire).

All closed threads will be moved to the Plot-based archives located at the bottom of the forum.

All threads that have been inactive for a period of two months from the original posting date will be marked as INACTIVE and moved to archives, unless the creator has put up an Inactivity Notice. Those who have put up such a notice will be given 6 months before they're eventually moved.

Threads will be locked and moved by a staff member. You may continue a thread via creating a new one in PB at any point. If the thread was just archived, it's possible to put it back; though if it's been long enough (over a week or so), archived PB threads will not be moved from archives, and will need to be made fresh.

The same activity rules are applied to Lore-Based, with one exception: archived Lore-Based threads may be moved back at any time.

If a member in a group thread (defined as having three or more people participating in it all at once) is holding up that group thread from progressing for two weeks, staff holds the right to step in and remind that person that they need to reply or they will be skipped. If no response is given within three days, they will be skipped.

Threads may progress as normal beyond that point, skipping that person until such time as their characters are pulled from the thread or they become active once more.

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