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 Annabel Raeth, [x] Icemarkian Human || Female
Name: Annabel Raeth

Gender: Female

Species: Icemarkian Human

Age: 14

Appearance: Click here to see her general appearance. What isn’t shown is Annabel's height, physique, and eye color; to clarify, Annabel is about seven inches over five feet height, she has a very muscled physique with very broad shoulders (about eighteen inches from cap to cap), and her eyes are a clear, piercing blue.

Abilities: Because of her Icemarkian heritage, Annabel has very defined muscle tone, and with her training, she can wield a knife as well as someone around twice her age. Annabel is somewhat skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

History: Annabel was born and raised with her Icemarkian kin in the Isles of Exile above Vystriana, but her mother, being the overprotective brute she is, shielded her from the outside world, but Annabel wanted to see the realms for herself; the soldiers that had been out there described it as a beautiful place, filled with myth and wonder. Her mother refused Annabel every time she asked; Annabel’s father had died while on a scouting mission outside and Athena wasn’t taking any risks with the only family she had left. Being the stubborn person that she is, Annabel ran away at thirteen despite her mother’s warnings.

She soon discovered that the soldiers were only partially telling the truth; Annabel encountered humans that tried to take advantage of her youth. She fended them off but was haunted by that moment.

A year later, Annabel’s chance for adventure came to her in the form of a red-haired, green-eyed Vystrian Elf. The woman, seeming to know everything about Annabel already, promised her the journey of a lifetime if she promised to be her eyes and ears for anything of interest that she heard. In an instant, Annabel agreed and left off to find some information of worth…

Personality: Confident and full of life, Annabel loves pitting herself against other warriors to test her fighting abilities. She sings as well, and has a hauntingly beautiful voice to match, but only opens herself up to do so when she entirely trusts the person she is singing for; only her mother has ever heard her sing. Annabel hates being sheltered from the truth and being treated like a child; she can act stubborn at times.
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