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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Yesterday at 01:15 pm

Name: Talia

Alignment Neutral-Light

Gender: Female

Species: Heartwoodian Red/Western

Age: 100

Size: 15 ft


Fire Element -

As a Heartwoodian Red Talia her fire element power covers a wide range of things. Not only can she create and breath fire she can also simply create heat in a localized area.

This allows her to manipulate things like molten rock, metal and other her own body temperature to a degree.


Ice Element

Rune Magic


Huge, sharp and a deep almost blood red, Talia is a magnificent Heartwoodian Red specimen. With a delicate face and very minimal decorative spines adorning her cheeks Talia gives the impression of sophistication, lightness and grace for all her size and power. Her wings shade to a lighter red in the centre of her membranes and when spread in the sun seem to glow like living lava. Her eyes are a burning orange with dark blue speckles dancing like glitter in them.

Being a Heartwoodian Red Talia is also quite warm if not hot to the touch. Giving anyone close to her the impression of standing beside a really large fire.

About Talia was born and raised in Fyr'krae, happily un-bothered with the war with the Faction until she strayed too far from Driakkion during a hunt. Shot down by a Faction patrol she was wounded and unconscious when they found her. Taking her back to the city of Grace she awoke to find herself trapped and chained to a Felris whom she hated upon the first sight. After a number of escape attempts and the subsequent punishments, none pleasant. she was hard pressed to admit that she was fully enslaved by the Faction.

Forced to work as a dragon-shaped furnace she spent her days melting the larger crucibles of metal for the foundry. Slowly she got to know her fellow prisoner and formed a bond with him.

Incorrigible, stubborn, brilliantly funny, Talia is a lot like an onion in that she has layers to her personality. Often quiet she can also be the life of any space she enters. Never one to surrender nor give up, she is never loud in her stubbornness to never let others get her down. But rather takes all with an apparently stony exterior and unflappable calm.

Ladylike to a fault at times Talia can also be rather a force to flee from if ever pushed past the point of no return or if she enters into any sort of fight.
Yesterday at 01:12 pm

Name: Arrian

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Felris

Age: 110

Size: 5.9 ft


Fire Element -

Arrian's fire element abilities are quite simple, he can create and control fire as well as cast a protection about himself from extream heat or flames.

Fine Archer


Ice Element

Dark Element


Tall, fit with a coat so dark a blue that it is almost black Arrian cuts a dashing figure. With full feline features, including a pair of wide tufted ears, it is still his markings that stand out the most about Arrian's features, deep blood red leopard-esk spots cover his coat. Eyes a shocking scarlet his seems far scarier than he actually is.

About Arrian was born into a kind and hardworking family of woodsmen. Using their skills as guides and trackers for the villages that surrounded the woods that they called home.

But Arrian had a lust for adventure and knowledge that he could not find in the safety of the forest he grew up in. So he left home in search of what all young men with itchy feet look for, fame, fortune and a rip-roaring adventure.

Instead, he ran into the Faction. Quickly making up his mind about the Faction and their ideas he started joined a small rebellion force located in Glory. But his days as a freedom fighter were soon ended when he was captured in a Faction raid. Taken before the leader of the army holding Glory he was to be executed for crimes against the Faction. However, at that time the Factions armour mentioned how useful it would be to the cause to have a fire element wielder. Thus his execution was staid and he was enslaved as the "human" forge. His days were spent in exhaustion as he melted metals and kept the forge at just the right temperature, the work too much for one.

After about a while, how long he did not know as he had lost track of time, a young Heartwoodian Red was brought in. Normally killed on sight, the general ruling Glory thought it amusing to have a dragon make the weapons that would kill their fellow dragons and win the war for "freedom" from dragon rule. Life took an interesting turn during this time as the Heartwoodian Red took a dislike to him which was interesting due to the fact that they were chained together.

However, life was harsh and punishment was often dealt out. Bound together with rune magicked chains they had little choice but to work day in and day out for the Faction. During that time Arrian and Talia slowly formed a tight, unbreakable bond. After years or maybe months, neither of them knew, the orders to withdraw from Evylon were issued.

Seeing an opportunity during the upheaval and small attacks on the retreating army, Arrian and Talia found a moment when they were not watched and focused their combined fire element abilities to melt the chains away. Kept at the edge of the city as they were and under the lesser guard, they were able to then escape after setting the armoury ablaze.

Free at last Arrian and Talia stayed together, their bond remaining strong.

Rather laid back in many ascpects of his personality, Arrian often gives the impression that all is well even when all is obviously not well or ok or anything positive. However, this is a rather deceptive exterior that is presented to the outside world as he is a passionate and opinionated person.
May 19 2018, 04:01 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Elf, Concinnity

SETTING: On the shores of the Shimmering Elera.

WEATHER: Sunny, windy, warm-ish.

TIME: Current.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Sebastian (Elf). Arrian, Titiana (Concinnity)
May 18 2018, 02:20 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Concinnity and @Moriarty

SETTING: Alubria, near the city of Lasa'an (island) in the Yorijian sea.

WEATHER: Partly cloudy, slight breeze, a lovely autumn day.

TIME: Morning, Current.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Bastien (Moriarty), Helena (Concinnity)
May 10 2018, 12:20 PM

Name: Bruttia

Alignment Neutral/Neutral-dark

Gender: Female

Species: Kitsune

Age: 5.000

Size: 5.4 ft (human) 4.3 ft at shoulder (fox)


Like most Kitsune, Bruttia is a master illusionist. Taking delight and pride in her ability to craft illusions that can feel real to the touch.

However, unlike most Kitsune, Bruttia, is a Reiatsu kitsune. Instead of an element of power, she has control over Reiatsu. This she uses mostly to enhance her illusions or to enhance the power of a blow or strike form her sword, however, if put into a position where she has no other way to defend herself she will use this ability to at the least, harm her attacker enough to get the upper hand. Most often with a blast or some kind of explosion. However, once she has the upper hand there is no saying what she will do to the person who has cornered her.


Like most illusionists, Bruttia relies on the inability of those viewing the illusion to sense or see that there is an illusion being weaved. This is why she most fears and dislikes people with psion abilities and seers


Fox Form -

When in her fox form, Bruttia, is a warm coppery red, with a white underbelly, under-throat and tail tip. Her paws are black however and so are her whiskers and tips of her ears. Her eyes are golden in hue, although if one gets close enough a few flecks of green and red can be seen as well.

She has a thick ruff around her neck and down her chest, her fur, in general, is silky and flows like water if stirred by a wind or her movement. While she has five tails, she likes to hide four of them to more easily pass as both a younger less powerful Kitsune to other Kitsune and a normal if overly large fox to none Kitsune.

Her fox form is the one that she is most comfortable in.

Human Form -

When in human form Bruttia has a light petite frame with beautiful delicate features. Her skin tone is coppery and her eyes are almond shaped. She preferes figure-hugging pants with a high waist, a wide belt, the same colour as her coat and a loose top. Normally in a shade of gold with high buckle boots with think soles.

Starball - Bruttia keeps her Starball hidden inside a hinged Rune covered stone earring that hangs from her right ear.

Crafted for her by a Runemaster long ago, the Runes are one of safekeeping and protection.

Although someone could still steal the starball earing itself (if they figured out that it was her Starball) it would need to be a powerful mage and one adept in runes to get to the actual Starball inside. And by then Bruttia would quite possibly have found them. But like all Kitsune any separation from her Starball is a danger and something that she avoids at all cost.


Born 5.000 years ago in Alubria Bruttia has earned her five tails the hard way, through time. Bruttia has had many identities, lives and jobs. From pirate to a queen of a small and warlike kingdom in the The Northern lands of Shi'vrann'aeli. Bruttia is both powerful and a student of behaviour. Using her age and skills to understand and thread her way through life. Wars, the rise of new races, all were either overcome or did not affect her life as she could just move onto another realm, a new place, a new name. However new lives are not easy to come by, at the moment with the widespread chaos caused by the Faction and the Snakekind Bruttia is simply coasting along waiting for something interesting to come along to amuse her until she can find a place to set herself up for a decade or two.

Due in part to the amount of time that she has spent alive, Bruttia is a ball of contradictions. While moral, she is willing to forget said morals when it benefits her, while not one to turn to trickery for a giggle she does take pride in her skill and while not cold-blooded and most of the time rather nice if contrary she will and has turned peoples lives into living hells when crossed or wronged.
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