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May 23 2018, 03:03 PM
Was I Not Good Enough?
Name:Juliesa Ryder (Yule-ee-essa Rider):
Alignment:Neutral Dark:
Was This My Fault?
Appearance:Long curled hair cascades down, past her shoulders and ending about near the middle of her back, normally left fairly free-falling. A speckling of freckles dot across her nose, to the edges of her face, under her heterochromic eyes. One is a deep blue, the other a dulled orange. A grey piece of fabric is tied around her neck as a kind of choker, and she is usually found with a grey fabric blocking her mouth and nose, and a long grey cloak. A small orange pin, that apparently used to be her mother's, keeps it from falling, or showing what she wears underneath. A simply crafted bow is slung on her back, along with a quiver of ever dwindling arrows.:
Personality:Julie is outwardly emotionless, never betraying her inner struggles. She has too many of those, in her opinion. She has abandonment issues due to both ‘father figures’ in her life abandoning her. Honestly she fears a good lot, and its not hard to say that she's a pessimist, always thinking of the worst in herself and others. Juliesa can hide her emotions though, behind a mask of cold glares and a steady voice.
Please, I Need You
History:Born the second daughter of two humans, Julie just couldn't win. Her mother died in childbirth, and her father left two years later, leaving a two year old girl in the hands of her six year old brother. They lived in relative peace, and Juliesa loved her older brother. He was more of a father than her father. He taught her how to shoot a bow, how to use her magic, and kept her well fed. But all was not well. On her eleventh birthday he just… wasn't there. They had already been bandits, so she just continued with her normal routine, it wasn’t like he didn’t leave for extended times anyways. But, this time… He just never came back. Even two years later, Julie is waiting for him, or more just… biding her time until she can get enough supplies to go search for him.:
Abilities:While not as advanced as a Kitsune or Dreameater, Julie is still fairly skilled in illusions. She can do a lot with them, although there definitely are limits. She cannot make them out of a range, which while fairly close is broad enough for all intents and purposes. Movement is also hard to create, but with concentration can be accomplished. Her major thing is being able to turn ‘invisible' by throwing an illusion up. The air will have a faint shimmer around her that is a telltale sign of her being there. Her main weapon is a bow and arrow.:
Don’t Leave Me Alone
Father(alive/ditched her)
Brother(alive/ditched her):
May 5 2018, 03:48 PM
Appearance:Pre-infection)Iruk was about 12’5, with blue-grey skin and storm colored eyes. While taller than the average Ogre, she was skinnier than the average, though not enough to be considered ‘skinny’. Just slightly more lithe. She wore a leather loincloth and basically a leather bra
Post-infection)Almost 13 feet tall, her skin has a waxy, death-like quality about it, rotted even in some areas, and changed into a creamier yellow hue. Her head became long, and deer-like, no skin or fur, with vicious white fangs. Two long tusks sit about mid-maw, almost ogre-like. Branching eight point antlers rise from her skull, decorated with purple, vined morning glories tangled around each. She became slightly skinnier than her original form, and blue-grey fur thinly covers her entire body, except for her head. Her hands are long, slender, and have retractable, serrated three inch claws. Those same claws sit on her wolf-like feet.:
Personality:Hunger. Insatiable hunger. She cannot remember what was before that, or what comes after. All she knows is the attempt to sate such hunger. Nothing remains of her personality, though it is said she used to be cruel, and a harsh leader of her clan. Now, she is just as ruthless, but instead of leadership, she wants flesh.:
History:Born as the daughter of the clan leader within Evylon, she always wanted to be just like her father. A kind-hearted soul, at least to his baby girl, he raised her like any Ogre, to be tough and powerful. As time went on, she trained. And trained. And trained. At a point, she was taller and more powerful than her father. So she beat him in a battle, to become the leader of the clan. For a time she was happy, bringing her family from one contract to the next, looting what they could. Then the wendigo came. Everyone else died, except for her, as a mage had come in to save the day. He saw that she had been in contact with the blood and brought her under quarantine, magical lock and key. This didn’t last. The first of the transformations began that very night, and her howling pain kept him awake. But the mage couldn’t bring himself to kill her. For three days she screamed in pain before finally it stopped. The mage went down to check, and found his charge having broken free of his bonds. Her head was already beginning to look deer-like, and her skin was starting to wax. He went to kill her, but she attacked instead, killing and eating him without remorse. Not that she had any of that even beforehand. She ran into the woods to finish her transformation, eating whoever came close to her. After she had evolved, all she knew was the want of meat. Since then, she has traveled across most of the realms in search of meat when sentient beings were not readily available in the nearby area. Since her transformation, she cannot remember her name, and doesn’t seem to care to. :
Abilities:No magical abilities to speak of, but she is incredibly physically powerful. Though she was strong as simply an ogre, as a wendigo she has increased to be much more so, and much much faster. She cannot be killed easily, as she cannot truly feel pain, and her wounds don’t truly slow her down. This being said, she lost all sense of self, in place of hunger. Iruk can run on all fours, or bipedially, and feeds on flesh for sustenance.:
May 4 2018, 04:45 PM
Appearance:Layla has long white-blonde hair, which tends to cascade down her shoulders. She tries to wear semi-conservative clothes, which tend to cover the beautiful dark blue swirling tattoos that adorn her body. For a sol’tera, Lay has relatively pale skin, though it is tanned somewhat, which tends to blend into her pale sand-colored eyes.:
Personality:Layla is beloved by many that she meets. Generous, kind-hearted, and gentle, she constantly tries to look for the best in any way she can. Saying this, she doubts that she is good enough, for her pairbond, for her children, and just in general. A hard worker, Lay will try her best to succeed, whether she thinks she will or not, and finds the best in others where she finds the worst in herself. Shy, she tries not to talk to those outside of her friend group, or her family, but those she loves she guards with a tongue that at times can be vicious. Those who don’t expect this may be surprised at the soft-spoken woman becoming harsh in her words. However, if she forgives you afterwards, then you find that she’ll apologize needlessly, no matter how much you say it’s fine. Often downplays her own beauty and skills, though she is both beautiful and intelligent.:
History:Layla was born as a twin in a fairly well off merchant’s family within the family Khu. Being the technical firstborn, by five minutes, she was trained much more extensively than her sister, though they were trained together for the most part. For a long time, they were extensively close, to the point of rarely being seperated. Layla and her sister, Eshel even went and got their tattoos at the same time, much to the twins joy. But their happiness was not to last. While Layla was smart, Eshel was smarter, and soon became the favored child. Unfortunately, the favorite child was a little too adventurous. One day she ventured out, and didn’t return back home for a while. A long while, which cause her twin and the rest of the family to worry. Layla took a horse and looked for Eshel, eventually finding her on the brink of death within the deserts. Having become highly dehydrated, her last words were lost to the sand. Wracked with grief, Layla took the body back to home, and was left to wallow in that grief for a time. Eventually, she moved on, trying her best, and healing her emotional wounds to an extent. Some point fifty-five years ago, she was married off to Azizim, a handsome Sol’tera man. The ceremony was beautiful, and she truly did love him, as much as she tried not to at times. After the death of her sister, she tried not to make emotional connections to others, and while the relationship was strained, with both tending to be lost in many matters, Layla was happy. She watched as he left for war, and later that same year, she bore his son. His name was Zahkiel, and she loved him dearly, probably too much. She dotted over the young boy, even after he would be able to take care of himself. When her husband returned, she found he tried, but would often find herself trying to break up the pair fighting after Zahkiel stopped trying to please Azizim. When he tried to steal his father’s favorite horse, Daravish, Layla cried. She didn’t know what she would do, with him, his father, or the law. So she tried to ignore the transgression, as best she could. She went on living, though life suddenly became a lot lonelier. Her husband attempted to work away his problems, and Layla tried her best to talk to him when she could. No matter what he did, yell at her baby boy, not talk to her for days, she still loved him. The poor woman has tried to only see the good in that which she finds.:
Abilities:Being of the great house of Khu, Layla inherited the magical ability of air manipulation, surprisingly offensive in its nature. Her main usage is to create semi-solid weapons from swirling wind, which more often than not collects sand from below, but it isn’t often used due too her simply finding little use beyond self defense. She loves the horses that her pairbonded rears, not nearly as much as he, but she still does, and enjoys taking them out for long rides. While not physically very strong, Layla is intelligent, finding figures and all that to be easy, and is a fair problem solver. She enjoys solving puzzles in her free time. :
Eshel(Twin Sister-Dead)
May 4 2018, 11:19 AM
Name/Cadell Flametouched
Species/Half Wood elf-Half Fire Elemental
Alignment/Neutral Dark
Appearance/Elf- 6 foot 3, with medium brown hair that goes down to a little below his ears. His eyes are light brown, but when he uses his magic, they turn a bright red. His normal clothing is a cotton tunic in either cream or white, and a pair of pants, cotton, usually any shade of tan. He’s about 18 in appearance.
Elemental- 9 feet tall, vaguely a bulky humanoid most of the time but also enjoys the form of a large canine. Made of red fire typically, but when especially angry can turn a livid Red or yellow. A blue mark appears on his forehead, in the shape of the Aries zodiac. If he gets really angry, his form flickers into a livid blue, with the symbol turning red.
Personality/A literal hothead, he is a proud creature that can be faintly introverted at times. He has a great love for Wren, whom he calls brother, and is signifigantly calmer in the other man’s presence, to the point of becoming very pleasant to interact with. When away from Wren, though, he tends to sweep into outright aggression and will attack anyone without reason.
Backstory/Born to an elven mother, his father was a proud fire elemental whose favored shape was vaguely elven. His mother fell in love with the elemental, and even earned the name Flametouched when she bore her son, and she opted to give him her name in honor of his father. Cadell grew up alongside his cousin, Warren, who also happened to be a half-elemental though of the earthen variety, in Vystrania. Relatively sheltered, Cad was lucky enough to have his father there to teach him how to use his elemental magic, of which he had a plethora of reiatsu to use. Cadell had always enjoyed, and still does, spending time with his father, whom he is closer to than to his mother, but even still, he loves them, even when they tire him out extensively.
Abilities/Cadell is fairly skilled in the element of fire, of course having both of his parents aligned to the element always helps, but on his own he is pretty good as well. In his elemental form, he is semi-solid, and most attacks will go right through his body, although this also drains his energy much faster than it normally would. Should he not expend much energy, he could stay in his elemental form for about an hour, but when using energy that time decreases. Outside of his elemental form, he has mastered the art of manipulating already existing fire, however creating his own flames is a different issue, and typically uses much more energy that manipulating existing fires.

He has minor training with a blade, which he practices every day now to attempt to master. One thing, though, is that he likes coating his blade in a thin layer of flammable liquid, and setting it on fire, to make it all the deadlier.

(Note: Has a shifting gene)
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