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Today at 03:04 pm
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Agent, @Fyfergrund, @JPG, @Nechesa, @Nix, and anyone who wishes to join! :D

SETTING: A bar in Kurai. filled with people waiting to mug or murder you >.>; While it is sort of odd to have so many people in Kurai, this is lore-based, so the rules are a bit bent here! ;D

WEATHER: Stormy enough to drive anyone into this bar, despite how run down it is.

TIME: A couple months after current!


As a side note, I left the description of the setting intentionally blank so that you guys can fill in the blanks. Go crazy! :)
Jul 2 2018, 08:44 PM
Name: Elain

Gender: Female

Species: Mermaid; Kapa'pu


Jul 2 2018, 08:03 PM
Name: Aurorach

Gender: Male

Species: Vystrian Elf


Abilities: As he is interested in men and not women, Aurorach’s preference is not in fighting but in using his power for simple “magic tricks” to catch the eye, such as creating butterflies of fire or masking his arms in darkness. He also has a tiny affinity for sight; flashes of something that will happen in the very near future appear to him. Very rarely, he will receive a vision of the far future, but it results in him having a major migraine and a nosebleed.
Jul 1 2018, 09:20 PM
Name: Rhona Starwhal

Gender: Female

Age: 340 (equivalent to a new adult)

Species: Yorijian Dragon; Starwhal

Abilities: As she is a Starwhal, Rhona has the ability to shape-shift into any form she wishes, the catches being that she keeps the same coloring as her Yorijian form and is not able to utilize the powers that come with the forms. She has three primary forms that she uses: her Nightstriker Mythkin form, her Siren form, and her Mimic form.

Rhona’s pearl gives her an ability akin to that of a psion, yet it is not completely the same; instead of being able to read minds or levitate things with her mind, Rhona can create mental bonds with others that twine the golden threads of their minds together, allowing for her to either send or receive information

This ability is not without its limits, however; both parties must be completely willing in order for the bond to be formed, and the creation of the bond is an intricate process that costs Rhona a significant amount of time and energy. After a bond is formed, she may sleep for several days on end, waking only to devour colossal heaps of food.

Appearance: Rhona has the uncanny skill of becoming the person she shape-shifts into, mimicking his or her emotion. It is almost as the emotions she lacks manifest in their personas. The appearances of said personas are listed as thus:

Yorijian Dragon Form: Rhona hatched from a dull gold pearl that was streaked with black and silver and adorned with blue-purple markings. She emerged as a Yorijian Dragon so dull her family considered that she was not a Starwhal. However, the blue-purple markings all over Rhona’s body halted their suspicions. Her underbelly was streaked with black, with her fins being the same color but streaked with the same color as her eyes: pure silver. In this body, she acts as her stoic self (see history for elaboration).

Nightstriker Mythkin Form: In this form, Rhona poses as a ruthless assassin by the name of Nightstriker vi Vivianne Aslayne. She works with the Faction of Hope and is like poisoned honey in this form: both flirtatious and deadly. Her preferred weapon is a mythmetal bo staff that can be split into two upon twisting it at the center. When she wills it, the tips of each crackle with lightning that can electrocute her enemies, as it is charmed to do so.

In reality, Rhona is tasked with gathering as much information as she can about Nina and her movements. Short and slender in this form, she clothes herself in what can only be described as scraps of leather—they cover only the essentials and just barely even then. Her skin appears to be sun-kissed, but at a second glance, it is more of a gold that is dull enough to pass as skin. Blue-purple markings, though they are very rare on a female, adorn her arms and neck. Her hair is a midnight black, streaked with silver that start out as thin as a thread at the crown of her head and gradually grow thicker; by the time it is at her waist, it is completely silver. Nightstriker vi Vivianne’s eyes are the same metallic silver as the streaks in her hair.

Siren Form: Rhona is still researching this form.

Mimic Form: Rhona is still researching this form.

History: Ironically, as the power her pearl allowed her to create mental bonds, Rhona did not care for personal connections; as a child, she was very cold toward the children around her, thus causing them to shy away from her. Despite their many attempts in reaching out to her, even her parents were not worthy enough to create bonds with. The only exception Rhona made was for her younger twin, Balazar—for him, she would do anything. However, she was still quite detached with him when it came to the mistakes he made; she encouraged him to be the best Yorijian he could be but rarely showed any affection.

Direct and to the point, Rhona aimed for perfection with everything she did. It was a double edged sword; she could either excel and do brilliantly, which was usually the end result, or she could end up pushing herself to the point of snapping—she barely slept at night when she was dedicated to creating a form.

Rhona’s determined personality brought her face to face with the Calypso herself. Growing concerned with the heinous crimes the Faction of Hope was committing, the Daughter of Yorije decided that she needed more information. She enlisted Rhona to infiltrate their ranks and sent Balazar along, ignoring Rhona’s many protests that he wasn’t ready.

Brother: Balazar
Jun 29 2018, 12:46 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Raehavoc and @SherniKaur

SETTING: The city of Majesty!

WEATHER: Sunny with a slight breeze. Some clouds are in the sky, but they rarely block the sun out.

TIME: A little ahead! Two weeks after current :D

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Josephine Walters (Sherni); Allis Liber Ferox (Rae)
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