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» There is No Ease
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Zendekarian, @Elffri3nd

SETTING: Near the song forest

WEATHER: Overcast

TIME: Two days ahead

The xeriin Zendekarian was in full sprint. His quiver of arrows, made from his own antlers, swung wildly over his shoulders. His pursuer was close behind, its skull of a face dredging up horrible memories. His eyes scanne for an escape, any damn escape.
He whipped around, an arrow mocked in his bow. He loosed it, only to watch it shatter against the black saurian's hide.
DAMN, that hide is thick. No way anything I have will harm that thing....
He darted into a hollow log, desperate.
But still the one thought he had had for three months lingered:
Would it really be so bad if I died?
Liam leaned against a tree. His eyes looked for in to the distance at nothing in particular. He had come into the forest to escape from everyone in the village. He didn't feel comfortable around and he couldn't feel comfortable around them. Not after what had happened. He held back tears as memories flooded his mind once again. He wiped his eyes and attempted to think of something more positive.

As he leaned against the tree he began to hear the pitter patter of distant feat. He couldn't tell which direction they were coming from at first but then spotted a figure moving towards him. Liam then heard a whistling sounds as something flew through the air and he thought he heard the figure say something. The figure was now only a hundred or so feet in front of him and he took a step back. It quickly hid in a hallow log. Liam hadn't seen the second creature that had been following the first one but the sight of it froze Liam dead in his tracks. Slowly he took a step back and began to run from it in the opposite direction.
Laskraal tore at the log, only to get a face full of ant in his face. He roared and staggered away, stamping down on the log. He reeled away, then ran off, his hunt forgotten.
Which is why the broken form of Zen was left screaming in pain.
Liam had run a short distance before he turned around again to check for the creature. He could see it running of in the distance, seeming to have given up on it's prey. Liam's pace slowed down but his breathing was heavy. He looked back again and saw the figure that had hidden in the log seemed to be injured. Against his better judgement, Liam walked back towards the figure. He had yet to see what it was but he could tell that it was in pain.

As he neared the creature he could hear it screaming out in pain. He looked at the marking on his arm and wondered if he should help the creature that looked somewhat like a deer. He bit the inside of his check debating with him self if he should help the creature. He didn't know a single thing about the creature and he barely helped or talked to the people that he did know. As he debated a memory popped into his head of one of the people he used to talk to while he was in his ceil. At the time he would have done anything to save his friend from the terrible fate that they would suffer. The memory while it brought a tear to his eye helped him decide to help the creature.

Liam bit down hard enough on the bottom of his lip to draw blood and with his right hand he smeared the blood on to the 1000 medical spells spell on his arm. The markings began to glow and his placed his hand onto the deer person. The spells was strong enough to heal most wounds and illnesses so he figured it would heal the creature. After a couple of seconds the glowing stopped and Liam stumbled backwards sweating and breathing hard.
Zen gasped as his bones straightened and his wounds healed, but one of his antlers fell off. He grunted and picked it up, turning towards tha stranger.
"Thank you. I haven't felt pain like that since...." He broke off quickly, casting his eyes to the ground. "Would it be rude if I asked your name?"
It took a second for Liam to catch his breath again. When he did the creature spoke and Liam stumbled back. His heart was racing. His mouth was full of his own blood and but the blood he had smeared on his arm had been adsorbed. He wanted to turn and run from the creature who had just helped but he felt like he needed to find out who the deer person was. "My ... name ... my name is Liam." He stumbled as he tried to get his name out.

He leaned down and grabbed his knees and he caught his breath again. Seeming to have lost it trying to get his name out. "What... what's name?" He sounded somewhat more confidant and more comfortable but the difference was hardly noticeable.
"Out of the many names I have been called, my given name is Zendekarian Half.... Or so the village told me. I'm what you would call an outcast. He held out a water skin to Liam. "Need some water to help you cool off?"
Despite his outward appearance, Zen was very cautious about this Liam. Was he an agent of Evelyn's?
Only one way to find out.
Liam looked at the water skin, wary of it's contents. He shook his head no. "Th...thank you but I'll be fine. I am just not comfortable around others." Truth was that Liam was a little thirst after seeing the water skin but he was to scared to take the water from the stranger. "I should be going." With that he turned around and began to head away from the creature. He had no desire to go back to the village and instead he began to head south away from the deer man and Vanim.
Zen shrugged and drank some water. He walked towards the village, hoping his arrows might actually sell this time.
By the time he got there and paid for a room in the local inn, sun was setting. Zen head indoors, and good he did.
If he had looked back, he would have seen the one that had nearly killed him.
She smiled. "Soon."

Chogath, Master of Mutilation and the Shadow Schemer, had his own hunt. He trailed Liam, nothing more than another shadow. Darkfeather was beside him, a Hellwolf lurking nearby.
"The trap is set, my lord." Darkfeather whispered.
"Good. Do it quickly, and then have Laskraal eat the body." The Sarka instructed, then vanished back to Kurai, just as a huge War Hellwolf jumped from the undergrowth to attack Liam.
Liam had wondered deep into the forest. He hadn't meant to go as far as he had but he was a descent ways a way from the town. He was in a part of the forest he had never seen and he got the sense he was being watched. Eventually he stopped and leaned against a tree looking back in the direction of the town. He had no idea that he was being followed. He decided he should probably head back to town. That was when a large Hellwolf leaped out of the underbrush and landed on him. It had nearly bitten into his neck when he managed to activate his earth spell and create pillars that launched into the creature.

As Liam was being attacked an unnatural fog began to sweep across the forest floor. it hovered just above the forest floor before rising higher. The forest it's self seemed to come alive. Some of the roots of the trees began to tear free from the earth and reach towards the hellwolf as did the braches of the tree.
Darkfeather almost smiled. So this was to be a battle! He was impressed that this Liam person was brave enough to stand up against a Hellwolf, but he wasn't about to let one of his best assists go like that. He called upon his dark magic, killing trees with hideous black shadows. The Hellwolf retreated, but this wasn't over. No, not yet.
Far from over.
Liam was fortunate to get out of the small encounter with the terrifying beast unharmed. The pillars seemed effective enough but he was confused by the fog and the way that the trees had behaved. The beast had seemingly put an end to them but they were slowly rejuvenated by some unknown force. Concerned for his safety, Liam busted out in a full sprint back towards Vanim. Even if the beast chased after him there, there would be elves that would fight the beast.
Knock, knock.
Zen shot bolt upright, bow already in hand and an arrow drawn back. "Who's there?"
A soft laughter filled the room. "Remember me, Lover Boy?"
"You step one foot in here and you might find a hole in your eye!" Zen shouted, fear gripping his spine.
Evelyn laughed. "Oh, love, there's nothing to fear. Go back to sleep."
Laughter, and then silence.
She's waiting, I just know it. Quickly, he slipped out of the window and shifted into his deer form. He sprinted away, only to accidentally smack Liam in the head with his one remaining antler. "Oh, sorry! You okay??"
Liam could taste copper as he ran. He was dehydrated and exhausted. His lungs were hurt. His body was in no condition to be doing what he was doing. He already didn't have the energy to be doing what he was doing. To make matters worse he was smacked in the head by an antler He was knocked backwards, a small cut appeared where he had been hit. Liam was felt very light headed and his vision was almost completely black. It took a moment before he realized that the deer had asked him a question. "I'll...I'll be alright."

He attempted to get back to his feet but fell on his first attempt. On his second attempt he had to take a knee but he successfully got back up on his third attempt. He still felt slightly light headed but other than that he had recovered from be ran into by a deer.
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