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 Judas, [o] Human || Male
Name: Judas
Species: Human
Gender: Multiple
A man, in the loosest sense of the word, whose flesh is more scar and burnt tissue than actual skin, appearing in a simple, patchwork tunic. Standing at around 6', and weighing only a paltry 140 lbs, Judas is not much to look at...until you realize that his knife is dripping with flash blood and there is also a coat smearing his lips and beard. While he may look like an infirmary escapee, the crazed look in his eye and a fantatical grin should warn any who would dare approach of what to expect.

Troubled Soul: Judas has several souls at his disposal which he can switch between.

Judas: default soul. Straightforward enhanced strength and speed as well as insane pain tolerance. Wields a rune-engraved dagger the size of a short sword named “Last Kiss.” Once it strikes an opponent, Judas can find them wherever they may hide for an hour starting from the latest strike – any strikes he inflicts with this blade resets this timer.

Mario: a mage who also dabbled in children's entertainment, putting on shows and making toys for ungrateful brats, handcrafting puppets with cursed wood – said puppets would murder entire families, steal valuables, and then burn the house down to destroy the evidence. Summons autonomic puppet golems to remotely attack his new victims. He often hides traps in his various implements, particularly the balls he juggles – which carry an assortment of horrid poisons, acids, and explosives.

Delilah: a succubus prostitute who would double as a cannibal. Often would consume her victims – went by the name of the Hungry Widow. She also adopted children and owned several Deathcats, which she would feed aforementioned children after fattening them up. In undeath, given the ability to create threads at will in order to snare and siphon life fluids from those caught, as well as hypnotize/paralyze her victims via scent and locking eyes. Now has the capability to summon feral half-fetus half-kitten beings that swarm and attack the enemy by latching on and clawing their face away with their inky black appendages.

Doc Wilde: The elf healer of a gang who was known for dismembering his victims after they lost card games and selling their parts on the black market, which included gang members who failed on their missions. His operating table was often outside in the hot desert sun – his victims ended up either cooked or dying from blood loss. Ended up losing a card game after becoming arrogant and cocky to a local law enforcing knight, and submitted himself to his fellow gang to be killed in the same way. Skilled with razor sharp playing cards, heals via exposed wounds - often siphoning blood through the wounds from a distance. Can control these cards psionically, often making the thrown cards boomerang around in unpredictable patterns.

Chef Pierre: an orc chef who started off by stealing key ingredients, such as cows or pigs, but started cooking those that discovered that he was a thief – butchering and roasting them in his various kitchen tools. Wields a butcher knife the size of himself and fire magic to flambe his opponents. His stomach can rip open and unleash intestine-like tendrils to grasp and draw in a victim.

Evarich: A dwarf who believes he is the reincarnation of an ancient dragon. Kidnapped women who he believed were “princesses”, brought them to his “lair” and chained them to a wall, where they often starved to death. Dunked pursuers – who he believed were 'knights' – in pits of acid. Was decapitated as a result of his atrocities. Has now become an actual, lecherous acid-breathing dragon with a flowing dwarven beard that can detach its head to operate remotely.

Consume Heart: Consuming a heart heals Judas's wounds – while one heart will not completely rejuvenate him, it will keep him trucking for a little while longer.

Volatile Soul: Judas cannot control his soul switching ability., and may reveal himself in a social situation via a poorly timed switch. One of the souls may be easily baited out and therefore the flow of battle may be controlled by a smarter opponent (as an example, Evarich may be drawn out against pretty women, Delilah may be drawn out by handsome men, Mario may be drawn out by children.)

Must Consume: Judas must consume a heart approximately every month – the longer he goes without consuming one, the more unstable the spell binding these spirits to him becomes. If he is starved of hearts, he will actually implode.

Stands Out: Judas was horribly maimed by fire – since Judas is the main soul, unless he's actively taking the form of another soul, he is easily spotted and causes people to flee in terror upon being seen.

Sadist: Judas's sadism makes him horribly inefficient when it comes to actually finishing his victim. He will often draw out their death for the sake of his own pleasure – this can lead to them escaping or counterattacking.

On the surface, Jude's father and mother were nobles in a high court – a long long time ago. And while Judas's father was a well known member of the lower courts of Vystriana in its early days, he often took out the stresses of the days upon his wife and two children – Jude and his younger sister - with a bottle in hand at his lips.

Judas had a hard time fitting with the other kids, believing that his will should be instilled by force – if he shouted loud enough, struck hard enough, he could force people under his sway. He became nigh savage and feral due to the inadvertent lessons of his father, who wasn't home enough or sober enough to catch wind of the lessons he taught his child.

He swung the bottle – and Jude caught it with his hand – the bottle breaking on his fingers. In a fit of savagery, Jude wrested the bottle away from his father and slashed his throat. At some point, a lamp had fallen, and ignited both him, his father, and the house. Still in the throes of rage and the ecstacy of pain, he turned to his mother and sister.

As he tore apart his sister, he had a strange, interesting thought. He had recalled reading in his studies about dark, forbidden arts involving the ritual of eating organs – long since forgotten and made obsolete by modern ethical standards of magical practice.

But society had shunned him, and now would come for him now that he had committed patricide and rape.

Covered in burns, and dying, he tore out her heart – as it beat its last, he consumed it.

Consuming this heart actually extinguished the flames and healed him. He discovered he had the hidden talent of absorbing bits of reiatsu through the consumption of young virgin hearts. Whether by divine providence – the Ten's or otherwise – or by sheer freakish luck, he had been infused with power.

He sought other hearts – as he consumed more hearts, bits of truth about his power were whispered into his ear.

By eating 100 hearts, he could achieve enough power to attain immortality.

But by the ninety-ninth heart he was imprisoned, sentenced to solitary confinement until the day of his execution.

Then the prison warden's daughter came. She smiled sweetly, offering him a cake as well as to wash his feet. She was accompanied by two guards.

He watched her cut the cake – he licked his lips in anticipation...and as she bent down with the wet rag to wash his feet, he snatched the knife. Snicker snack, he slit the throat of the first guard, and plunged the knife into the gut of the other. As the daughter lifted her eyes in confusion, unable to believe that her good will had been taken advantage of, he grabbed her by the hair, dropped the knife, and plunged his hand into her chest.

“Good. Consume the hundredth, and embrace your destiny,” a dark whisper echoed in his mind.

He partook of his last meal as Jude, and ascended into the name “Judas.”

He willingly submitted himself to being captured, and was cast down on his face before her father. He kneeled before him, awaiting the blade as to show him how helpless he was – seeking to unleash his full power for the first time.

The ghost of the daughter appeared – telling her father to stop. Judas sneered. How dare she interfere with his destiny.

As she disappeared, her father drew back his blade. He unleashed his sword

It embedded itself into the wall beside him.

He cackled. Perhaps he would hold back just a little longer, while her father squirmed, knowing that the monster was untouchable.

In his solitary cell, he would converse with the voice. He introduced himself as Lithmor, of the Dark Five – pleased with his work, he granted him with powers beyond his wildest imagination – so long as with each use, he would bring the Dark God praise and tribute via slaking his desires at the cost of his victims.

As he made the pact, he absorbed 5 of the most savage and vile murderers in the prison's history. His own mind shattered underneath the weight. Now, all he sought to do was slake his need for inflicting torment upon the world.

Years later, Lithmor would be resealed – but the pact was made. So long as Judas consumed hearts, he could keep his powers – up until the day Lithmor would rise again, when he would collect tribute from his servant.

Almost six millenia later, Lithmor rises again. And he collects.

Judas continues to walk the earth – a haggard, heart-collecting abomination of a man – with 5 similarly minded companions. With countless hearts consumed over his 6000 years walking the earth, he was ready to enact Lithmor's will.

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