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Apr 29 2018, 09:38 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Twisted Matt, Concinnity

SETTING: In the valley east of Albronel

WEATHER: Just past dusk, slightly cloudy and rather chilly.

TIME: Current

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Firelan Deringhar (Matt), Aelina (Concinnity)

Darkness had blanketed the land when Firelan realized his mistake. He had gone too far from home today, his home being the little cave that he had transformed into a sort of house. Typically, he was back there by dusk, but he was desperate for good iron to work with, so he had gone a few miles farther out to tap new salvage spots. He had only come back with food, not a single ounce of metal all along his route.

His worn boots tapped on the stone beneath him as he wandered home. He was nervous... visibly so, he looked over his shoulder every so often, eyes roaming to every possible point where he could be attacked from, where he could go...

Two men jumped out from the treeline on either side of him, to his surprise. "Stop!" They shouted, "You're coming with us!" This only warranted the boy to take flight. In a panic, he spread his wings and pounded them upwards, getting off the ground quickly and throwing dirt and small rocks at the two men. He was a flurry of feathers and fear, it was surprising how he was able to get himself off the ground so fast.

One might assume he would have escaped them with ease, but they grabbed him by the leg and threw him to the ground, breaking his left wing. No telling how much pain that caused him, but his violence only increased with it. He lashed out with all he had, kicking, biting, scratching... he broke himself free and began to run down the stone road. He needed his sword, badly, but it was a mile away in his makeshift workshop. It was the only place he could think of escaping to.

The soles of boots smashed into the rocks below. The race was on, and Firelan was losing it.

(First post in a looooooooong long time. Hope you like it!)
Apr 26 2018, 09:19 PM
The Basics

Name: Firelan (pronounced FI-REL-in)

Age & Date of Birth: 19 years old, born on the 34th of Coiasira

Born In: Millirand, a small village that was wiped off the map by Shrieken

Personality: Terrified of all that surrounds him, and rather timid unless provoked, Firelan is not the bravest creature of his kind. His voice was ripped from him, all of his friends have been killed or enslaved, and his loved ones were slaughtered feet away from where he stood on numerous occasions. Therefore, he’s got a few depression issues, and a lot more self-confidence issues. He’s absolutely quiet because of his loss of voice, and doesn’t enjoy interacting with many others. He will, however, follow someone he trusts until the very end. He’s lost his concept of freedom, and in turn finds himself content with loyalty


Stronger than most people he knows (which really aren't many, as most of them are either dead or serving another master)

Skilled blacksmith, can do nearly any style of blade

Calm in heated situations; he's had a lot of experience with them

Has good control of his wolf form, although he is a bit rusty with it... by about 4 years

Hard worker, for obvious reasons


Not too clever when it comes to making escapes, although he is indeed good at smuggling

No experience fighting, some untested knowledge on how to

Can't speak



Standing at 5'6, Firelan isn't the biggest person. He appears to be very skinny, although he has a good bit of muscle built up. He hasn't had much in the ways of a proper meal in years, just barely enough to sustain himself, as a result you can see most of his ribs. His hair is long and matted, and he hasn't exactly been able to wash up well in a while, but most of the time it has a beautiful shade of gold with some white and grey mixed in.


Small and bony, looking starved nearly to death (for obvious reasons), he looks more like a big skinny coyote than a small wolf. Firelan’s wolf form is truly something to behold, despite being the small and bony size. Long golden locks flow in the breeze, accented with a silvery grey and white, he's a bit more fur than wolf. A set of golden eyes look out beyond his golden muzzle, seeming to pierce the very soul of anyone who meets his gaze with fear and desperation.


Born in a small village just north of the Rage Desert in Millirand, Firelan wasn't a largely social child. He always was one that preferred to pursue the works of a smith; just like his father. He was interested in making blades, strong and battle-ready for whatever may happen. His pursuit of craftsmanship in his work was largely successful, and people in the village loved to see such a young boy create such brilliant works from scratch. He was a quick learner, and he was nearly as good as his dad by age 13. The trade-off here was that he never learned much about fighting in his wolf form, which would prove to be a disadvantage in the coming years.

At age 13, the village he lived in was a target for Shriekan from the city of Gorganoth directly to the south. It was only a matter of time before they leveled the village and slaughtered or enslaved its people. Firelan was unlucky, his parents were slaughtered along with the rest of his relatives and he was taken to be auctioned off as a slave in the city. A werewolf so young and freshly experienced with his abilities was of interest to some, and he ended up personally serving his first master for a year before he got sent off to another auction.

When he came to his second master, he knew he had to escape. He was hardly provided shelter, and was provided very little food and water. Not enough to sustain them in the slightest. He made a friend, and together they tried to escape. The master caught them running, and put a few arrows in Firelan’s best friend, who died in his arms mere moments later. Firelan was brought back and tortured for his treachery. He was bound to silence, and had his heart removed and replaced with a rune.

It's been six years since then, and he's been through several masters and received countless scars from the experiences. He has no combat experience whatsoever, and has little skill in anything that would help him escape. The auctions took him to Vystriana, and he was stuck in Majesty for about half a year.

Leaving anyplace at all wasn't really his master's intention. The flooding forced them out, where Firelan's master begrudgingly kept the boy alive rather than leaving him to die in a flooding basement. He was dragged along towards a new realm when his cart was attacked by bandits. In the fight, he managed to escape, rushing into the forest and finding shelter. Since the rain cleared, he's wandered, discovering what he missed when he was locked up.


- The clothes on his back

- A pocket knife

- A pair of black leather boots, which he somehow managed to afford with the little money he had at the time.


If one were to look closely enough at Firelan's throat, you could notice three runes, one sealing the other two.

Silence Rune: Along with his physical disability to speak, it is sealed with a silence rune. This font is pretty self-explanatory, he is magically bound to silence. Generally, a powerful healer could cure it if it weren't for his other runes.

Undeath Rune: To seal the runes, his heart was removed from his chest. To make sure he lived eternity in pain, he was brought back to life with this rune, which also makes sure his other rune is not removed. If this rune is removed, the heart will dissipate, killing him instantly. However, his body is immune to decay and aging because of this.

Font of Uncuring: While the rest of his body can be healed, his silence cannot. Cuts, bruises, and any other wounds on his neck are fine to heal, and the font will have no effect on the healer. However, if one were to try and heal his permanent silence, the font would activate. It's effect? Delivering a potentially lethal dose of light or dark magic to the healer. Even if they were to heal the silence, it would simply retrace the silence font. The uncuring font itself cannot be healed, as it will just retrace itself faster than it can be removed, not to forget lethal amounts of dark and light magic that strike both Firelan and the healer, killing the healer and leaving Firelan on the verge of death.
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