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Aug 14 2018, 10:52 AM
Name: Aravis

Alignment Light

Gender: Female

Species: Aurum Lion

Age: 15

Size: 4ft at the shoulder



Aravis has an extraordinarily strong Healing ability. By sinking her conscious self into the body of her patient Aravis can sense and see the wound or illness on great detail, allowing her the ability to nit wounds together from the inside with or heal a sick patient with targeted healing. As she grows and trains this ability will blossom and she will be able to heal the wounds of the mind and soul as well.



Because of how connected she becomes to the patent as she sinks her awareness into the body, she is in danger of, getting to tangled in the process of healing and either kill or hurt herself through expansive Reiatsu use as well as not being able to return to herself. There is also the possibility of her dying if the patient succumbs to their wounds or illness. This means that her ability needs to be used with great care and she is in the most danger now when she still has so much to learn about controlling her ability.

Aurum Weakness's

As a pure Aurum lioness, Aravis is vulnerable to magical attacks and especially vulnerable to wasting sicknesses and magically caused diseases. Leaving her in a tender position when it comes to treating some of her future patients.


Like most Aurums, Arvis is a brilliant shimmering rich gold. She is tall for a Lioness, standing at the upper height ranger for a female of her species, sleekly built with long legs and powerful paws. Her coat has subtle leopard markings in a slightly deeper gold that is only really seen as the light reflects differently from the different shades of gold within her coat. Her eyes are a deep emerald green that stands out from the gold of her coat like an oasis in the desert sands.


Born into the Mahdros, Aravis was groomed to take a place as a Rhai at a young age. Uncertain about this as she was always far more attracted to the seemingly far more exciting life her parents had as hunters for the pride. This was until they were both taken by a wasting sickness that slowly pulled them from her despite the Rashidi's best efforts.

From that day forward she decided that when she was old enough to be taken as a Rhai, that she would train and become as great a healer as she could to that she might be able to help others as her parents had needed help. Now aged 15 she has become a Rhai and is just starting her studies, the ability still a raw and untrained one.

A bright young lioness, Aravis is still taken with the idea of a life of adventure and will sometimes sneak off and do a little combat and hunting training with some of the other hunters her age. She also has a great thirst for knowledge about what lies beyond the Prides borders. Fascinated by stories about the strange other races that are out there beyond the "safe" boundaries of the Pridelands.

With a serious yet sometimes joyful outlook on life, Aravis is a firecracker with a sharp tongue in the making as her bold personality blooms with the knowledge she is gaining as Rhai.
Aug 13 2018, 02:54 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Concinnity and @Contemplation

SETTING: Somewhere outside of Everdawn.

WEATHER: Autumn, Sunny, slight on and off breeze.

TIME: 255 years ago.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Vera (Conni), One Eye (Contemplation)

Aug 11 2018, 02:20 PM
Name: Rilian

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Gemdrake; Dragon, western

Age: 20,000 years (equivalent to 80)

Size: 160 ft


Light Element

A dragon of great power, Rilian is a Sorcerer of great skill in his natural element. The reason why sorcerers are as a whole so much more powerful is that they have a greater well of Reiatsu to pull upon. Allowing them to create bigger shows of power than others. But Rilian has always preferred to use this power in a more gentle, more subtle way, storing his Reiatsu rather than spending it. Allowing him to do smaller magics for longer, rather than one big thing or a few medium acts of magic.

Manifesting as a cleansing white fire or a bright light Rilian uses his Light Element ability much like an extension of his thoughts, pulling upon his power to create glowing constructs out of pure energy that suits the need of the moment and is limited only by the situation and his mind. Rilian has also put in a lot of time studying and learning some of his Elements sub-manipulations, namely healing and cleansing and of course the simple creation of light.

Light, of course, fascinating him the most and over his lifetime Rilian has found a number of ways to light up the world around him and unique ways to use this lights as well. From a concentrated ball of white fire or pure light, a soft glow that just fills the air and something that resembles the lights that fill the sky above the Frozen Wastes, he has a number of tricks up his metaphorical sleeves.

Portal Creation

Rilian has also gained the ability to open portals for easy travel across the Realms. He creates Static Portals, not the most common but nor the least common either. Showing a clear image of why lays beyond the portal in clear glowing gold.


You don't live to get to Rilians age without learning a thing or two about defending oneself. While in his dragon form, he relies on his magic to defend himself. Able to create shields and blasts as well as having natural weapons in the form of fangs and talons.

However when in his human form, Rilian is a skilled fighter and swordsman, having studied a number of different forms of combat over his lifetime under a wide range of masters. He is now able to defend himself in most situations if he isn't outnumbered and if he is, he is old enough and wise enough leave pride behind and make a run for it.


Light Element

While very powerful, Rilian still has his limitations. His abilities are still susceptible to his Elements natural weakness's the Earth, Ice and Dark Elements as well as limitations that come from Rilians own weaknesses such as a Runes, Enchantments and some very strong psion abilities.

Portal Creation

A Static Portal, while useful as you can see where you are going, is one that is limited in its use because you can only create them in already-built structures like a stone arch or a doorway and there are only a limited about of those that can be found in each of the realms.


Gemdrake Form

Rilian is huge... Last of the great Demdrakes Rilian is now 160ft long and that doesn't include his long and dexterous tail that he uses like an extra limb. Well built, Rilian is a western dragon, with large webbed wings and a long sinuous neck and a long tail that ends in a whip-like point.

He has long since become completely calcified in minerals. Taking on the appearance of a living stone. True to his rich and varied diet his scales are a shimmering array of colours from golden green to deep reds and oranges with hints of electric blue all shining with an iridescent shimmer, making him appear as though he were made out of spectrolite. He lacks any other kind of natural adornment except for a row of five sharp spines that strike out in from his cheeks.

His eyes shimmer, the corneas faceted like a cut gem, their colour shifting around his cat-like pupil as his moods change.

Blue - Neutral

Red - Angry, Frustration, Irritation, etc

Pink and Purple - Amusement, pleasure, calmness, etc

Green - Worry, Contemplation, Puzzlement.

Around one knuckle he wears the mark of his rank, an enchanted mithril ring that alters size as he grows or shifts to his human form. Set into the ring is a small, single tanzanite stone with the runes S and R scribed on either side of it.

(Spectolite - example of what Rilians scales look like)
copyright goes to whomever took the image

Human Form

In his humanoid form, Rilian appears to of mixed ancestry. He is tall, 6 ft tall, with pointed elven ears and strong, handsome features with a well built and muscular body. His hair colour is hard to tell as it has a strong metallic shimmer that radiates through many colours, reds, golds, greens, blues and his eyes remain faceted and change colour as they do in his dragon form.

He moves with grace and awareness of where he is, his eyes almost always subtly taking in what is around him when he enters somewhere new. He has an easy, open face and a deep warm voice. It can sometimes be a little hypnotic to listen to him speak for any length of time.


Back when many of the Realms where new and the races young, Rilian was born, last of the Great Gemdrakes. Excited by the world he was born into and interested by cultures around him he chose not to vanish from the world like the rest of his kind, "to make way for the new Drakes" they called it but what it was, was them fleeing the new world that they did not understand. Allowing themselves to be pushed out by the rise of the new, smaller Gemdrakes who were better able to move with the times.

Once he had chosen to stay, he went and studied at the Tower of Evylon. There spent years studying, learning, there he gained the rank of Sorcerer. There not only did he learn control of his power, but he learnt of the other Realms, races and their languages. As a Journeyman he explored the other Realms, taking delight in travel and of gaining new knowledge, finding that he loved the quick and ever-changing world.

He lived life at full speed, using his abilities to help those he could, collecting books, maps, notes on languages and new magics for the Libraries of the many Mage Towers. Acting as a sometimes teacher to new students, sometimes travelling the Realms to locate wild mages or find students and bring them into the care of the Order.

To tell the truth, he does not know all that he had done over his very long life... However, his last and most clear memory is one that is 3.000 years old. After a student at one of the Towers lost his sanity after losing control of an enchantment. A student of Rilians, Rilian felt responsible for the student and followed him, wishing to try and help or if he could not, stop him from hurting anyone else.

Then in a small valley, more a clearing of sorts, Rilian faced his former student, as he called out the students name, he turned without thought blasted an enchantment towards Rilian, threw up a shield, but it was no use. The enchantment took ahold of him, wrapping itself around him, pulling him somewhere, Rilian could the change in the air as it took him even as the enchantment cast him to a deep and lasting slumber that lasted for 3.000 years.


Age has not changed Rilian much. Sure he is less risk-prone than his younger self, being more aware that no-one is untouchable but underneath that is still the same, curious, opinionated, stubborn, practical, calm on the outside party on the inside dragon that he was when he hatched 20.000 years ago.

A collector of sayings, and little similies, he has an odd sometimes morbid sense of humour, a hidden temper and a deep and gentle heart for those he cares about or feel protective over.

A dragon who is willing to embrace the new and constantly looks for the future and a strong believer in the combative qualities of humour Rilian none the less has a serious side as well. But he is never one to take himself to seriously and has been known to call himself "The old windbag" and make jokes about pigeons mistaking him for a giant statue.
Aug 8 2018, 01:35 PM
Name: Althus

Alignment Neutral-Light

Gender: Male

Species: Gryphon; Sleekwing

Age: 300

Size: 5.ft 11



Althus's metalsmith ability is a sub-manipulation of the Earth Element ability. With the use of concentrated Reiatsu Althus is able to control and manipulate metals in a variety of ways from the simple control of movement and force to manipulating the raw ores into, simple jewellery, weapons and armour. From then on he tempers them within his forge, his ability allowing him to do this is a way that no one else can and creating some of the strongest blades known throughout the Realm.

Althus's ability is not limited to the creation within the area of his workshop, able to pull ore from the very ground Althus capable of using his Ferrokinesis to defend himself if ever he is in danger.

Portal Creation

Althus can create and maintain for a limited time a static portal.



While very gifted and able, Althus is strongly reliant upon his ability which in turn is reliant on there being ore or metal of some kind around for him to work with. Take away metal, in any form, he is as defenceless as anyone else. His abilities also only protect him against attacks that can be defended against physical, not magically.

Protal Creation

A little-used ability Althus's static portals are good for many things but limited in where they can be created as they need already-built structure such a stone or natural getaway type formation. This limits their usefulness as if he isn't near such a structure there is little that can be done.


Althus is a sleek, long-limbed with great aerodynamic wings. With the body of a slimly built cat, he always stands on the tips of his paws toes adding extra hight to his already impressive size. With the face of a hawk, the feathers along his neck and chest stay close and compact against his body giving him an appearance of readiness and a somewhat predatory look. His coat and feathers are a bright bronze colour with a highly metallic sheen and with a rich moss green patternation running throughout both in an unpredictable manner it gives him the appearance of being made out of patinaed bronze.

His eyes are a deep rich royal blue that shines with bright intelligence and a secret twinkle.

Skilled at flight and graceful in the air and fast as the wind on the ground, Althus always moves with a certain grace and power even though he walks with a slight limp from some un-mentioned wound to his right front leg. A faint scar can still be seen running along the curve of his sleek ruff.


Although famed for his swordsmithing and armour Althus's past is one filled with blank spots and unspoken history. Arriving as a half-starved young adult at the Kojar Flights borders requesting to become a member of the flight, Althus did not speak of where he had come from nor of what flight he might have once been a part of. When he arrived his accent was not of Rhidora but of somewhere else. Although this quickly faded.

His true name is even a little bit of a mystery as he asked to be given a name upon joining the Kojar Flight. Agreeing, the Far'cai gave him the name Althus. Once a he had become a fully fledged Val'istar he has stood by his clan and brought good wealth and honour to the Flight through his skills as a smith. But still, he has never spoken about where or who he had been before joining the Flight.

Now a Val'istar he is a proud member of the Kojar Flight and serves the Aran'raa and Tari'rae loyally and most, if not all have forgotten the mystery that surrounds the calm, joking, sarcastic, easy going, Smith. Those that do still question who he might be are a constant cause of some friction in the Flight as Althus's normally calm deminer can quickly crumble if pushed too hard for answers about his past. This has not happened in a while though.

Those that do get to know him well, with have heard little bits, half mentioned and not really intended to be told about a past held captive and a Flight ruled by a gryphon who had fallen into the darkness of his own mind. Known to sometimes awaken from a sleep with a yell, most suspect that whatever Althus had left behind it was dark and more than likely terrible.

Friendly, warm towards his adopted Flight and loyal to those he views as close to him. Althus is a kind gryphon who enjoys getting lost in his work and experimenting with new ways of making small little inventions and of manipulating metal. However, there is another side to him, one that he had tried to leave behind and that sometimes almost but not quite comes to the surface when pushed or feels like those he cares about are being threatened. Something a little wild enters his eyes and he becomes cooler and an air of danger can be felt around him.
Aug 1 2018, 03:26 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Concinnity, @darkeh

SETTING: Pirates' Skycove and surrounds.

WEATHER: (Autumn), Sunny with a good sailing breeze.

TIME: Current, morning

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Aubrey (Conni) and Esme (Darkeh)
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