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Yesterday at 03:22 pm
Name: Tiberius

Alignment Neutral

Gender: Male

Species: Pegasus

Age: 160

Size: 14h



Ice Element with a sub-manipulation of water.

Tiberius's main ability beyond flight is of control and creation of ice and cold through a ability in Ice Element magic. What he often lacks in finesse he makes up for with the ability to pull moisture from the air to create water to freeze and manipulate. This Sub-Ability is one of the reasons that he has been lazy about learning how to control his power with more finesse than he currently does. Using brute force or the obviously simple for most situations, so far it has worked but as he ages Tiberius might become far more powerful as he learns to use his power with more finely tuned control.



Heat and dry air are his to worst enemies when it comes to nullifying his ability.

Tiberius however also has a weakness against Lightning Element as if wielded properly can literally shatter whatever it is that he has made from ice.


At 14h Tiberius is on the larger side for a Pegasi, his body type is closest to that of an Akhal-Teke, light of body but with well-defined muscles and very long legs; he is graceful on land but especially in the air. His coat is a pale Palomino in colour (blonde) and has a metallic sheen to it. His eyes are in contrast to the rest of his colouration as they are a deep blue.

His wings share the same metallic sheen as his coat as well as the colour, however, his feathers do have some slightly darker barring on them.


Born to a pair of Fairy Horses (Pegasi with insect wings) in a small herd that lived on the plains not far from Moonsythe Lake. But due to his normal wings, he was always considered a shame by his families herd as they had not born a true Pegasi for many years and unlike many Fairy Horses took pride in their unique nature. Shortly after growing old enough to fend for himself, Tiberius took off on his own. Surprisingly he quickly took to travelling through the different realms, finding that he had a taste for adventure and battle, quickly becoming perfect in both. happy to bounce between Xaeri and the other Realms quickly gained a name for himself in the upper echelon of most of the Realms as the Pegasi to call if you have something that needs fixing, be it a lost child or a stolen jewel. Undaunted by the idea of entering into dangerous situations he has earned himself more than a few scares.

Not unwilling to jump into to a situation that he thinks might offer a good adventure, without wishing payment, Tiberius is the joker at times and can seem like he doesn't take anything very seriously but in fact, he does and is always alert and present. Careful even when it seems that he is not watching what he is doing, Tiberius is intelligent, although you wouldn't think it from the way he uses his magic at times, and does not ever make the same mistake twice.

Although nice and warm to most, there is always a reservedness about him, as though he is letting you see only a small part of himself. This can at times cause distrust in others but ultimately he has a good heart.
May 23 2018, 02:53 PM
Name: Ru

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species:Circadian Dragon, Auroran

Age: 980 years

Size: 6ft at the shoulder (Dragon form), 5.5ft (Human form)



Light Element -

Ru, like many Circadians, has a strong Light Ability however from lack of practice he isn't hugely skilled. Mostly used as a bright light or white fire, he can use it in other ways as well from small waves of light that can wash over a large field of attack, blinding any exposed for a few weeks to simple lighting.

Not one to use his powers often though, Ru could be more skilled and thus more powerful. Attuned to the day, Ru is at the height of his power when the sun is out.


Ru also has a small, basic healing ability that is linked to his Light element ability. With this power, he can slow the bleeding from bad wounds or at least ease their pain and heal small wounds.

This is the ability he uses the most, mostly on himself when he has gotten hurt while fleeing from a danger or attack.

While not a strong power, it is none the less the one he is most skilled at, being able to use what he has with the uttermost skill.


Dark Element -

Ru like all Auroran's is easily susceptible to Dark element and dark magics.

Earth Element -

Wary of being trapped away from the sun he is rather afraid of small spaces or simply enclosed ones, preferring to sleep outside regardless of the weather rather than enter a cave. This fear of being trapped transferred over to those that have Earth Element abilities as he fears that they may try and trap him.

Ru is also physically weak and is not strong when faced with physical attacks. This means that he is not one to stay around a fight and will avoid them at all costs.


Dragon Form

Slim, lightly built with dark blue scales buffed to a bright sheen and a silver mane Ru has one small set of webbed wings just by his shoulder blades. He has two small horns atop his head from which his headdress hangs. Of a rich ruby gold that offsets a light blue gem the headdress itself is rather small and understated, using colour rather than patternation to frame the gem.

He has two whisker-like tendrils that are tipped with two small rubies. His chest gem is again light blue.


Not a form that Ru often takes but when he does he is tall, slim and pale, keeping the silver colouration of his mane. He is handsome in a slim, pale sort of way and with his bright blue gem affixed to his forehead, often the focus of many curious glances.


Like all Circadian's Ru is a nomad and loves it. Friendly, smart, willing to help any in need he is the type to walk up to a stranger and ask to share a table at a tavern or eatery.

Mostly sticking to the warmer places within the realms his visits, as he enjoys light and heat, he can sometimes be found in more forested places and cities if he feels the need and if he knows that he can leave easily.

Ru wants few things in life other than to be able to explore the realms and learn all that he can about the people and races living within and to find his tribe. He lost his tribe and a lot of his memory after an attack by a group of hunters when he was but a young adolescent. Now filled with foggy memories and little else part of his wanderings is to seek out and find his tribe. But this is harder to do than one would have first thought as they too are nomadic never stay in one place even if he could remember where they last were.

Never really dwelling on his lost memories as he can still remember the important things like his name. Ru instead looks forward and to the new memories that he is creating.

A warm-hearted individual Ru is more than likely the one to give a helping hand to any that need it regardless of race.
May 23 2018, 02:28 PM
Name: Varden

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Direwolf

Age: 120

Size: 10ft at the shoulder



Intent Detection -

Varden can sense nearing danger or simply ill intent aimed at him although this does little to help avoid it. The intuition usually regards himself but may include his surroundings, like a fight happening across a town. For Varden, this ability is both a blessing and a curse as he can sense danger nearing but cannot sense where the threat is coming from or when it is going to come. Often sensing things that only come about months later.

This ability cannot be controlled and is always on. This was also a late-blooming ability, only starting to show when he was 16 years of age.

Element Powers:

Earth Element-

Varden can manipulate and control earth and rocks. With this ability - can create a do a number of things just simply throwing rocks at his enemies to creating elaborate "rock" creatures which he controls. This though takes a lot out of him as he needs to control each part so he only uses it when faced with an enemy he can't best physically or outrun.



His own ability often works against him as the vagueness of the warning and the lack of time context often sends him running when he has no need to. Often straight into the danger that he wished to avoid.

This has lead him to need to try and differentiate between the warnings. Not to a great success but at least it has given him a small measure of knowledge of when to run and when not to.

Element Powers

Mostly vulnerable to direct attacks with Fire element magic and water, both can cancel out his abilities as there isn't much he can do with mud or lava.

However, there are other abilities and situations that have bested him in the past. Most of this due to his uncontrolled power.


A warm burnished gold in colour, Varden looks like he is made from burnished gold as he shines and glows in the light; he has dark green eyes. He is huge, 10ft at the shoulder and solidly built. A fighter both of his parents are of the Elite Guard in the Myr pack so he was trained to defend himself from a young age. This has affected the way he moves as everything he does speaks of control and an awareness of his surroundings. Giving him the air of both danger and readiness.


Once on the road to taking a place beside his parents in the Elite Guard, Varden ended up leaving the Myr pack when his second ability manifested when he was 16. It was slow to detect because at first, all he could sense was a vague and unknown fear when approached by certain wolves. Although not always the same ones twice. This eventually lead him to having panic attacks and in general fall apart at the seams. Eventually, the power fully surfaced and the Seer was able to tell that he had an unknown Psion ability.

Still shaken and now very wary of others, Varden could not cope with pack life and so left taking to wandering the Realm and in general avoiding contact with others. Given time alone to adjust to his new power has lead him to being able to regain much of his old self back and a thought of returning to the pack. Bold, confident in most cases as he is aware that he can handle most things except crowds or large groups of people. Varden now manages ok around others in small doses although he now has a constant wary and suspicious side to his once openly friendly nature as he is always aware but unable to tell from where danger lurks. But his friendly nature has not been entirely lost and while it may take a lot of time and work, is willing to trust and befriend most other races.
May 23 2018, 02:01 PM
Name: Merlyn

Alignment Light

Gender: Male

Species: Kitsune

Age: 8,200 years

Size: 6.0ft (human form), 5.4ft at the shoulder (fox form)

Tails 8 tails.



As Merlyn has aged and gained tails the slow way, his natural illusion abilities have matured into something really special to see. Having control over all but one of the five senses he can seem real to all but touch. Having focused on fine and finer detail as he gained power rather than going bigger (though he can do that too if need be) his main strength lies in this focus on detail. This is because of the focus of the detail of things he now can mimic anything that he sees at least once, from a person to a dragon if he hears them speak and can see them move he can create an illusion that would fool even their closest confidant.

Although still illusions, and thus prone to the limitations of illusions - inability to affect or physically interact with the thing around them. His work has a reality to it, even recreating the drops of sweat on a person brow if close to heat, that makes his illusions seem real to all but touch.

Due to the amount of focus that a truly "real" illusion takes, Merlyn needs to shut down his awareness of all but what is directly around the illusion he is weaving and the illusion itself. Leaving him vulnerable to attack. This is why he rarely ever uses the full extent of his abilities. Rather opting for the easy, less power draining, sound-based illusions. A voice half-heard in the mist or a rattle down an alley. These he still does with great skill, however, being able to re-create complex sounds like a platoon of soldiers moving past or an argument between neighbours.

To keep his detail focused skills up though he is always playing with a small of complex illusionary structure that he weaves and twirls around his fingers as it changes shape. These are incredibly real and often follow the flow of his thoughts yet the size means that it is a limited drain on him and he can easily keep it going for hours without noticing it or it having a long-term effect on him.


Lightning -

Merlyn's element ability is that of lightning. This he mostly uses as a defensive ability so he has been most focused on cultivating the battle and shielding qualities of lightning; creating balls of lightning, bolts, shields of fast rotating sheet lightning and other defensive things as well.

Although very skilled with his lightning ability his most preferred form of self-defence is his throwing knives along with a good diversionary illusion.



Like all illusionists, his greatest weakness's are abilities that can see or sense that an illusion is being cast. This means that any of the Psions abilities like telekinesis, telepathy and other like abilities.


Like most Lightning Element wielders, Merlyn is vulnerable against Dark Element and Earth.

An all round weakness that Merlyn has is against Rune-mages. Due to the wide range things that Runeweavers can do, from seeing through his illusions to defending against his lightning abilities. Rune-mages are at a great advantage over him if well trained.



In his human form, Merlyn is tall, 6ft, handsome with youthful features, dark grey eyes and tyrian purple hair with dark magenta highlights. His hair is kept short and has a slight curl to it.

Well built and muscled, Merlyn has over time developed a very individual look. Dressed in soft calf high brown boots, loose pants which he tucks into the tops of his boots, soft well-cut cotton shirt with a high collar and buttons down the front, well fitting dark blue long coat with a lot of pockets in which he keeps an astounding amount of knives.

Proud of his eight tails and Kitsune race Merlyn does nothing to hide his Kitsune features or tails in his human form unless directly threatened.


Merlyn is as tall (relatively) in his fox form as he is in his human one. Standing at 5.4 at the shoulder he is the same height as many gryphons.

His coat is the same tyrian purple as his human hair and while the curl is less notable the long this fur still has a twirl to it on his chest ruff and tail.

A sleek dashing figure he is in the form most of the time as is with most Kitsune.


Quickly getting tired of carrying around his starball in his mouth while in Fox form way back when he first got his second tail he broken into a jewellers workshop and crudely fashioned himself a bracelet similar to that worn by some Mages to denote rand with the starball safely set into the metal. well fitted around his wrist in both forms it cannot easily be removed and is now easy to keep close even when he is forced to switch forms quickly.


Like all of his kind Merlyn has lived many lives and will have many more. Currently, he is playing the part of the wandering warrior, travelling from place to place hiring himself out to towns and villages in the more remote places to deal with their bandit problems.

Although this is an off again on again when he feels like it job as mostly what he is doing is just exploring the realms and updating himself on those places he hasn't been to in a while, while helping out those that need it for a fair price.

Merlyn is old, even he know's it. Having lived for just over 8.000 years he has seen it all and seen it again and possibly will watch the newest residents of the realms repeat the lessons of the past yet again. While this might have jaded some it has mostly just brought about a sense of boredom and seriousness in him that is not often seen in Kitsune.

Being bored with pretty much everything has its upsides, however, not free from stressing about every little disaster that happens within the Realms, Merlyn is now free to focus on what is important to him - food. Ever the years, Merlyn has become passionately obsessed with food, good food, dessert especially and will, if given an ear, talk for hours over the best food from every realm.

Calm, patient and basically unflappable due to his long life, Merlyn is a quiet understated force that no-one quite sees coming. Not one to put on a flashy show or draw too much attention to himself, he is content to sit back and let others do their thing and make their own mistakes and wait until they ask him for help. Or not. really he can't be bothered most of the time.

With a quiet sense of humour, those around him rarely know when he is making a joke, mostly at their expense.

Still, a Kitsune when he does use his illusion abilities it is mostly in a none harmful way that makes a fool out of whomever he has used them against, even if they originally meant him harm.
May 20 2018, 01:15 PM

Name: Talia

Alignment Neutral-Light

Gender: Female

Species: Heartwoodian Red/Western

Age: 100

Size: 15 ft


Fire Element -

As a Heartwoodian Red Talia her fire element power covers a wide range of things. Not only can she create and breath fire she can also simply create heat in a localized area.

This allows her to manipulate things like molten rock, metal and other her own body temperature to a degree.


Ice Element

Rune Magic


Huge, sharp and a deep almost blood red, Talia is a magnificent Heartwoodian Red specimen. With a delicate face and very minimal decorative spines adorning her cheeks Talia gives the impression of sophistication, lightness and grace for all her size and power. Her wings shade to a lighter red in the centre of her membranes and when spread in the sun seem to glow like living lava. Her eyes are a burning orange with dark blue speckles dancing like glitter in them.

Being a Heartwoodian Red Talia is also quite warm if not hot to the touch. Giving anyone close to her the impression of standing beside a really large fire.

About Talia was born and raised in Fyr'krae, happily un-bothered with the war with the Faction until she strayed too far from Driakkion during a hunt. Shot down by a Faction patrol she was wounded and unconscious when they found her. Taking her back to the city of Grace she awoke to find herself trapped and chained to a Felris whom she hated upon the first sight. After a number of escape attempts and the subsequent punishments, none pleasant. she was hard pressed to admit that she was fully enslaved by the Faction.

Forced to work as a dragon-shaped furnace she spent her days melting the larger crucibles of metal for the foundry. Slowly she got to know her fellow prisoner and formed a bond with him.

Incorrigible, stubborn, brilliantly funny, Talia is a lot like an onion in that she has layers to her personality. Often quiet she can also be the life of any space she enters. Never one to surrender nor give up, she is never loud in her stubbornness to never let others get her down. But rather takes all with an apparently stony exterior and unflappable calm.

Ladylike to a fault at times Talia can also be rather a force to flee from if ever pushed past the point of no return or if she enters into any sort of fight.
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