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Jun 19 2018, 12:23 PM
Name: Zarei

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 401

Species: Werecat

Alignment: Light

When it isn’t close to the full moon, Zarei is handsome, for a human, for most who look at him. He has messy brown hair, which has the ‘I just rolled out of bed’ look. His eyes are a soft green, with a kind intonation to them, albeit sad. Paired with this are his typically plain clothes, common enough for him to be able to blend in with any crowd. Closing in on the full moon, Zarei gets increasingly feline, starting with his fangs and going to his ears, and then tail. A day or two before transforming, he grows a thin layer of silky russet fur that shimmers in the light.

When transformed, he is as large, if not larger than, a full grown male tiger, with rippling muscles not apparent on his human form. His entire coat is reminiscent of a domestic cat, with a brown base, and black tabby markings, and his eyes are the same pale green as in his human form

Zarei is known as a hopeless optimist, and those who are close to him know there is nothing they can do to change his mind. He's stubborn, and a little naive, due to his relatively sheltered upbringing. While he is usually very serious, if he is comfortable around you, he reverts to being a bubbly child. He believes everyone should be given a second chance, no matter what they did in the past.

Zarei was born to two werecat parents, and grew up in a mostly sheltered area of all werecats, within the realm of Felnova, within a small tribe deep in the Darklight mountains, almost within the Myrlands territory.

He lead a happy life, never told of the struggles he could face, whether it be dragon-wise or not. He got his transformations later than most Werecat children, at around age twelve, and thus had been believed to be free of this.

When he did shift for the first time, it was incredibly painful, and he was larger than most first-shifters. Not too abnormally large, but large enough to be noticed by his family. They chalked it up to his later shifting and left it at that, continuing his training until he was actually an adult. Which is when, without his family noticing, he left to explore the world.

He opened a portal on his hundred and first birthday, which was thankfully *not* near a full moon, and travelled to Lizzarkyth seeking adventure. He found something much more dangerous. A small group of dragons had gone to the realm seeking the same thing, adventure.

Initially, they welcomed the werecat into their friend group, becoming fast friends. At least until the full moon, or at least one of them, was approaching. At first, they didn’t even notice when he grew his fangs, and while they noticed his ears they were sceptical. But because they looked faintly canine, they figured he might be a werewolf, and left it at that. That wasn’t the case.

As soon as his tail grew in, they tried to kill him, and without much other choice, he had to defend himself. Three dragons died that day. He didn’t know what he had done wrong, how had he even killed them? This was insane, and he hadn’t even known that he could transform on his own, without the power of the moon.

He buried them with his own two hands, and swore that he’d find a way to get rid of this prejudice… but how? Maybe… a cure. Maybe if they weren’t werecats, this wouldn’t happen! So, with a slightly lighter heart than it just had been, Zarei went to travel the realms, in order to find a ‘cure’ for his ‘condition’.

As a werecat, Zarei can shift between a human and cat form, normally triggered by the full moon. This transformation usually takes no longer than an hour before he is in his full feline form. However under extreme life/death situations, he can shift very quickly, and very painfully, into his feline form without the moon’s influence. It is reminiscent of a demon’s tri’akun, with him only being able to do this when in extreme danger.

Other than his shifting, he is extremely physically powerful, as all members of his species. His claws can cut through dragon’s scales with ease, and overall he becomes fairly graceful. Skilled with many weapons, including a short sword, a rapier, and daggers, though he only has on him a small set of daggers, which he rarely uses other than as a simple knife.

Jun 10 2018, 12:09 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Nix and Bakashinji

SETTING: Within the city of Uria

WEATHER: Hot, Hot, and extremely hot(Also underground)

TIME: About Current, Noon

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Miia (Baka) Rhodynn (Nix)
Jun 4 2018, 02:29 PM
Name: Rhodynn

Nickname: Dyn

Gender: Male

Age: 125

Species: Demon (N’vaen)/Famine

Alignment: Dark

Regular- On any normal day, Dyn can be seen as an unusual sight. His skin is pale, and drawn tightly over his tall frame, though half-covered by a thin white cloak, that rustles even when the wind is absolutely naught. His veins show over most of his body, blue lines webbing across his taut skin. Rhodynn’s eyes are a deep anemic yellow, and his hair is a pure white, frizzing out at odd angles. He can often be mistaken for a banshee, for those who don’t know any better.

Tri’akun- In his Tri’akun, Dyn Looks almost like a dragon. With the general shape of a pale yellow Hexadragon, he is about fifteen feet tall, with a set of translucent wings about double his length. Four legs are simply for transportation, with the fifth and sixth being two curled birds-legs with sharp talons. His head is a misshapen gryphon’s head, with no feathers, and a large vicious beak, which is a deep midnight black. His eyes take on a beedy black quality, with a pale milky film. Despite this he does not appear to be blind, quite the opposite. When in this form his eyesight increases, but his hearing decreases.

While ‘jerk’ is the first assumption many make of Rhodynn… That is completely and utterly true. It’s his way or the highway, and he doesn’t hesitate to assert this position. Impatience is another key word to tag onto Dyn, along with major trust issues. If something isn’t being done quick enough, or well enough, he’ll just take over, grumbling about how they aren’t doing it right or something. When things really get serious, he works with lethal efficiency, with or without others on his side. While he is by no means a perfect soldier, rather the furthest from that, he can hold his own, and frequently does due to his knack for getting into fights. Fights that he tends to win, though this makes him cocky, and very self assured. Not that this is without reason, but he really does have a great amount of arrogance. He tends to drink a lot of strong alcohol, which only heightens his already assholeish tendencies.

Born in a fairly peaceful time, Rhodynn was raised by two loving parents, out of the way. They didn’t want to deal with politics, or anything, so they just lived a simple life on the edge of the darklily plains. To be honest, they pretty much spoiled him, and he took advantage whenever he could. When he froze, and inevitably found his powers in a screaming match, he was immediately trained to fight by his father, who had some magic prowess. Not much, but similar enough to Dyn’s own powers to be of use.

Over the years, Rhodynn built up his powers, and decided at last to attempt to find glory himself. From what he’d heard, the military for his kingdom wasn’t run in a way he’d like it to be, and honestly, he couldn’t find it within himself to give a shit. So, without hesitation, he left his family in search of a hellgate, and finding one close to home within the plains he had always lived next to. From that point on, he traveled the realms, looking for a way to prove himself as a warrior.

Which is how he found the Onyx faction. This was a place he felt he could thrive, if he could hold his tongue. Which he normally didn’t. But that was ok, the faction and their ‘rivals’ the Ruby faction were torn into chaos, and with this, he quickly climbed the ranks to become a council member, with eyes set on leading the whole charade. While he tries to hide his nature around his fellow assassins, this never goes to plan, and to take it off his mind, he usually goes to the bar to get absolutely drunk

While his love of a… seemingly chaotic ruling is legendary, he does have a method to his madness, though madness it is not. So that’s how he found himself as one of the many lesser leaders of the faction, leading his own gang of rag-tag group, mostly comprised of those who simply wish for a fairly lenient leader, who never really argues with who they kill, and who their clients are. His only rule: If you aren’t done within a week, you’re out.

Similar to a Banshee or Siren, Dyn uses his voice as a weapon, in five main ways, based on the pitch of his voice. None of these technically affect him, simply the area and people around him.

Soprano- The hardest for Rhodynn to do, because of his natural voice range. When he can work up enough power to scream at a soprano, either the magic fails and it just hurts their ears, or the magic is fairly unstable. When the magic is used, correctly that is, it is supposed to work like a Banshee’s in the fact that it paralyzes the victim, though he could never get it to work very well. With his major inability to use it, the most he’s gotten up to is less than a minute.

Alto- While not as hard as soprano, it isn’t the easiest. However, the magic works fairly reliably, with little chance that it’ll fail magically. Those that hear this scream will feel lighter, and inevitably are a fair bit faster than normal. However, this applies to his enemies, should they hear, and those who hear may not know how to use this new speed.

Tenor- The easiest for him to do, due to his voice, this is almost 100% guaranteed to work, barring odd circumstances. A defensive magic, the air around him warps with his voice to create a type of bubble around him, where it is nearly impossible to get into or out of it. This lasts for however long he’s screaming for, and then remains for about five minutes before dissipating.

Baritone- One of the easier to use screams, Dyn often succeeds on this one, but it isn’t a guarantee. When the listener hears this scream, they will feel a strengthening of their magical abilities for up to twenty minutes after he finishes his scream. While this change is not drastic, it could mean all the difference when in battle.

Bass- The hardest of the lower tones for Dyn to do, it is noted as his most ‘melodic’ purely for the fact that he screams in a very nice pitch, and it is not a noticeable effect for most, at least not immediately. This scream disorients the listener, to a point where vertigo while movement is common, or general confusion. He does not often use this one, but when he does, it is when he is alone, facing a large group of enemies.

Unknown (Mother/Alive)

Pets- Despite everything, Rhodynn does have two pets whom he loves very much, enough to threaten anyone who touches them with death. The first is a Faminehorse, a light chestnut pinto stallion, with the typical short fangs of his breed. He lacks horns altogether, which typically settles most people a little bit, but his tail is reptilian-like, and thin as a whip, which he uses as a weapon. Muka, which is what Dyn named him, is a loyal creature, if skittish. He’s deaf in both ears, relying entirely on his rider’s signals, which are all nonverbal.

The second is a Famine-kingdom Hokaku spider named Skree. Yes, like the animal. About full grown, and as large as his faminehorse, this creature lives in a burrow underneath his house, fed every week by the people he kills on jobs. When he doesn’t get a steady stream of clients, he’ll feed his pet other animals usually large, such as horses, though never Muka. Skree’s mother was killed by Rhodynn’s family after the creature moved in, and they killed all but the single egg to give to their son, to see what he’d do. Instead of killing it, like they assumed he would, he raised it, giving it the mother’s old burrow to live in, and brought it with him and his horse when he left the demon realm.:
May 30 2018, 01:25 PM

Nefasi’s base colors are black and white. The black extends from the back of her haunches down half of her tail, and up from her front paws through the shoulders and up to her head. Her chest and stomach are white, which extends about halfway through her wings, which fades down the greyscale. The end of her tail is white, along with half her front paws, with her cheeks being white, framing the top of her black maw. The tips of her ears are a faint white.:
Personality:While Nefasi doesn’t hesitate as much as her brother, she still has a good sense of self preservation. Kind-hearted, nice, if a little shy and reserved. She tends to lapse into up to month long shots of depression, where she rarely moves other than to breathe, and eating is a thing that must be forced onto her. When angry she tends to let it out on those around her, but it is rare for her to get angry at all. Nef is extremely patient with everyone, even those that annoy her, at least until she gets angry.:
History:The second-born of three, Nefasi and her two siblings were left alone for a great deal of the time, their parents struggling to feed the family. They stayed in this limbo for their first year, until after that they tended not to see their parents for up to days at a time, instead of at least once a day. Ro found his magic via shocking Nef and their sister, and from that moment on ran off most times to practice controlling it, leaving the girls at home. Not that they minded, really. It was peaceful, and they we happy living a quiet life, waiting for their parents. Until the day when it all went wrong. The youngest, Midiri, started the day by fighting with their brother, Roziel. When Ro left, Nef left her sister alone for a while, so that she could calm down. That is when the roc’a attacked, divebombing the pair of wolves. Midiri fell off, and Nef felt something in her click. She created a tornado, to attempt to save the youngest member of the family, also chasing off the giant birds. But with such little control as she had, the tornado faded and Diri fell to the ground. Grieving, Nefasi curled up in their cave and waited for someone to come find her. She barely slept until her brother returned, with a bird familiar at his side. He comforted her, and that night as she slept she gained her familiar, a small white, black, and blue songbird. After a week of a no-show from their parents, they were hungry. So they left to travel in search of food, but knew nothing about hunting. So when the Myr found them, they were two pretty much pups with looks of grief on their faces and were half-starved. Thankfully, since then they have bounced back within the Myr pack, and are proud members.:
Abilities:Nefasi has destructive wind-based powers, which when out of control can be devastating even to herself. Mainly she just creates large gusts of wind, which unbalance attackers, or to help her Fina fly. But if she concentrates a lot, she can create a swirling whirlwind that can only be described as a mini tornado. When this is combined with Water, it can collect that liquid and create a mini hurricane. This can happen with any liquid, though thicker ones are harder to pick up, and require a higher wind speed. This is dangerous, however, in that it takes a lot of concentration, leaving her slightly vulnerable, and if she loses control the tornado/hurricane can stick around, leaving even allies in danger of the swirling wind. :

Nefasi’s familiar is a female white tailed Jay she’s called Serafina, or just Fina. Moisture gathers around the bird’s wings, creating mini thunderstorms.:
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May 30 2018, 01:21 PM
Nickname(s):Ro, Zel:
Almost all white, with two long, flight-capable wings, and a dark blue stripe going from a lighter blue mark on his temple to about his mid back. Similarly colored stripes line his muzzle, while his eyes are framed by light blue glowing marks. His eyes are a clouded teal color.:
Personality:Zel thinks before acting, though hesitates too long at times due to this. He has a slight mistrust of others, preferring to do things himself, especially after his accident. High strung, if touched at all by anything he gets really jumpy, to the point of he doesn't care who it is he will just blindly attack. He trusts very few, but those he trusts he loves greatly and would protect with his life. Should he attack one he considers a friend he will apologize profusely for up to several days.:
History:Born to loner parents as the firstborn, Zel and his two sisters grew up mostly alone, since their parents almost always struggled to feed them. They stayed in this limbo for their first year, until after that they tended not to see their parents for up to days at a time, instead of at least once a day. It was around that time when Ro found his magic, accidentally shocking his sisters when he got especially emotional. So whenever he wanted to practice he’d fly for a time away, to a large clearing in the darklights where they lived. One day when within these mountains, after a big argument with his youngest sister, his magic decided to blow up in his face, Literally. He created a ball of lighting, and couldn’t figure out how to control it. The resulting blast knocked him out, and when he came to about an hour later, he was both blind and mildly injured. With difficulty, Roziel tried to get back home. He made it about half way when he found he just couldn’t make it, and resigned himself to sleep under an outcropping. That night, he had a dream or a beautiful grey and white bird gliding effortlessly over the ocean thermals. When Ro awoke, he found himself with a new friend and companion, his familiar. And though still he couldn’t see, nor could he yet know what this bird could do, He lead Zel back to his cave home, where he heard crying. The elder of his two sisters, Nefasi. When he asked what was wrong she told him as much as she could, which amounted to their sister falling off the edge. Their parents never returned, for some reason, and for about a week they sat there, hungry and grieving. Nefasi for her sister, and Roziel for his sister and also his sight. Eventually, hungry as they were, they began travelling, eventually making it to near where the Myr camp was. Taking pity on the two nearly starved wolves, who were basically pups at the time, the pack took them in. Over time, they became happy, almost forgetting their missing parents and their deceased sister. almost.:
Abilities:Talented with the Lighting element, it manifests in three different ways. He cannot use these abilities if he is seeing through his familiar’s eyes.
Ball-A ball of lighting, of about a foot radius, is created from the glowing spot on his temple. He can control where it goes, vaguely, but if it bumps into anything it’ll explode. Naturally that includes trees, rocks, and sentient beings including himself. Because he cannot see, he tends to accidentally explode it before he means to.
Arc-A thin streak of lighting passes from him to another being. It requires Zel to be facing the intended target and them being within a close enough range.
Bolt-Only able to be used if storm clouds are present, simply directing the lightning to where he wants it to go. The spot he wants to strike must be within a certainn range, and he occasionally almost gets struck himself on accident.:

Zel’s familiar is a female Storm petrel he named Zeal. She has the ability to allow Roziel to see through her eyes. If he is using his lighting she is unable to use this ability. Zeal usually speaks via telepathy, and is fairly chatty to all.:
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