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 Natras, [x] Snakekind || male
Name: Natras, although he is called Anklebiter by some in the Faction of Hope

Species: Dulne Snakekind

Gender: Male

With the appearance of a diamondback rattlesnake, this snake is one you don't want to cross. He is a dark black color with gray diamonds running along his back, and his eyes are twin points bloodred malice. He only stands about three feet tall. The barb on his tail is sometimes coated in a metal device he had made by a slave of the Faction.

In control of his reiatsu, Anklebiter can be a terrible foe. He's fast, agile, and cunning, and can overload one's senses with a particular reiatsu ability he has mastered. However, he is physically weak and is highly allergic to gold.

About Anklebiter:
Hatched and raised on Xaeri, Natras has learned how to make poisons more powerful than his by 'milking' dead snakekind. He then coats his barb with this venom and is particularly deadly because of this. He is often seen with his brother, Garex Thall.

You know, we all thought I was crazy... Oh wait, I still am! :3 *insane cackling*
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