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» PLOT EVENT: Dragon's Revenge!, rain fire upon our enemies!
Open! Posted: Sep 5 2017, 05:51 AM
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The to-be-King is dead! Sha'kir has been slain by pirates hired by the Faction of Hope, and all Queen Verridith can think about it avenging her mate and raining death and fire down on those who killed him! Her grief can be felt by her people, and her anger radiates across the Realm. She has ordered not only the death of the pirates, but of everyone wearing Faction colors, no matter their race or age.


Verridith has ordered every warrior under her banner to find and hunt down the pirates, led by Esme. The Queen has offered a copious amount of jaden as a reward to bring her the pirates' heads, especially that of the ship's captain. She gives the following description of the skyship and its captain, gleaned from Sha'kir's feylizards (though the ship's name was not seen by the feys):

A vast skyship, one of Kurai make, with the figurehead of a gryphon. Damaged, most likely being repaired. The mast is missing. Its captain is a human female with black hair, wearing a large fur hat.

Their last known location was around the Ramalokes. Their ship is damaged, so they can't have gone far!


Mercy is at its end; all the Queen wants now is blood! For each Faction member killed, she promises jaden to every warrior who brings her the heads of her enemies! What she plans to do with the Faction slain is unknown, but to those that gain the most, she's promised a Lordship and lands once the war is over.

What does this mean OOCly? Jaden, of course! ;D For each Faction member killed IC, with at least three sentences' death, post here with the link to that post and gain 100j to your player account!

And if you lead an assault on a Faction-held city, and win the city through your thread, you will gain 1000j! WHOO! Make sure to check the State of the Realms' Cities thread and coordinate with whoever might be also attacking the same city! Post here with your thread links, and you will get jaden once complete <3

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