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The Underground


» Out of Place, For Elf and Fyfer
PLAYERS INVOLVED: ElfFriend, Fyfergrund

SETTING: Along the Merchant's Road.

WEATHER: Mild, for natives. Cold, for outsiders.

TIME: 8 Days ahead of Current.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Durus (Fyfer) Eren (Elf)
A low, mournful moan escaped Durus as he wandered along the smooth pathway that made up the Merchant's Road. He couldn't remember how he got here to this dark, underground place, but he didn't like it. Plants were scarce, and what plants there were tasted strange, and unlike anything he'd ever tasted before.

But worse than the odd plants was the cold. It wasn't freezing, like snowy places were, but for a creature hatched in Lizzarkyth's warm, steamy jungle, it made for miserable conditions. He gazed upwards, but was further disappointed to see only darkness, and here and there an illuminated patch of cavern ceiling. His foot dislodged a small rock from where it had been resting, sending it tumbling off into the darkness, and he gazed after it for a moment before continuing on.

After a time, he saw a strange sight. An airship was docked and moored on the side of the road, and a small group of people were gathered, apparently having stopped to see what the ship's owner had to sell. Durus, not comprehending what he was seeing, merely stood some distance away and watched in confusion.

Then there was some movement, and he caught a glimpse of light coming form the ship. The light seemed strangely familiar as it flickered, bright orange in the darkness. He cocked his head to one side, staring at the light, then, all of a sudden, it came to him. Flickering, orange glows usually meant fire. And fire meant warmth.

Abruptly, he began striding towards the ship, not hurrying, but his long strides still carried him forward rather quickly, and his heavy footsteps and large size clearly announced his approach.
Eren had been to many different places, many different realms through out the years. Each realm had a different secret to share, something new for him to explore. These things had helped shaped his crafts. Though his craft was great and he had made made a great many things, even creating gems with his magic, he had yet to see anything like the sunstones of this strange land. He had yet to make anything like the sunstones.

Currently Eren desired nothing more than to learn the secrets of the stones. He had docked his ship along a mountain. One of the only places he was capable of dock a ship such as his. Normally he would use the smaller vessel to go into town but he was planning on trading more than he normally would.

It didn't take long for travellers to spot the strange ship docked at a mountain and soon a crowd had gathered. At first it was to investigate the strange ship but than it was to trade as Eren revealed his goods. The travellers we're more than happy to trade their food, sunstones and Jaden for the different tools and weapons he offered. The weapons had weak enchantments if they had one at all. Eren was cautious and didn't wish to trade to done a weapon to anyone. Even with an enchantment, the weapons were excellent.

As Eren trade something strange began to approach and many of the travellers dispersed, not wanting to get crushed by the large beast. Eren was taken aback at first. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen such a creature but he stood still as he waited for the creature to arrive, not know what to do.

Durus barely gave the dispersing crowd a second glance. He'd seen plenty of creatures like them before. They were not food, nor were they usually much threat. And most of them tended to make strange noises that he often could barely understand. He supposed they were talking, but most of what they said made no sense.

As he neared the ship, his steps slowed, and he gazed with dull curiosity at an elf standing by a selection of metal things the two-legged creatures often used to fight with. He lumbered forward a couple of paces, and lowered his head to give the metal things a cursory sniff. He snorted softly as he raised his head to an even level with Eren's as he sniffed at the elf.

Then, straightening back up as much as his body allowed, he took a couple of careful, but rather clumsy steps sideways. Then, satisfied he wouldn't accidentally trample the elf underfoot, he stepped towards the ship, and the warmth it offered. He briefly eyed the gangplank set up nearby, then dismissed it as being too small for his use.

Grunting softly, he seized the edge of the ship's deck with his forepaws, and sought to get a grip on the side of the ship so he could push himself aboard, blunt nails scraping on its hull as he almost lost his balance. He huffed as he regained his balance, then snorted in mild irritation. He was so close, but still so far from his goal.
Eren watched the gigantic creature with both curiosity and terror. It was big enough to crush him him underfoot but it didn't seem to want to. It was struggling to get aboard his ship. He could only guess why.

Eren gathered up all of the items he had traded for and that he was trading. Then he tossed them on to his ship. He was careful to gather anything else he might have left sitting around and then he got in the ship. He wondered if he should help the creature on his ship and then study it or if he should flee.

After a moment of consideration he decided to help the creature. He moved to the helm of the ship and moved the ship a little closer to the beast. Eren then quickly moved to where the creature was trying to board. He noticed the scratches on the wood and let out a sigh. The elf would have to repair that later.
Briefly abandoning his attempt to board the ship, Durus watched the elf with an almost mournful gaze, longing to get closer to the heat source he could sense within the ship's hull. He could feel it in the wood when he'd tried to climb aboard. He was about to try to climb aboard again when the ship abruptly moved closer to him, and he grunted when the side of the ship bumped against his chest, more from surprise than anything.

But, now that the ship was closer, he found he was just able to scramble awkwardly aboard, managing to first get his torso onboard, then squirm and scramble awkwardly forward until his heavy hindquarters were aboard. He briefly attempted to get to his feet, but the ship rocked beneath him, so he decided to just stay where he was, lying on his side, discovering to his pleasure that the heat from below-deck was rising through the top deck.

"Warm," he muttered in contentment as he lay sprawled on his side, before raising his head and gazing around, wondering where the elf had gone. He'd lost track while scrambling aboard.
It took a bit more effort for the beast to get on his ship but eventually the creature managed it. Eren was leaning against the wood walling of the ship inspecting the damage the creature had inflicted on his precious ship. He ran his hand against the scratches, they weren't to deep. After his quick inspection of the damage Eren began to walk around the collapsed creature.

"You're not from around here, are you?" He didn't expect an answer from the creature but he didn't believe he had seen anything like him throughout the below lands that he visited. He did faintly remember seeing something like him in a distant land but he could remember where. "I don't suppose you can tell me from where you hail or why you are here."
Now that he was feeling some warmth seep into his thick hide, Durus was feeling a bit more alert. He gazed at the elf, craning his head around so he could look the elf over with first one eye, then the other. When the elf spoke, the big saurian merely blinked slowly, and cocked his heavy head slightly, not understanding the elf's question.

But when the elf spoke, Durus blinked again, then considered the elf's question. "Durus came from...that way," he stated, gesturing towards the way he'd came with his snout. He fell silent for a moment, then continued. "Green tree place turned dark and cold. Now, Durus find warmth here," he added, contentedly tapping the blunt claws on his forepaw on the ship's deck.
Eren looked at the large creature wondering if it had accidentally stumbled through a portal to this realm. The now had all of the sun stones that he would need for a while. He would break a few down and try to learn how to make something similar to them. He would also attempted to craft them in to other objects.

He began to move back to the helm of the ship. "Well Durus, I normally don't do this but I'll take you home. Back to the green tree place. Can you tell me more about it?" Eren turned the wheel and the ship began to move away from the mountain. It seemed to sway unexpectantly and the side of the ship bumped into the side of the ship. The addition of weight seemed to throw the ship off. Eren would remember that for future reference but he knew that the damage the ship had just taken would prevent him from being able to go into another realm anytime soon.
"Home," Durus sighed, shifting his weight as he nestled down atop the warm patch of ship deck he was resting on. He almost dozed off, but the elf spoke up again, and once again the heavyset saurian lifted his head to gaze at the smaller creature. Once again, he was posed a question he didn't know how to answer.

Before he could begin to try, the ship scraped against the side of a towering rock. Durus lurched to his feet, causing th ship to sway even more, and instinctively headbutted the offending rock, sending a loud crack echoing through the darkness. He rocked back form the impact, but left an easily visible crack in the rock face.

He stared at the rock for a moment, then slowly, carefully laid back down, having forgotten the elf's question entirely. He was left with only the vague sense that he would be returned to the green tree place he'd been wandering through before.
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