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» MC9: Adventure Time!, month of january
Welcome to this month's Monthly Contest! These MCs, as they are known, happen every non-holiday month, and are fun little events or contests that staff put up for you members to partake in. Whoo!

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MC9: Adventure Time!
Have you ever wondered what kind of silly adventures your characters would go on without your guidance? Silly, stupid ventures, situations they accidentally got themselves in and can't manage to figure a way out of? Wonder no longer, because that time is here!


Welcoming the new year brings a fun, silly contest in BTACD style - a prompt-based, super crazy competition to see how your characters react to scenarios they may not be able to find themselves in otherwise. We have a bunch of prompts to choose from - look over them below, and then review this MC's rules!

  • your character has been turned into a frog by an accidental spell; oh no!
  • while traveling through the Realms, your character/characters meet up with three very happy, very drunk ogres.
  • the building around your character/characters is... melting? everything is turning translucent and bright colors - everything is turning into jello!
  • your character is in a large-scale battle somewhere, and is hit by a spell... that turns them bright pink!
  • what's that sound?! your character is being followed by an infamously horrible bard that insists they need to write about them!
  • your character has obtained the Macguffin Muffin of Significant Importance - a magical muffin that everyone desires! quick, run before the horde of muffin-seekers catch you with it!
  • the ultimate villain has decided to let your character/characters gaze upon their true form - but the appearance details are up to you. they shout lots of 90s video game and anime references while transforming!
  • your character comes to and finds out they were captured by lowly goblins. memories of how they were captured slowly begin to return...and nobody will ever believe the tale.
  • your character gazes up to the tower of the evil dark lord, Bob the Slightly Disgruntled...his lair invites your character in, and its walls will be forever ingrained into their brain...
  • your character has been chosen by the gods of divine convenience, and must now select more members for their party. they enter the bar and immediately are beset by auditions...


Here are the rules of this MC!
  • only one entry per person, please!
  • be sure to get permission for any characters you use that aren't yours - staff will disqualify you should we find someone using char without permission!
  • please keep basic BTACD lore in mind, but feel free to bend it however you want ;D


Please fill out the form below to participate!


To kick off the new year, we're offering some HUGE prizes!!!

1. 5000j and ONE store-bought item!
2. 4000j!
3. 2000j!

And remember, if you use more than one character, you get a 100j bonus regardless of placement! If you get permission and use someone else's char, you get a 500j bonus!

Happy New Year!

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
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This event has OPENED! Have fun, guys! :D

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"

Artful trickster of tails nine

"It's mine! It's finally all MINE!" A deranged cackle reverberated through the haunted plains of bloodied skies and bone-white grass. Its sleek angular shadow gliding effortlessly through the landscape, small cat-like paws flying high above the ground yet somehow finding a purchase to propel the creature faster and faster forwards.

Fingerbone-like grass waved goodbye at the creature's passing as it went with its prize in its long tapering muzzle, held between fangs that put a deathcat to shame. Behind it a large host of demons gave pursuit, their skinless crimson bodies, their flailing tridents and their wings seemingly merging into the body of a creature of chaos as they lagged further and further behind the graceful shadow.

Eventually the creature stopped and turned. Its impossibly black form seemed to suck in the scarce light of the moons, leaving its silhouette a gaping void with two mauve stars for eyes, twinkling with glee. Fearlessly facing its pursuers the creature reared upon its hindlegs and unfurled great bat wings from its back that seemed to multiply its size tenfold.

The demons stopped cold on their tracks, their hellhounds whimpered at the sight as the creature beat its terrible wings and gave a deep gutural growl that sounded like the voice of Dhath himself before disappearing in front of their eyes to feast upon its prize in some pocket dimenson of its own making.

Its prize,
A muffin.

And thus on that fateful day the demons of Kurai learned a valuable lesson, maybe the saying 'easy as taking candy from a baby' was not as true as their demonic mothers wanted them to believe.
NAME: Asreal~
PROMPT USED: Obstinate bard
ENTRY: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rsnlJbbCq...O5A6irHhRRtzPHt (It’s a PDF so I can’t cheat and edit it after I submit it :3)

Click on a character’s name to learn more about them!
Main: Lykoth
Other chars: Demise
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