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PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Fyfergrund, @JPG, @SherniKaur, and any others that wish to join.

SETTING: Close to Death Castle, on the side closest to the outskirts of the Sandfrost Ruins.

WEATHER: Stormy~

TIME: A little behind! Twenty-four days before current, at night. It's extremely dark, so there are fun times ahead.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Marjani (Sherni); Harrow (Fyfer); Oteros (JPG); and any charrie who would be interested. :D

Please PM me before hopping in! I have a general idea about where I want this thread to go. Thank you~

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She was sick of losing pups.

Someone was stealing Death Hellwolf cubs. Some turned up dead, mangled beyond recognition while others were never found. Marjani didn’t know what she hated more: The fact that they had clearly suffered - or that they were going through the exact same thing that she had gone through when she was the same age.

There were no words to describe how pissed she was - Marjani was practically itching for a fight. She’d been half blind with rage when she had abruptly padded away from a whimpering mother who had just found her dead pup; but her scarlet eyes were full of determination as she tore across the Sandfrost Ruins. She knew who would be insane enough to listen to her. Her equal, and the only person she thought was insane enough to listen to her, Oteros, the Tuthan of the Death Hellwolves would help her. And if he didn’t listen, Marjani thought with resolve, she would make him listen - even if she had to challenge him to battle her in a clash of dominance. A growl ripped through her chest. Marjani would get her way with this.

Muscle rippled under Marajni’s toughened skin as she ran - skin that covered her large frame. She was a large Hellwolf, being six feet at her shoulder. Her forelimbs and hind legs were long and lithe. Instead of boned ones, her paws harbored razor-sharp claws made entirely of darksteel that dug into the ground, sending grains of sand spraying behind her as her paws landed. Her long horns, made of the same material, glimmered despite the absolute darkness that had fallen after sunset.

Marjani knew that Oteros was close as she approached Death Castle, for she could smell him from where she was. She had met him on occasion, but they had both been preoccupied with settling disputes, chasing traitors and intruders - exacting justice to those that had disobeyed the Lord of Death.

That had to change; on this, they would work together. This wasn’t pack business - this was personal, and Marjani would see to it that whoever was killing these pups would suffer for what they did.

“Oteros!” Marjani snarled loudly enough for Oteros to know that whatever the hell he was doing could wait. “Get out here, you lazy bastard.” It was clear that her temper was getting the better of her - and she was letting it.
Oteros peered both of their gray-furred skull-masked faces - each split down the middle, and given an empyrean mirroring complement to complete the head - just beyond a small rock outcropping above where Marjani stalked and barked. The strange beast stared down at Marjani - faces tranquil, especially for a hellwolf. All four eyes glowed with red reiatsu from beneath both skull masks. The beast made no attempt to mask its presence of the other hellwolf.

With little warning, they leapt from the top and landed in some ways in front of her, turning mid-landing to face his alphess.

"We have arrived." The beast's references to themselves was odd. It spoke as 'we' but both heads seemed to act as one, and never argued with one another. The only time they were seen acting independently was in hunts, where one head would watch one way, the other another.

"We notice you seem agitated. You seem to desire something." Their words pronounced each syllable with mechanical precision. "What is it that you require of us, Marjani?"

Given their odd speech patterns, this may have been the reason that Marjani, among others, avoided keeping close company with Oteros.

A third, or perhaps fourth, party was likewise aware of Marjani's presence. When Lithmor's unholy godstorm ripped through Death Castle and claimed Razor, Harrow had been thrown bodily from the fortress, coming to rest against a rocky outcropping. The same outcropping Oteros had been atop of, as fortune would have it. He had barely stirred at the time, only enough to figure out he was no longer in the Castle, and where he was in relation to said Castle, before sinking into a state of watchful hibernation.

He, like the two-headed empyrean, likewise heard the she-wolf's commanding snarl, but, as it was not directed at him, and indeed belonged to no hellwolf he was familiar with, he remained where he was,settled against the outcropping, dark body hidden in shadow, save for his bare skull, faintly visible to a sharp-eyed observer. Though he didn't move, he listened intently, ready to stir should he be needed by Death's pack.

When the empyrean leaped from atop the outcropping, his heavy frame caused a slight tremor to pass through the outcropping. Just enough to disturb Harrow's still form. Were he anything but what he was, compensating for the slight shift would've been a simple thing. However, as he strongly resembled a corpse gripped by rigor mortis, his body slowly continued to slip, almost imperceptibly at first, but gaining momentum as the dirt and loose gravel beneath him gave way.

His stiff body abruptly tumbled from its previous hiding place, and thumped dully on the ground not far from the other hellwolves, looking even more corpse-like in the wan light of Kurai's red moon. A bare skull grinned at them as empty eye-sockets stared into oblivion, bereft of any signs of life. Dust and dirt clung to his ragged hide, and his legs extended stiffly out from his body. He had made no sound as he fell, nor did any hint of breath stir within him. He merely laid where he had come to rest, as ever awaiting a call to action.
Marjani was unaffected by Oteros’s odd appearance; as far as she was concerned, there was no difference between Oteros and a regular member of the pack, besides the fact that he was Tuthan.

“Somebody has been stealing and killing wolf cubs,” she growled. “And I need to find whoever he or she is—and kill them. Brutally.” As she spoke, she paced back and forth before Oteros, the powerful muscles in her body shifting, and with them, the darksteel spikes that protruded from her back did as well. Occasionally, her sharp paws would graze against Harrow’s exposed belly, but Marjani did not seem to notice that he was living quite yet. Wincing internally at what she was about to say next, Marjani flexed her claws, digging them further into Harrow’s flesh. “However . . . I cannot do so without your help.”

It was a blow to her ego to even stoop that far in asking; she had wanted to demand that Oteros aide her in this hunt. But for the Hellwolf cubs . . . Marjani was willing to put aside her pride and her temper for them.

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The good thing about speaking with Oteros is generally he did not judge. The bad thing about speaking with Oteros is that he really had no discernment to speak of other than ally/enemy, master/subservient.

The two-headed beast eyed the collapsing corpse. He listened. No breath. He looked. No movement. He sniffed. ...he couldn't put his paw on it. Something seemed off.

Still, his eyes returned to Marjani, listening to her tale, all the while standing unnaturally still and upright.

"We hear your concern. The threat to the Thanatos shall be eliminated. Swiftly." His eyes showed no signs of even registering Marjani's hesitance, simply staring straight at her, almost into her.

His morning tail whipped about. "Do you have any leads as to the identity of this thief and assailant? Shall we collect information, or enlist the assistance of others within the pack?"

His eyes returned to the 'corpse'. Something about that thing did not sit right with him...

Despite being literally trampled underfoot, and occasionally jabbed by Marjani's sharp claws, Harrow remained unmoving, and unconcerned. Though her claws tore through his hide, no blood flowed from the wounds, and no pain registered. He might as well have been the corpse he seemed to be, given his utter lack of reaction.

However, as the two wolves continued speaking, he decided he was needed. With no pups, there would soon enough be no more pack. This could not be allowed. Nor could such an affront to the Thanatos be tolerated. Two faint glints of crimson appeared in the depths of his empty eye sockets as he slowly began to stir. A sudden, silent pulse of energy, almost like a heartbeat, surged from him, strong enough for both hellwolves to easily feel it.

For a moment, this seemed to be it, until a faint, dry wheezing sound escaped his throat as his lungs, long empty and deflated, slowly stretched and filled with air. His hide creaked faintly as it stretched for the first time in many months. Then, as his lungs reached their full capacity, he abruptly let out a loud, gruff, coughing bark as he expelled a dry cloud of mixed dust and dirt, sending a few larger specks of dirt rattling off of his exposed teeth and skull bones.
Marjani shook her head. “I know nothing, at the moment. It is as if this pup-killer has allies within the pack to keep him or her hidden—but who would willingly aid someone who takes pleasure in killing our young?” She flexed her paw. “And as for your previous claim . . . this one’s death will be anything but swift.”

She opened her maw to add something, but a sudden cloud of dust flew up into her face. It was accompanied by an extremely pained rasp, and Marjani couldn’t help it; she sneezed—once, twice, thrice. Whoever was the source of the puff of filth was not in any way helping her already sour mood.

“What. Is. This,” Marjani snarled, glaring at the thing that was supposed to be a corpse. Baring her teeth, she loomed over the wheezing mess.
Oteros's gaze was drawn to the 'corpse.' He simply stared with both heads for a moment, before speaking. "...Nhan Harrow," Oteros replied, not batting any of his four eyes. "Did you hear all of that? Will you accompany us?"

Oteros looked back to Marjani with one of his heads. "Death is death, regardless if you believe the vengeance justified. It simply is. I would prefer his death be swift so we can say it is done. If you wish to lengthen the perpetrator's death, I would suggest you ensure that they do not escape. Should they do so, I will hold you accountable, Tutha Marjani." Oteros's gaze narrowed, emphasizing his warning. "That said, if it pleases you, feel free to pursue a painful demise befitting their crime."

"I suppose first we will need a clue as to who or what we seek...have you heard anything of note, Nhan Harrow?"

user posted image

As the Faction returns to Felnova, sightings of snakekind have increased. There is a snakekind - or group of snakekind - heading right for your characters!

The snakekind can be of any type and in any number; they may or may not have mind-bound children slaves with them. It's up to you!

You have 5 posts to work this plot event into your thread! Thank you!
@SherniKaur @JPG @Fyfergrund

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Had he been possessed of the ability, Harrow would've sighed softly as the female hellwolf loomed over him with her fangs bared. This was a large part of why he mingled so little with his fellow hellwolves. A series of irregular, faint, popping sounds accompanied the slow turning of his head as he gazed up at Marjani.

"I am...Harrow," he rasped through his bare jaws. His jaws moved as he spoke, but not in time with his words, as if his body knew they should move when he spoke, but not how. Muscles creaked while bones and tendons cracked as he slowly stretched and gathered his legs beneath him. It was far from a smooth motion. Instead, his rise to his feet was marked by short, jerky movements and loud popping sounds.

When he finally stood, his head and neck were briefly twisted around at an awkward angle, leaving him briefly staring almost straight behind himself. Then, with a sudden jerky motion and the hideous sound of bones popping, his head spun around so he was gazing directly at Marjani.

"I stand ready to serve Death, our Lord, and you, Tutha, Tuthan," he declared, again with that off motion of his bare-boned jaws, looking between the pack leaders as he spoke. He turned his gaze towards Oteros as the two-headed wolf spoke, then lowered his head. "I have not. I have been hibernating for many months. First, inside the fortress, then here, after the attack that claimed Razor."
Kavherus had been listening.

Well, that wasn't quite accurate. Eos had been listening. Erinyes and Enyo had both been sleeping. But the most docile head had been keeping watch, as they usually did. After all, when you have three heads, why leave yourself helpless while you slept? He was quick to pull the other two heads to wakefulness.

"What is it, Eos

"What do you want, runt?!" the red-eyed head snarled, not happy to have been awoken. The golden-eyed head growled, and he quieted, although the agression didn't leave his face.

"Shhhh..." hushed the listener, gesturing with his head to the sound of voices. "Listen," he was quick to share what he had heard while the others slept.

They had slept not far from Death Castle, finding a place where they were hidden from sight. And so they listened, as Marjani and Oteros spoke, and then seemed to find another, Harrow, they heard.

Slowly, the massive canine stood, shaking the dust from their pelt. Erinyes, being the one who had control of their shared body, began to pad forward, approaching the three others.

"We will help you find whom has been killing the pups," the golden-eyed head announced, voice high enough to be identified as a female.

"We will make sure they learn their lesson," said the blue-eyed head, voice low enough to be a male, although not terribly deep.

"We will tear them apart!" snarled the red-eyed head, with a low, rumbling baritone, clearly a male.

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When she finally managed to shake the dust from her fur, Marjani narrowed her eyes at Oteros, holding back a threatening growl. “I have too much invested in this endeavor to fail. There is nothing I will not do in order to ensure that the pup-killer is brought to justice.” The commanding tone in her voice served as a reminder that Marjani had earned her place as the Tutha of the Hellwolves as much as he had.

She turned her burning gaze to Harrow. “Of what use are you? What will make you a help and not a hindrance?”

Before Harrow could reply, Marjani heard the soft pat pat of paws against the ground. Out stepped a Cerberus, a three-headed, dog-like creature, and it—or rather, they—claimed that they would help Marjani and Oteros to kill the pup-killer.

The Tutha cocked her head, her eyes revealing her incredulity. “And while that is all well and good, I present the same question to you: How will you assist us?”


Above the crowd, thunder rumbled, and red lightning flashed in the brackish clouds. It masked the approach of a legion of Snakekind. They had been in the close vicinity of the Hellwolves for some time now, watching them argue and snipe and growl and waiting for the right time to strike.

Their prerogative was simple: Destroy everything in sight; slaughter every survivor.

And this was the perfect situation to do so.

While Hellwolves were sufficiently distracted, and the dull roar of the thunder masked their approach, they began to slither up toward them, undetected. A few collared children trudged among the Snakekind, but their faces were blank—they were simply empty until their masters called upon them to serve. With their combined force, the Snakekind were certain that the oncoming battle would be anything but; they were certain that it would be a massacre.

Little did they know that they were about to face the Tutha and Tuthan of the Death Hellwolf pack—and two of their determined followers.

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The Tuthan shook his head. "We are of the Death Kingdom's Thanatos. Death is not just - it simply is. We are the antithesis of life - our lives are intended to be bringers of death, not vengeance." Whatever portion of Oteros's brain that housed fear had clearly been damaged or lobotomized in the procedure, as he simply stared blankly at his companion. "That said, death is also merciless and cruel. If that is your brand of death, if that is the spirit in which you wish to kill, so be it. You are Tutha and have as much say in what sort of death we bring about."

He eyed the animosity between the bony one and the angry one. "Harrow is old, wise. He has seen much. I trust in Harrow's judgment," Oteros uttered, his tone lacking in fluctuation, nigh-golem like in his speech.

It was then the Cerberus arrived. Now this one Oteros had not met before.

In response, Oteros narrowed both sets of gazes, the two-headed Empyrean Death Kingdom hellwolf finally showing a spark of emotion as his teeth bared at the newcomer. "You. You are not Thanatos. While your assistance may be appreciated, why would you help us?"


"Sss...the one with the loud bark. Ssseemsss quite...feisssty."

"We ssshall enjoy making her whimper."

"But the bony one has little meat...not filling. Too much work for too much bone. And the other one is too much metal and blood. Blech..."

"The other one has three brainsss on which to feassst. May be more filling."

"Kill the bony one and the golem one, leave them to rot. Feast upon the carcasses of the angry one and the heady one."

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Harrow shrugged slightly, stiffened flesh creaking lightly with the motion, and his somewhat tattered ears folded back slightly. "I have been around for a long, long time. I do not hunger, I do not thirst, I do not tire. I feel no pain. Wounds of the flesh do not harm me," he intoned, emphasizing his last claim by stiffly raising a forepaw and cutting through the side of his own neck with his claws.

As his claws tore through his flesh, a sound like tearing leather accompanied the motion, and though the wound was deep, no blood poured from it, and the corpse-like hellwolf showed no signs of pain or discomfort during the demonstration. Then, as he lowered his paw back to the ground, the rent flesh began to slowly mend itself, briefly contorting Harrow's head and neck as muscles and tendons reconnected themselves.

His demonstration complete, he glanced at the cerberus, mildly curious as to why the three-headed canine would be so keen on helping them, unaware of the snakekind stealthily approaching the group, and carefully moving to surround the group. Unaware, at least, until he happened to turn his head to gaze around, calmly waiting for his superiors to decide what to do, and spotted a Riven snakekind headed straight towards him, jaws parting, while at the same time several other snakekind raced towards the other assorted canines.

"Guard yourselves!" he rasped as he abruptly raced to meet the oncoming Riven head-on. The Riven, and possibly anybody else who witnessed the action, was surprised when the haggard hellwolf hurled himself straight into the snakekind's gaping jaws. Its fangs snapped shut, sharp fangs easily piercing his body, but to no avail. Its venom might as well have been water poured on a fish for all the harm it did him. He hauled himself further into its mouth, and as it reflexively tried to swallow him, he determinedly lodged himself in its throat, using his body to cause it to choke. Unable to dislodge the hellwolf, the Riven writhed and thrashed as it struggled in vain to breathe, thrashing around in a blind, furious panic.
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