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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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 [OPEN] Canons List/Plot Positions, gods, Ethers, kings, oh my!


It's now time to open in-character positions for the members; there's a ton to choose from, some with a few conditions attached. All are open to new and existing characters both - if you have a character that you think fits the bill for a non-god position, do apply them!

A list of open positions can be found in the posts below, listed in red alongside those already taken. Those in green will become available at a later point; apply for them if you wish. Those in blue will be released at a later time. Click on the bolded link for more information on the position, when available. If you're curious about one that's unlisted, drop us a line!


Please do not PM any forms.

[b]Name::[/b] (your username!)
[b]Position Applied For:[/b] (what position are you applying for?)
[b]Character Applied For/With:[/b] (if the position requires a character, tell us what this character is like!)
[b]Character/Position Details:[/b] (why should we choose this character for this position? or in the event of a predetermined position [such as a god], why should we allow you to play this position?)
[b]Plots/Plans With Position:[/b] (do you have any ideas for what you'll be doing once you get this position?)
[b]Other:[/b] (do you have anything else to add?)


Every person must be active in one or more Plot-Based in-character role-play thread. Involvement in sitewide plot threads, those specifically listed as PLOT EVENTS and located in this list of current event threads, must post once a week in those threads involved in to keep their positions intact.

Failure to post in one of these areas for three weeks for non-event threads, and one week for event threads, will result in the immediate taking of those positions and opening them to be applied for once more. (If you have made your replies and are waiting on someone else, don't worry, you won't lose your positions! <3)

For clarification, IC activity requires the following:
- one post in any Plot-Based role-play thread at least every three weeks
- one post in any plot-important event thread that you are involved in at least once a week

Anyone who posts a full inactivity notice for more than three weeks, disregarding special circumstances, and not including BTACD staff, will have their positions automatically opened.

Special circumstances discussed and approved with staff before the period of inactivity will grant limited immunity from this rule, and allow the keeping of positions for no longer than four months. If, in that time, the position character(s) or canon(s) will be pulled if there is no resume to IC activity.

Examples of circumstances that are a-okay are things like, finals, deaths in the family, travel, illness, a number of family and health circumstances (you come first! you!! not us! <3), and things of that nature. However, special circumstances do not generally extend to things like being staff on another site (and thus not having time for these positions), 'muselessness' or similar-termed things/a general unwillingness to write for exceedingly long periods of time (but being otherwise active OOCly), and taking positions simply to have positions (with no intention of actually writing those positions).

For clarification, these members are immune to positions being taken, except under extreme circumstance/demotion:
All staff ranks (Admin, Council, Sub-Council, Staff Prospect)

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- GODS || [info]
The Greater Gods are those who preside over all and everything; they are only surpassed by the Ruling Gods, that hold The One and Death among them.

These gods are known as the Felnovian Five. They reside primarily in Felnova.
-[x] Time (@Verridith)
-[x] Scylla (@darkeh) ** currently trapped in mortal form
-[x] Balion (@JPG)
-[x] Lyfe (@Nechesa)
-[x] Leartes (@Fyfergrund)

These gods are known as the Millirand Five. Collectively, the Felnovian Five and the Millirand Five are known as the Ten, or the Great Ten. They reside primarily in Millirand.
-[x] Fenrir (@JPG)
-[x] L'zayn ( @SherniKaur )
-[x] Gaz'in (@Verridith)
[ ] Zeldrima (OPEN)
-[x] Sago (@Fyfergrund)

These gods are known as the Dark Five, counterpart to the Ten. They have no Realm of residence.
-[x] Dhath (@darkeh) **sealed in a spirit-eating pistol
-[x] Noamuth (@Verridith) **sealed in broken sword
-[x] Daecuru (@JPG) **sealed in a ruby pendant
-[x] Gurthril (@Nechesa) **sealed in a dragonbone flute
-[x] Lithmor (@Fyfergrund)

This is the Spirit Goddess, Linath; she presides over the souls of the dead in the Soulplane and Ghost Realm, as well as the maintenance of the Highrealm and the Ether Realm.
-[x] Linath (@Verridith)

The gods that follow are known as Lesser Gods; gods that were created by the Greater Gods or the One, and who came into being with specific purposes for specific Realms.

These gods are those that dwell in Xaeri. They are known as the Xaeri Three.
-[x] Naerex (@Verridith)
[ ] Nicaen (OPEN)
[ ] Rhathor (OPEN)

These gods are those that dwell in Kurai. They are known as the Demonic Four.
[ ] Neiren (OPEN)
-[x] Lethias (@JPG)
-[x] Zailen (@Verridith)
[ ] Orphethus (OPEN)

These gods are those that dwell in Ristell. They are known as the Ristellian Six, or the Lesser Six.
[ ] Zephyro (OPEN)
[ ] Meryll (OPEN)
[ ] Draiyd (OPEN)
-[x] Nirni ( @SherniKaur )
[ ] Azcen (OPEN)

[x] Jinun @JPG

These gods are those that dwell in Noctis. They are known as the Twin Gods, or the Great Twins.
-[x] Albion (@Fyfergrund)
-[x] Seiten (@darkeh)

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- SPIRIT KINGS || [info]
Spirit Kings are a designation much like the royals of both dragons and demons; they are very powerful, and act as servants to Linath, as well as the other Greater Gods, protecting and serving the Spiritual Realms which they have been bonded to.
-[x] Lord of Hell: Megiddo (@Verridith)
-[x] Lord of Souls (Spirit Realm): Mahroth (@Fyfergrund)
[ ] Lord of Ghosts (Ghost Realm): (OPEN)
[ ] Highlord (Highrealm): (OPEN)

- ETHER SPIRITS || [info]
Ether Spirits are the guardians of the balance in each Realm. Every Realm has one, and without it, the balance of that Realm begins to disintegrate, with the Realm falling back to be devoured by the Void should the chaos grow great enough.
[ ] Felnova: (OPEN) UNAWARDED
-[x] Kurai: Oramodra (@Fyfergrund)
-[x] Evylon: Daama (@Verridith)
-[x] Millirand: Freydis (@Bagelsworth) UNAWARDED
-[x] Lizzarkyth: Durus (@Fyfergrund)
[ ] Ristell: (OPEN) UNAWARDED
[ ] Noctis: (OPEN) UNAWARDED
-[x] Dark: Vladimir (@Verridith)
-[x] Hell: Enbarr (@Fyfergrund) UNAWARDED

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"


These are those that lead their various countries found within the Realms; from kings and queens to emperors and empresses, high priests and councils, all positions of political power may be found here.

This is the Vystrian Council, led by the King and Queen of Vystriana, one of which being a royal dragon or dragoness of great power. More information can be found here.
-[x] Queen: Verridith (@Verridith)
-[x] King: -currently N/A-
-[x] Wild Dragon: Titius (@Concinnity)
[ ] Archmage: (OPEN)
[ ] General: (OPEN)
-[x] Treasurer: Taliesin (@Fyfergrund)
-[x] Champion: Izzuit (@JPG)

These are the dragons of the Yorijian Court; all are Yorijian dragons and are noble Family leaders. More information can be found here.
[x] Yorijan Queen: Calypso: Ny'reina ( @SherniKaur )
[ ] Patriarch of the Pearl Family: Yhonda (OPEN)
[ ] Patriarch of the Starwhal Family: Jiordan (OPEN)
-[x] Patriarch of the Kingfisher Family: Ketchly (@Fyfergrund)
[ ] Patriarch of the Whiteshark Family: Syaba (OPEN)
-[x] Patriarch of the Firewaters Family: Valstrath (@Nechesa)
-[x] Black Guard Leader: Estela (@Verridith)
[ ] Black Guard Deputy: OPEN

The Authoritarian Council of dark elves is the circle of equal leaders that rules the city-state of D'issan in Vystriana. Two positions are open at this time - the other 6 are NPCs.
-[x] Authoritarian Council position: Remeira (@darkeh)
[ ] Authoritarian Council position (OPEN)

This is the leader of the Vystrian elves. They are considered the king/queen and reside in Vanim, and lead their species beneath the rule of the Vystrian dragons.
[x] Queen: Maeve @SherniKaur

This is the leader of the veldryn; the immortal White Veldryn, the One Who Speaks, the only pureblooded veldryn who can speak in any humanoid tongue without the use of magic or outside influence. BTACD's only non-god canon!
-[x] The White Veldryn: (@Fyfergrund)

These are the Demon Lords of Kurai; leaders of their Kingdoms, they are appointed as royals or are born as such, and are gifted monstrous power by the gods. More information can be found here.
-[x] War: Undyne (@darkeh)
-[x] Famine: Slain (@Verridith)
-[x] Death: Icarath (@JPG)
-[x] Pestilence: Vortigern (@Fyfergrund)

These are the Clan Leaders beneath their Demon Lords, who help manage the Kingdom and lead their Clans. More info can be found here.
[ ] War Clan: (OPEN)
-[x] Famine Clan: Kurojaki (@Fyfergrund)
[ ] Death Clan: (OPEN)
-[x] Pestilence Clan: Xavanth (@Verridith)

These are the royal leaders of Heartwood in Evylon; a royal lineage of elves, save for their steward, who is generally unrelated.
-[x] Steward: Draoidh (@Verridith)
-[x] Prince: Arnus (@Verridith)

This is the Emperor or Empress of the Halgian Empire of Evylon.
-[x] Empress/Emperor of Halgia: Zenobia (@Fyfergrund)

This is the leader of the Fallen Halgians in Evylon.
-[x] Lord/Lady of the Fallen: Alaric (@Fyfergrund)

These are the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Evylonian dragons in the country of Driakkion.
-[x] Patriarch of the Reds: Fyrendrang (@Fyfergrund)

These are the leaders of the Rynorel elves in Millirand. They are led by a Lord or Lady, or both, should the existing Lord or Lady pairbond.
[ ] Lord/Lady of Rynorel: (OPEN)

This is the leader of the country of Jes're'en in Millirand; generally human, and called either King or Queen.
-[x] King/Queen of Jes're'en: King Lyonel (@darkeh)

This is the High King or Queen of the jotuns in Sud'rlund, a country in Millirand. They are always, very specifically, a jotun in species.
[ ] High King/Queen of Sud'rlund: (OPEN)

This is the leader of the minotaur country of Rhidora, in Millirand, and this position is called the Anax.
[ ] Anax: (OPEN)

This is the leader of the Empyreans in the Shadowlands, a country located within Millirand.
-[x] Praetor: Cylene Slithersteel (@Fyfergrund)

This is the Priest King of the country Noktureesah in Millirand.
-[x] Priest King: Qualo (@Fyfergrund)

These positions are on the Council of Stones in Lizzarkyth; formed of wise lyzards, they oversee the running of the entire Realm. Two positions are open at this time, with three others as NPCs.
-[x] Council of Stones position: Taloshcraik (@JPG)
[ ] Council of Stones position: (OPEN)

This is the Lord or Lady of Ereinlen, the country of myth-Kin xeriin located in the Realm of Xaeri. Must be a myth-affinity xeriin.
-[x] Lady of Myths: Ashelia (NPC)

These positions are the highest leaders of Ristell. Aboveground is the sphinx Pharaoh of Arcadia, and the highest in power on Ristell's surface. Below, the Herald of the Underground reigns.
-[x] Pharaoh of Arcadia: Sitamun (@darkeh)
[ ] Herald of the Underdark: (OPEN)

These are the leaders of the countries of Noctis. The Sky King/Queen of Gilzelfa, and the Sea King/Queen of Finnarok.
[ ] Gilzelfa Sky King/Queen: (OPEN)
[ ] Finnarokian King/Queen: (OPEN)

This is a listing of powerful leaders in the Factions; notably the Ruby and Onyx Factions of thieves and assassins.

This is the Ruby Faction; the order of thieves governed by a council of five (two of which will always be NPCs).
-[x] Lord/Lady: Megiddo (@Verridith)
[ ] Faction Council Position 1: (OPEN)
[ ] Faction Council Position 2: (OPEN)
[ ] Faction Council Position 3: (OPEN)

This is the Onyx Faction; the order of assassins governed by a council of five (two of which will always be NPCs).
-[x] Lord/Lady: Relius (@Concinnity)
-[x] Faction Council Position 1: Danae (@Verridith)
[ ] Faction Council Position 2: (OPEN)
[ ] Faction Council Position 3: (OPEN)

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Leaders of the Vystrian Knighthood; high-ranking knights of great power and prestige. More information on them can be found here.
-[x] Talon: Aurelius (@Fyfergrund)
[ ] Raven: (OPEN)
[ ] Beryl: (OPEN)
-[x] Lion: Kumo (@darkeh)
[ ] Sword: (OPEN)

These are the Archmages of the Mage Towers in every Realm.
[ ] Archmage - Mage Tower of Evylon: (OPEN) ** Tower located in Halgia
-[x] Archmage - Mage Tower of Felnova: Darius (@Verridith) ** Tower located in Vystriana
[ ] Archmage - Mage Tower of Kurai: (OPEN) ** Tower located in Kidochi
[ ] Archmage - Mage Tower of Lizzarkyth: (OPEN) ** Tower located in Naktuk Talosh
[ ] Archmage - Mage Tower of Millirand: (OPEN) ** Tower located in Sud'rlund
[ ] Archmage - Mage Tower of Noctis: (OPEN) ** Tower located in Cariryiiw
[ ] Archmage - Mage Tower of Ristell: (OPEN) ** Tower located in Arcadia
[ ] Archmage - Mage Tower of Xaeri: (OPEN) ** Tower located in Ereinlen

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"


These are the alphas and betas of the three packs of Vystrian wolves: the Myr, the Vehn, and the Noss'a. More info can be found here.
-[x] Vehn Alpha: Fimbulvinter (@Fyfergrund)
-[x] Vehn Alphess: Cynzalia (@JPG)
-[x] Vehn Beta: Rialtos (@Verridith)
[ ] Myr Alpha: (OPEN)
-[x] Myr Alphess: Kisivra (@Birb)
-[x] Myr Beta: Thunderfang (@Verridith)
-[x] Noss'a Alphess: Elentari (@Verridith)
-[x] Noss'a Alpha: Mhariux (OPEN)

These are the leaders of the royal hellwolf packs, in service directly to their Demon Lord.
-[x] Death Alpha (Tuthan): Oteros (@JPG)
-[x] Death Alphess (Tutha): Marjani (@SherniKaur)
[ ] Death Beta, one (N'gua): (OPEN)
[ ] Death Beta, two (N'gua): (OPEN)
[ ] Death Beta, three (N'gua): (OPEN)

[ ] Famine Alpha (Ridann Fang): (OPEN)
[ ] Famine Alphess (Rida Fang): (OPEN)
-[x] Famine Beta (Buron Fang): Lancer (@Verridith)

[ ] Pestilence Alpha/Alphess (Saisho-kami): (OPEN)
[ ] Pestilence Beta (Niban-kami): (OPEN)

[ ] War Alpha (Ryo): (OPEN)
[ ] War Beta (Namari): (OPEN)

These are the Kings and Queens of the Vystrian lion prides. More info can be found here.
-[x] Mahdros King: Tolmiros (@Nechesa)
[ ] Mahdros Queen: Maeya (OPEN)
-[x] Faen King: N'uavu (@Verridith)
-[x] Faen Queen: Mirren ( @SherniKaur )

This is the leader of the Eofelis Pride of deathcats in Nimravus.
-[x] King of Eofelis: Kovas (@Fyfergrund)

These are important positions of power in the Duscae Herd of equines.
[ ] Reiza (Queen): (OPEN)
[ ] Reiza'hann (Queen's Heir): (OPEN)
[ ] Athen (King): (OPEN)
[ ] Ri'valhia (Highlady): (OPEN)
[ ] Ri'valhe (Highlord): (OPEN)

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These are the Ancient Firsts, the first-created creatures of each traditional species, available to play. Info will be somewhere

[ ] First Auroch: (OPEN)
- currently unknown. || progenitor of ungulate species; known to be a mix of horse, deer, giraffe, and rhino

-[x] First Elemental: (@Fyfergrund)
- resides in Rynorel Forest, in a sacred grove. || first of the elemental species

-[x] First Elf: (@Verridith)
- resides in Heartwood Forest; as the Tree of Memories || first of the elf species

[ ] First Eucyon: (-)
- currently unknown || progenitor of canid species; is known to be a large, long-haired thylacine-like beast

[ ] First Imp: (OPEN)
- currently unknown || first of the imp species

[ ] First Kitsune: (OPEN)
- resides in the Shimmering Elera, beneath the water, concealed by solid illusion || first of the kitsune species

[ ] First Kraken: (-)
- currently unknown || first of the kraken species

[ ] First Leviathan: (OPEN)
- resides beneath the Gorganoth Desert in Millirand, fathoms beneath the sand || first of the leviathan species

[ ] First Phoenix: (-)
- resides in the wilds of Evylon, inside the many magestorms || first of the phoenix species

[x] First Undead: (@darkeh)
- encased in crystal sleeping beneath the Exodus Desert || first-risen of the undead species

[ ] First Vampire: (OPEN)
- currently unknown || first of the vampire species

These are the Ancient Firsts, the first-created creatures of each custom species, available to play. Info will be somewhere
[color=red][ ] First Nehryngi: (OPEN)[/url]
- currently unknown || progenitor of veldryn, morra sin, and salawa; large, veldryn-looking beast with many spikes along its back

[ ] First Nnar': (-)
- slumbering beneath Hell's Castle Oblivion. || first-risen of the nnar' species

-[x] First Sarka: (@Fyfergrund)
- slumbering within Evylon's Blackdrake Range. || first of the sarka species

-[x] First Xeriin: (@Verridith)
- myth-Kin of a feathered dragon affinity, resides in Xaeri in tunnels far beneath the mountain city of Falen. || first of the xeriin species</textarea>

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New positions are available to be applied for! Look to the list for more info. :D

ETHER: Ristell

LION PRIDE LEADER: Queen of the Mahdros

HELLWOLF PACK LEADER: Pestilence Beta (Niban-kami)

And these ones are brand new!

Ruby Faction Council Member 1
Ruby Faction Council Member 2
Ruby Faction Council Member 3

Onyx Leader
Onyx Faction Council Member 1
Onyx Faction Council Member 2
Onyx Faction Council Member 3

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Name:: Concinnity

Position Applied For: Lord/Lady (leader) of the Onyx Faction

Character Applied For/With: Relius -

Relius is a Dark Elf who was all but raised within the Factions ranks. Knowing and seeing first hand the chaos and corruption within the Onyx Factions ranks he has grown to hate the organization and has vowed to rip it apart at the seems and build something better in its place.

(Link to charrie sheet) -

Character/Position Details: Personally I think that my character instantly holds an interesting dynamic to work with because of his hate for the Onyx Faction (as it currently stands) and his vow to destroy it in all but name.

From the internal politics within the Council to how his destructive decisions will affect the lower leaders and the members under them there is a range of possibly interesting plots to go through and develop as time goes by.

Plots/Plans With Position: I was planning to start with just as he gets the position and makes it clear-ish that he plans to all but bring the Onyx Faction down around the ears of the current leadership and all the way down to the very lowest member and set the tone for the chaos that is going to result from his assertion as Lord.

But I have a number of long-term possible plans for the Onyx Faction and their new leader from the growing disorder in some places as Relius rips into the current way of doing things to a slow building of a new Onyx Faction within the dying shell of the old, current Onyx Faction.

I would also maybe like to explore how this change affects the Factions on-going feud with the Ruby Faction. Maybe have the war between them or maybe have a start to peace... It would need to be discussed and see what would be best plot-wise. Maybe a thread or two between Megiddo/Armageddon where the maybe the Ruby Faction tries to muscle the Onyx Faction out completely. The possibilities are there to do many things and maybe bring about some interesting development in both organizations.

And there are just a wide range of other things that could be developed as side plots and goings on, from old members making splinter groups, other organizations to rise up and try and push the Onyx Faction out and take over as the leading assassin organization to maybe some legitimization of the Onyx Faction and how that changes the political scene as maybe with a new more honour bound leader they could be hired to help with the Faction of Hopes invasion?

There are a number of possibilities to explore and with others adding their ideas to the mix I am sure that my character becoming Lord of the Onyx Faction could be the start to a really interesting and active group.

Other: I am of making the above be a long-term slow development letting the changes and chaos and plots develop over time and with plenty of twists and turns.

I also think that with my character there is room to appeal to a wider range of people who might bring character into the group. On one hand there is going to be a lot of chaos and backstabbing and members running wild as things start burning down around their ears, on the other hand, there is going to be a growing stable and honour bound core of Onyx Faction members who are going to grow and become (one day) the new Onyx Faction.

Not only that but there is going to room for a mixture of threads, both action heavy and politics, subterfuge heavy. Meaning that for a long while the Onyx Faction is going to be a very flexible group for members to play with.

Anyway, that is all I can think of right now so I am going to just leave this here.

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CHARACTERS =Cyra, Alucius, Myth, Titius, Garvan, Thia, Aeliana, Terva, Bruttia, Helena, Ru, Evandor, Tiberius, Varden, Merlyn,Relius (Pair-Bonded)Rochlan, Reunan, (Bonded) Valerian, Tovran, Lithan, Talia, Arrian

(Red is for characters in Current Threads! ALL are still open for Lore or Historical threads)
Name:: Birb
Position Applied For: Myr Pack Leader
Character Applied For/With: Kisivra is an earth elemental wolf. She is appears tranquil and reasonable on the outside, and she is, but she is calculating and can be vicious if crossed. She's kinda taken the spot in the absence of the alphas to keep her pack from totally falling into chaos. She's not sure the validation of the accusations that Vehn took their alphess, but that's the current consensus from her pack, so in order to slip into the alpha position, she's gonna roll with it.
Character/Position Details: Because Verridith told me to. And you like me. I'm so convincingly charming you don't know you're already convinced.
Plots/Plans With Position: Umm... well, it's to do with the war of the wolves plot. And I'll probably know more when we start actually plotting.
Other: Do you know about the birb? Everybody knows the birb is the werb!

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Positions have been awarded and the list updated!

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"

Position Applied For:
Onyx Council Position

Character Applied For/With:
My half-elf Danae. She's a conflicted young woman who has been out on her own for some time now - traveling with the dragon Valkryn, she was taken in by the Onyx and given a home, after being unable to find her two other companions. She quickly worked through the ranks, and now is teetering on ambition that pushes her to take over completely, instead of slinking in the shadows any longer.

She's ambitious, she's a badass, and she is too stubborn for her own good. c: A dark whisper in her ear guides her, driving her onward... one that she never allows her subordinates to suspect.

Very fast due to her elven heritage, and equipped with the training of both an assassin and Heartwoodian ranger, Danae is a woman well gifted in stealth and killing. She has had no abilities manifest yet, but can remain unseen and undetected by most, if not all, she comes up against. Her manner is also carefully controlled - she rarely shows outbursts of emotion, save for her bi-colored eyes.

She also has a dragon. Even though he's technically not her bonded, he is still bound and determined to protect her, so he nommy nommy and/or burnate all the things that wanna harm her. xD

Character/Position Details:
Danae has her heart set on taking over the Onyx; for she was presented with a group that was torn into splinters, and wishes to pick up the pieces and rebuild from the ground up. Rather than war with Ruby, she seeks unification; to bring together the two Factions into one, set up a vast ruling Council, to win both jointly. She puts on a face of a benevolent, yet strict, leader - she values and honors each unique member of the Onyx, but has been known to enact severe punishment should a transgression prove beyond her forgiveness.

Her endgame is simple: assassins (and thieves) will be given free reign, save for specific contracts given by the Council members themselves. However, the killing of children and pregnant mothers by any would risk exile from the Onyx, if not death itself. Mass killings are not abhorred, but public ones are, and both are frowned upon. All others - no matter gender, race, age, or creed - are fair game.

Plots/Plans With Position:

burnate? c:

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image
user posted image
"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
Positions have been awarded and the list updated!

Name:: Elffri3nd
Position Applied For: Lady of Rynorel
Character Applied For/With:
I am applying with my High Elf Tarria. She cares about the people of Rynorel and is can be quite peaceful unless someone should hurt her people in which case she will retaliate in force. Her great desire is for knowledge, and most of the time she uses her knowledge to protect people.

Character/Position Details:
Tarria can act like a sentinel for her people and keep an eye out for possible threats. With her Orb of Rynorel she can keep a watch over the borders of Rynorel. She doesn't crave power and only wants to help protect her people in any way she can. She thinks that the best way of doing that is by being in a position of authority so that she can make sure that the people of Rynorel can react to any threat and so that she can deal with any internal problems that arise. Tarria does see the threat that the faction posses and the unstablity that they have caused in Fellnova and doesn't wish the same fate on her realm, and will push her people to act on it.
Plots/Plans With Position:
To Organize and perhaps militarize Rynorel to fight the faction.
Other: (do you have anything else to add?)

-Blazeh defeated the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Elf's mom was destroyed by the JPG 4/20/1997 yay time travel-
-Elf got his revenge on JPG 6/12/18-
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