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» Recruitment for "Stars of Arcana", aka Tarot Card group
So, the point of this organization is to essentially promote a few things.
1. Darwinist genocide of the weak and unfitting via encouraging conflict across the realms
2. Maintenace of said conflict via the arming of the 'underdog' - which may change at any given moment.
3. Maintaining group secrecy via eliminating loose lips.

It should be noted that while they're clearly not good people, they do not serve the Dark Five, though they often head in the same direction. While the Dark Five seek to dominate, dominance is against the goals of Militare Vivere Est - dominance means no more conflict.

Feel free to ask any more questions.

For now, please use the following form:


Tarot Card Position:

Character Applying With:

Motive for Joining: Essentially, why should I believe your character's goals are in line with the organization's?

Justification for Position: Why should I pick your character for the applied position?

What do you believe the card powers should be?: I don't want to limit your creativity, though I will reserve the right to go 'no'. Sell me on something. :)

please use http://www.biddytarot.com/tarot-card-meanings/major-arcana/ as a reference for major arcana themes.

Conflicting applications will be settled based on how well I think your character reflects the arcana as well as quality of the app itself and IC usefulness of the character to the organization.

Available Positions:
Fool -
High Priestess
Emperor: Hoeryong/JPG - dominion over a given army group - army makeup is a reflection of owner.
Wheel of Fortune
Hanged Man

Minor Arcana: Minor Arcana are not typically given a specific power, but often have specific duties that are important to the organization.
King/Queen of Wands - Peasant arcana - tends to handle recruitment, scouting and spying duties.
King/Queen of Coins - Merchant arcana - tends to handle the finances of the Stars of Arcana
King/Queen of Chalices - Clergy arcana - tends to handle the diplomacy with the outside world of the Stars of Arcana
King/Queen of Swords - Warrior arcana - tends to handle things that require a violent approach.

Username: JeSuisUnAne

Tarot Card Position: The Devil

Character Applying With: Aku K'Nukl (http://forums.btacdragons.com/index.php?showtopic=5336&hl=)

Motive for Joining: In an on-going pursuit of artifacts, gold, political power, and anything else seen as a route to his end goal of godhood and conquest, Aku sees the Militare as a way to both consolidate his own power and potentially influence the various societies as groundwork for what he intends to be his eventual domination.

Justification for Position: Having ties to both the upright and reversed associations for the Devil, Aku seeks to "reclaim his true form," using (though not exclusively) material gains as a source of power.

Card Power: Mephisto's Gaze: Manipulation through hypnotism via ocular contact, effectiveness lessened against those who can resist their natural temptations easily; once affected, the power gains traction (with time and use) with that individual until Aku has near-complete control over an affected target. Time away from Aku and his Gaze results in a decaying effect - excessive exposure, though, results in a longer period of time needed before the effects wear off. Given enough exposure, victims could potentially be rendered slaves to the Gaze even if Aku were to die.

In addition to having sway over one's immediate actions, Mephisto's Gaze also increases the victim's desire to give in to their natural temptations more readily - drugs, alcohol, shopping, torture, etc. - anything that one is wont to do is made even harder to resist.
Username: Asreal

Tarot Card Position: Fortune

Character Applying With: Ranafa

Motive for Joining: Ranafa loves using her wheel to cause trouble and chaos for people and generally enjoys torturing people with the wheel, especially trapping two people that aren’t her using it and watching them fight.

Justification for Position: Ranafa is a fortune-teller and has a literal Wheel of Fortune, like on the card.

What do you believe the card powers should be?: Fortuna’s 10 - She has a roulette wheel known as Fortuna’s 10, named as such due to its 10 sections. She can trap two players in the vicinity of this wheel once they accept a game, and the zone created is a “good fortune zone” for Ranafa and a “bad fortune zone” for anyone else. This represents the literal concept of a Wheel of Fortune and also the nature of Fortune: to hook one on luck and chance until their ruin as well as bring riches to the victor and despair to the loser.

Click on a character’s name to learn more about them!
Main: Lykoth
Other chars: Demise, Miranda, Ranafa, Mary Miss
Check out my website!
Username: Elffri3nd

Tarot Card Position: Lover

Character Applying With: Lennan

Motive for Joining: Lennan has a deep hated for people who are in love. He feels that people are meant to be alone in life so that they get stronger.

Justification for Position: Lennan messes with the relationships of others and can represent the lover card in it's reverse position; disharmony, imbalance and misguided values.

What do you believe the card powers should be?: Lennan affects people's emotions and mind. He makes them think that the person that they are closest to is their enemy and makes them fight one another. He does this through illusion, an aura that amplifies emotions and the power of suggestion.

-Blazeh defeated the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
-Mav was obliterated by the elffri3nd 1/19/18-
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