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» Schmucks for Sale, Ask about our Po' Boy's Deal!
What's that? Your character is a fantabulous bounty hunter or a renowned combat vet? And there is a distinct lack of SCHMUCKERY!? LE GASP. Sounds like you need...SCHMUCKS FOR SALE.

Or perhaps he or she is a damsel in distress (I don't judge!) - and you need some schmucks to try and kidnap them only to be saved by your prince-to-be. Sounds like you need...SCHMUCKS FOR SALE.

For the low, low price of 50j, I will be happy to create a schmuck for you to hunt and will play out that schmuck until he breathes his dying breath. Makes for great icebreaker posts or raid cannon fodder - we're flexible.

PO' BOY'S DEAL: If you're a newbie and this is your first character, I will be happy to do this for free just to help ease you into BTAC.

Rules of Absenteeism:
1. IF YOURS TRULY IS NOT UP TO SNUFF: You have up to the end of page 1 to say "you suck I want my money back."
2. IF YOU ARE ABSENT FOR A MONTH OR MORE: I reserve the right to drop you and keep your 50j for the sake of entertaining other, more active peeps.

Slots open:

In addition, this space doubles as a Pawn shop for any items I get that I don't intend on using. I'll be selling it at dirt cheap prices, so stay tuned!

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