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Posted by: Concinnity May 19 2018, 04:01 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Elf, Concinnity

SETTING: On the shores of the Shimmering Elera.

WEATHER: Sunny, windy, warm-ish.

TIME: Current, starting in the afternoon.

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Sebastian (Elf). Arrian, Talia (Concinnity)

Posted by: Concinnity May 23 2018, 03:28 AM
Arrian and Talia were running, or at least trying to, weak as they were after their captivity. Held in Glory for a time unknown they had been stretched far beyond their abilities for ages. The constant drain on their Reiatsu and lack of a decent meal was not truly showing.

Talia, the Heartwoodian red crashed through the landscape with a wild thrashing that showed her exhaustion as every step was a heave forward with every last bit of willpower that she had. She would have flown them away but the giant Heartwoodian's wing membrane had been damaged in the escape from the Faction by a lucky arrow. Not wishing to rip the membrane with the forces that were required to heave her bulk up into the air she now ran beside Arrian. Her Felris bond. Chased through the night and most of the day they were now at the end

Staggering with his own fevered exhaustion he was none the less trying to motivate his bond forward even as the world darkened as he neared the end of his strength. "We are close Talia!" He wheezed, pausing for a second as he looked back, the voices of the Faction far to close for comfort.

With a last whomp Talia collapsed, sides heaving, "Can't!" She exclaimed. Turning to his bond Arrian hobbled over and placed leaned on her cheek,

"The Lake is close, we can swim it, they can't... just a little more." He said softly. "We can do this... we have survived so far, let us not give up now."

Talia weakly opened her eyes and looked out, just before them thinning trees ended and she could just make out the sparkle of the Shimmering Elera. With a deep rumble, she willed her legs to move, slowly standing she pushed forward, Arrian staggering beside her, half attempting to push and half being dragged along.

Bursting through the trees they headed in a slowing stumble for the shore of the shining lake. Off to the left, just around the curve of the shore, they could see the ruins of the Elven camp.

Posted by: Elffri3nd May 30 2018, 11:58 AM
There had been quite a commotion as the faction made it's way threw the realm. It looked as though they were all retreating. The war between the faction and everyone else was growing tiring. He understood what they were fighting for but the faction was gilded or that was his opinion of them. Every where they went they caused people pain and suffering.

He followed the faction for a little bit. Most had left to Felnova but there were still a few lingering. He had ran into some and ended their lives. They didn't leave him much of a choice. They attacked him almost immediately. There could be some really good people among the faction but there could also be some really corrupt people.

He now found him self near the shores of Elera and he knew that the lake was a sight to behold. He was looking for a place to rest. He was starting to feel weak. Being in the sunlight for so long was taking it's toll on him and it had been some time since he had last feed.

Posted by: Concinnity May 30 2018, 01:02 PM
The shore sloped down, causing their shambling run to speed up a bit into more of a continuously controlled fall than a proper shamble. Letting loose a rare curse word Arrian as he headed without control down the shoreline and into the soft sand that ringed the Elera. Losing his footing in the sudden change of ground from firm to soft he landed in the sand, too tired to even be grateful that it was a soft landing.

Talia thundered up and past him, snatching at his already torn clothes to get him back on his feet, the huge Heartwoodian now powered mostly by gravity rather than anything else. Together they hit the water which just sucked all of their momentum away leaving then slow and weakly splashing in the water which hissed against Talia's heated side.

What was worse was that the Faction had caught up and was now they were out in the open so they were raining down arrows upon them, Arrian tried to muster up a flame or something but all that happened was that the world faded away as he was beyond the point of being able to fight at all.

Posted by: Elffri3nd May 30 2018, 01:35 PM
As Sebastian approached the beach he saw something interesting. Some of the remaining faction seemed to e be circling round a couple. The coupled seemed weak and tired. Sebastian had no idea what the faction wanted with them but he knew that it couldn't be anything good.

Sebastian approached as quietly as he could. He was feeling pretty weak but he knew that if he played his cards right he could take out a large portion of their forces.

Without being noticed Sebastian was now standing directly behind two of the faction members and could see the couple were trying to defend themselves but were clearly to weak to. Without any warning, Sebastian stabbed his sword through the chest of one and bit into the neck of another. He knew how to drink without killing someone but he had no intention of sparing this soldier.

After a second he pulled away from the soldier's neck and he fell to the ground dead. He then retrieved his sword from the body of the other soldier, preparing to fight the others.

Posted by: Concinnity May 30 2018, 02:10 PM
Talia stopped thrashing in the water, it had been a long shot anyway as Heartwoodian Reds weren't made for water. But when pressed for any chance even the wild crazy ideas seem sane and right. As she turned the hail of arrows continued and pinned her in the lapping waves of the Elera, Arrian pressed against her side, weak from trying to stop the arrows.

Hissing in angry and fear as she watched death approach, it took her a moment to realise that two of the Faction were down and that a third, none Faction looking person was killing them. Or... eating them. She blinked, not trusting her eyesight yet... yes, a vampire was helping them.

"Arrian...." she said to her bond whos weight she could still feel against her side.

"I see it..." He answered, trying to track the movements of their rescuer but his vision was a little blurred from the recent attempt at magic.

"Can we?" She asked, not needing to tell him more than that, she knew he knew what she was thinking.

"It would be the last of us for a while..."

She turned her head and looked at Arrian, hope again glimmering in her eyes, "Let's get those Faction bastards." She rumbled, pulling herself up to her full impressive height and coming out of the water, letting her natural body heat burn off the water from her scale as Arrian climbed up onto her back, and letting off a weak but heartfelt battle cry as Talia rushed the confused clump of Faction archers. An arrow whizzed past Arrian ear but he ignored it, death wasn't something to fear anymore.

Quickly they tried to reload their bows but their rushing made them clumsy and by the time some had even gotten a arrow knocked Talia was amongst them, letting her weight crush the slow ones under her feet as she snapped and bit those that were within reach.

Posted by: Elffri3nd May 30 2018, 02:47 PM
The faction tried to react to Sebastian but they weren't expecting their prey to start hunting them. Out of no where the Heartwoodian and Felris began to attack the faction. It appeared that they were done running from the faction.

Despite being the instigator in the fight, it seemed that most of the attention was on the pair which would allow Sebastian to continue his assault. Moving as quickly as he could he grabbed another soldier and sunk his teeth into their neck. Within seconds he had completely drained them dry. It had been a while sine had had last feed and he was enjoying him self.

After feeding for a second time he wiped his mouth clean of blood and began to get serious. He swung his sword a few times getting warmed up. He had finally gotten some attention. Apparently it took losing three of their soldiers to an unknow enemy to get it. The majority of the soldiers were still on the pair but he was now surrounded by four or five.

Posted by: Concinnity May 31 2018, 10:45 AM
Talia's continued assault on the few remaining Faction wasn't one of skill or much grace, it was more of a wild thrashing that sent any who approached with tumbling under her belly only to be crushed or flying after a bone-crunching thump from her tail. It wasn't a very pretty sight but she was beyond caring. She wanted to live and now there was a chance.

Arrian sat upon her back, mostly protected by the fact that he to was a fire element wielder, not that he wasn't on the edge of being uncomfortably hot where he was touching Talia, but it was bearable. He slashed his claws and kicked any of the Faction that got lucky enough to make it passed the thrashing Talia was doing and try and attack her tender sides.

Together they managed to ride the world of the 10 archers, none of whom had run, but then that was Faction logic for you.

Pausing once the last in the group was sent flying into a tree she turned to see what and where the Vampire had gone.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 8 2018, 01:50 AM
Sebastian's sword was met with resistance as he swung it as his foe. He could sense their fear. While they had the advantage in number they were no match for him. He could tell that the men who stood before him had no real training. Feeling bad for them he showed them a mercy he had not shown the other three. "Leave now if you still wish to live or die by my hand."

None left. They would not take his mercy for fear of being dishonored by their family and hunted down by the faction. Two approached him simultaneously. He step aside avoiding one and met the other's sword with his own. Then he kick the own who had locked swords with him backwards before driving his sword through the man's chest. The second attempted to take him from behind having stumbled behind him but Sebastian move the first's body between him and the blade. Then he stabbed his sword through the second, still being in the first's body.

The other's looked terrified and could barely hold their weapons. He felt bad for taking their lives but he knew that if he didn't they would take his for what he had done to the rest of their troop and then they would continue their hunt for the pair. One of the remain troops still wielding his bow released an arrow at Sebastian but the Vampire simply moved the two bodies still attached to his sword into the arrows path. He then pulled his sword freed and lunged at the bow man cutting a deep gash in the warrior's chest. Knowing that the warrior would die, Sebastian turned his focus to the remaining two. They put up a short fight but it wasn't long before Sebastian put an end to their lives.

Once done he turned to the pair he had rescued. "Are you alright? I hope they didn't cause you to much harm."

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 8 2018, 12:07 PM
As the last of the Faction faded from this world and the Vampire who had helped them turned towards them and asked if they were all-right Talia found her legs melting from under her. Her belly hitting the ground, the heat causing a slight smoking fro the tough grass that scattered the shoreline.

A small almost whimper like sound escaped her as she realised that she was free at last, that they were free at last.

Faintly she was aware of Arrian sliding off her back and talking to the Vampire.

It was not a very graceful slide, the same relief that had struck Talia was washing through him as well. With a wild laugh, he slid off her back and ended up in a pile on the ground, waving a hand towards the Vampire to say that he was fine.

"We are as well as can be expected after an extended stay in Faction clutches and a day and a half of running." He finally managed to get out. "Thank you, I do not think that we would be here if you had not helped us."

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 8 2018, 07:31 PM
Sebastian wiped some sweat from his forehead. He looked to the sun and cursed under his breath. He wanted the sun to go down so that he could recover his strength. He felt like every moment that he spent under it was zapping him of his strength.

"I am sorry you had to endure them for so long and I apologize for how we had to met. I would preferred for you not to have seen me feed."

He looked at the dead bodies that covered the ground. "We should probably not stick a round for to long. I am trying to find shelter if you would like to join me. I need to get out of the sun."

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 9 2018, 12:39 AM
Arrian waved a dismissive hand as Talia slowly focused on the Vampire and said, "They are Faction, we cannot even care enough to not care if you eat a few of them or not." Slowly she forced her legs to work and she raised her belly a little bit from the ground and with slow movements started to walk.

"There are ruins close by along the shore..." With a groan Arrian also stood, swaying a little as he stumbled after Talia, "We may take a while to get there if you need to go ahead, go ahead. We will be along as we can." She finished wincing a little as she flexed her wings, wishing to fly but knowing that she would be grounded for a while yet.

"Ai, go on ahead, we will be along now, now." Arrian added as he slowly passed vampire, patting him on the shoulder as he passed by. "Oh!" He paused and turned the vampire, "Please forgive us, it has been a while since we met anyone, not Faction so we are forgetful of some politeness's. I am Arrian and this is Talia, my Bond."

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 9 2018, 11:19 PM
Sebastian looked towards were Arrian had begun to walked. He hoped that those ruin were close by but he knew that if they were, they would be the first place that someone would look after discovering the dead bodies. He would have to keep his guard up.

"My name is Sebastian, it is an honor to make to meet you. I would love to travel with you to the ruins but I can't being in the sun to much longer." He once again wiped some sweat from his forehead. He wouldn't currently die from being in the sun but he the more he was in the it, the weaker he was and it would make it harder to recover.

"I'll make sure that the ruins are safe." He waved and walked towards the ruins as quickly as he could. He hoped that there was a nice comfy dark room he could get some rest in.

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 10 2018, 02:40 AM
Arrian smiled, waving towards the direction of the ruins he said "Go! As I said we will be along as we can... don't worry about needing to leave us to our own pace."

Talia, looked back although she didn't stop moving, "I doubt that we need to worry about the Faction for the at least a day. They are busy leaving Evylon."

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 10 2018, 04:37 PM
After a few minutes of walking he found the ruins that Arrian had spoke of. "Thank the gods," he said as he approached. He looked around the ruins for a moment before finding somewhere he could hide from the sun while keeping a look out for the others.

He sat watching for the others for a minute before closing his eyes. He fought the need for sleep for a little while before he lost and fell into a light sleep.

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 11 2018, 06:35 AM
Arrian and Talia walked on in silence, too tired to talk or even attempt to, they just moved towards the ruins in a haze of shared relief and a little bit of shock that all that they had been through was over.

After a longer time than it had taken Sebastian to get there, they too arrived at the ruins, Talia quickly spotting the sleeping form of the vampire. To weary to even think about gathering wood or anything else Arrian entered the slight shelter and collapsed into a deep exhausted sleep close to Sebastian and Talia threw part of herself across the entrance to guard the two smaller sleeping forms with her bulk, although she to quickly slipped into a deep sleep. The first she had in ages.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 12 2018, 12:51 PM
Sabastian opened an eye when the two arrived but quickly closed it again as they settled down and began to rest. He again fell into a light sleep He could fall into a deep sleep knowing that danger might be lurking around the corner. He didn't wake again until dawn.

He felt his strength had returned, and then some due to the fact that he had eaten some much during the day. He looked at Talia and Arrian. They could sleep a while longer. He knew that they needed as much rest as they cold get considering what they had gone through.

While they rested he decided that he would go out and fetch some wood for a fire. The night would be much colder and he figured they would like the warmth.

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 13 2018, 02:49 PM
Arrian was the first to wake, body protesting loudly at the idea of movement or the world in general, it was hard to tell, Arrian carefully rolled over and stared at the fire that had been started.

Looking around he spotted Sabastian not far off from the flames. With a grown he eased himself into a sitting position, the world spun but then settled down. Although not fully recovered, Arrian could already feel the return of his internal balance and power.

With a little shuffle to ease closer to the fire, he looked over to Sabastian and said, "How long have we been sleeping?"

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 13 2018, 03:19 PM
Sebastian was poking at the fire. He was trying to get a good flame going in hopes of keeping them all warm. By the time that he had finished Arrian had woken up.

"A few hours, I couldn't really tell you. I thought you would have slept longer to be honest." He poked at the fire a little more before standing up. "Are you hungry? I was thinking of trying to find some food for you two. I can only imagine how hungry you must be.?"

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 13 2018, 03:29 PM
At the mention of food, Arrians stomach gave an almighty gurgle and he smiled slightly at Sabastian.

"I would have thought so to... but I think that it has been to long since I had a long sleep. Normally they would wake us every couple of hours to get back to work. So maybe that it ist reason. As for food, I would have to say that few would know including myself as I feel so hungry I don't even know how hungry I am anymore."

Talia chose that moment to roll over a little in her sleep, a soft sigh whistling throw he nose as she did. Turning back to Sabastian Arrian said,

"But I feel almost bad asking you to go hunt for us considering you did save our arses earlier."

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 13 2018, 04:24 PM
Sebastian looked at the dragon. She looked peaceful in her sleep. He couldn't really understand why the faction was so hell bent on killing dragons. Their actions made him mad. He could see how their actions were affecting whatever realm they were in. He could only imagine how bad it was in Fellnova.

"Don't worry about it. I don't mind helping you in any way I can. No one deserves what you two went through." He began to walk towards the exit of the make shift shelter and stopped when he had reached it. "If you would like you can join me, I don't know what I'll be able to find."

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 14 2018, 06:32 AM
Arria thought about it and tempted to go if to just simple relish having the choice. With a shrug and a yawn, his stood and then followed Sebastian out into the cooler night air.

Pausing to nudge Talia awake, half opening an eye she grunted to say that she was awake, "Faction?" Arrian shook his head and said, "Hunting." and that was all he needed to say as she closed her eyes again and went back to sleep.

With that done, Arrian waved for Sebastian to lead the way. His tail twitching in anticipation of a hunt.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 20 2018, 12:05 PM
Sebastian looked back at the dragon, taking one last look at her before walking away from the shore. He hoped that she would be okay with both of them going to hunt. He didn't want anything bad to happen to the pair.

"I think we should hunt for small game. I think it will be easier for us to catch and bring back." He started to look for rabbits and other small game.

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 21 2018, 11:11 AM
"Sounds like a plan, I wouldn't be much good if we come across anything bigger..." Arrian replied with a chuckle as he followed Sebastian into the treeline.

The woods were silent and quite in the dark, the only sound the faint rustle of nighttime creatures. He paused, leaning against a tree, letting the feeling of the forest unfold around him. Taking a deep breath of air into his lungs, Arrian let his nose tell him of his immediate surroundings. The feeling of freedom and the cool night air revitalizing him far more than he had expected.

Turning to Sebastian Arrian waved a hand and started ahead, "You can correct me but I think that I sent something this way..." He said.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jun 27 2018, 02:31 PM
It was times like this that Sebastian wished he had a bow and arrow, it would make hunting a lot easier instead of having to get up close to it. He would have to think of other ways of capturing their prey. "Yeah, I sensed it was well."

Sebastian moved as quietly through the forest as he could. He held his sword at the ready and as soon as he saw what he was looking for he threw his sword almost like a spear at the creature. With some luck he managed to killed the poor creature. "It looks like I got one. But be might need a few more."

Posted by: Concinnity Jun 29 2018, 06:04 AM
"Good throw! Agreed about the few more... I am sure there ought to be a den about here somewhere..."

Arrian led the way along the faint trail until he came to a place where the scent was strongest. And there was the large den entrance hidden under a dense shrub.

With a happy flick of his trail he let the branches of the shrub fall back into place, "Sit on that side..." He pointed Sebastian to a stop across from where he was settling himself into the soft leafy ground. "My father used to take me hunting and this is a trick he taught me, called it the best way to hunt Land Moles. Just sit very still, deep even breaths and wait."

He then closed his eyes and became as still as the surrounding forest... even his breath slowed and the only sign that he was still very aware of what was going on was the faint twitching of his ears as he listened for the sounds of the Land Moles below them.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jul 2 2018, 07:01 PM
Sebastian followed as silently behind Arrian as he could. Arrian was right, there had to be a den near by. Soon enough they had found it and Arrian was explaining how to catch some more of the land moles.

Sebastian go into position and began to wait for the land moles to leave their dens. He hoped that it wouldn't take to long. He was a little worried about Talia and leaving her alone for so long. He didn't know who was still lurking around. He was afraid that the faction might still be lurking about and looking for the poor dragon.

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 3 2018, 02:26 PM
Arrian breathed in, aware of the other's presence and found it odd, nice but odd to feel comfortable again around someone who is not Talia. Then as he waited he reached out and gave her a mental nudge, awaking her again from her lighter slumber,

:Are you ok? Alone?:, Arrian asked of her through their mental link, in return, he could sense her raise her head and sniff the air, the only scent close being that of the old scent of the dead faction members, Yes... she replied, a smile in her mental voice.

Then he heard it, the first clear rustle of a mole, carefully and slowly he opened his eyes and with a twitch of his finger he warned Sebastian that at least one was coming up to the surface to feed for the night.

Then as he watched a nose, then a head, then a second, third nose and surprisingly a fourth poked out of the bush, with a lightning-fast move he sent both hands slashing through the bush capturing two moles, holding them up he looked over to see if Sebastian had gotten any.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jul 6 2018, 03:17 PM
The night air felt amazing to Sebastian. The darker it was, the stronger he felt. He vampiric abilities returning to him, making him both stronger and faster. He could hear the moment below him and he could smell them. He knew that at any moment they would come up. He waited almost motionlessly.

When they popped up he quickly grabbed two of them. He went to get the others but Arrian had already caught them. He smiled at the sight of it. They had what they needed. He hoped that they had caught enough food for both Arrian and Talia. "Should we get back?"

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 7 2018, 06:10 AM
Arrian nodded, "Yes, I think we have been gone long enough and this should get us through tonight and then tomorrow, hopefully, Talia will be up to hunting the big game that she needs normally."

With a little omff Arrian stood and picked up his two land moles and slung them over his shoulder and with a little flick of his tail and nod of his head urged Sebastian to lead the way back to camp.

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jul 11 2018, 02:32 PM
Sebastian took in a deep breath as he prepared to get back to camp. He loved how cool the night air felt. He loved the way the forest sounded at night. He looked up at the stars and took in the view. They were beautiful. He didn't just love the night because of what he was but because he felt like there was something magical about it.

He looked at Arrian and began to walk back to the camp. It wasn't to far and before to long he began to see the light of the fire. Soon enough Arrian and Talia would be having a nice meal. Sebastian would refrain from eating. He saw no point in trying. He wouldn't need to eat for a few days and real food wouldn't satisfy his hunger.

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 12 2018, 05:30 AM
Talia opened a great orange eye that seemed to light up the dark as Arrian and Sebastian approached the camp.

"Good hunting?" She asked as she slowly pulled herself up and stretched her wings out, a yawn flashing great white teeth and a little glimpse of the light from her internal fires.

"Oh ai! Land Moles for all!" Arrian said as he entered the camp, "Up to cooking them?" he asked as he dropped those that he was carrying in front of Talia and turned to Sebastian and held out his hands to take the others from him,

"Not at all! Too hungry to wait for you to roast them the slow way..." Arrian chuckled and smiled as he said to Sebastian,

"Talia will cook them quickly for us..."

Posted by: Elffri3nd Jul 18 2018, 06:52 PM
Sebastian sat the land moles down and sat near Talia. "Eat your fill, sadly I can not enjoy them with you but fortunately I eat my fill today. Enough to last me a while." He watched Talia and Arrian. He was glad that he was able to have helped them. It made what life worth living when he was able to help others.

"Did you did enough rest? We will probably have to get moving again or risk being found by people we would rather not get found by." He hated to rush them but he knew that if they didn't get moving someone would find the bodies of the men that they had killed and come looking for them.

Posted by: Concinnity Jul 20 2018, 07:30 AM
Arrian waved at Sebastian with a wink, "Good to know that the Faction is good for something. Was starting to think they were a total waste of space!"

Talia now turned to Sebastian with a dragonic smile, "Yeah, enough in order to move a ways from here... a little food will help as well. Now let us roast these moles and eat so we can move while it is still dark!"

With that she took a deep breath in, feeling still a slight tug as she called up her fire but as she was mostly using her natural ones it wasn't so bad and she knew that she would be well mended in a day or so... Then she let loose a long stream of well-aimed fire that curled and twisted around the moles, roasting them whole, the smell of well-cooked meat wafting through the air.

Halting she pocked one with an exploratory claw, 'I call that cook!" She said , picking one up and handing it to Arrian who sat down across from Sebastian and tucked in, quickly eating a large portion of the mole while Talia seemed to just swallow them whole. Not wanting to overeat after so long without, Arrian limited himself to where he stopped eating when he was no-longer hungry silently giving the last of his mole to Talia.

"Let me just rise my hands... and then we can move." He said before vanishing into the night, Talia, just licked her talons clean, feeling content for the first time in a long time.

"I just wanted to thank you myself, for helping us. These days it isn't a thing people do anymore, help dragons." She said to Sebastian as Arrian came back, and stood beside her, shaking the water from his hand's, fur all wet a spiky.

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