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 Setting Information

All information on the current country can be found here:

Country of Jes're'en


» Atlas, Guided by the Hand of Midas (Part 2), Nidelia, Asreal, JPG
SETTING: West Bank of the Fury Lake in Jes're'en
WEATHER: Clear, Post-sunset.
TIME: Roughly 8:00 PM the following night
CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Lykoth (Asreal), Alinoa (Nidelia), ??? (JPG)

( http://btacdragons.com/time.php <---for reference on time - gonna be giving real world equivalents when helpful)

It took the pair of mercenaries a day's worth of travel - for Alinoa, she may have had to cope with the clear sunny skies during the day time, with whatever effects that might have on a vampire. The two mercenaries finally made it to the modest estate located on the west bank of Fury Lake.

From a quick glance around, the security is relatively light in terms of number, though each guard seems very alert. It should be noted that it is currently the second night of the five day week. Given that the two had to leave by the 4th night in order to reach Morgan Roth by the 5th night, the pair had around three nights to claim the head of Regis Wares Emporium's owner, Arthurlas Fae'argent and deliver the head to Morgan Roth.

The cabin was not large - only about 400 square meters, as well as two stories tall. However, that also meant the patrols would go through the perimeter very quickly. Worse, the estate around was barren save for the occasional flower bed with tree - four of them in total, each a few meters away from the estate itself.

The guards were helmeted young men and women, full of vim and vigor. Unlike the guards of Roth manor, they seemed to be warm and friendly. A shame that some of them would be dead and all of them would be unemployed by the end of the week.

As of current, Arthurlas Fae'argent was nowhere in sight, though a room on the second floor was still lit at this hour. It was unclear which room this was - the curtains were drawn. However, to the more sensitive ears, the sound of a lively, laughing family could be heard.

(feel free to clarify things with me in DM on Discord - treating this kind of like a GM as opposed to a writer)

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