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 Seeking Desert Adventurers, for Side Realm Shenanigans
Hello all!

I have a new character based in the Arcadia Desert that I would like to toss into a side realm thread, while Ristell remains quiet. He's a good candidate to survive an escapade into the Echoing Sands.

I haven't come up with a good reason for him to be there yet, because he's a homebody who probably wouldn't venture out into some crazy splinter world without darn good motivation. A few possibilities:

-- A freak act of nature/gods sucks him into the Realm, much to his chagrin, and he has to fight his way back home to Ristell.
-- His skills as a desert navigator (well-known at home) have him reluctantly shanghaied into some sort of quest or bounty-hunting mission by unsavory elements
-- Someone manages to bribe or otherwise persuade him to join them on the adventure (he's a bleeding heart, so if you convince him of the mission's merit, he'll probably get on board reluctantly -- like retrieving a MacGuffin before evil-types get their hands on it, or saving someone's life)

If you have any suggestions for this thread, or characters you'd like to throw into it, please holler! Nurzhan's character info can be found here.

Echoing Sands: The Echoing Sands is a desert-bound Realm with a chaotic, abnormal atmosphere, one that can flare out and capture memories leaking from other Realms nearby. As such, the Sands are filled with copies of various items, trinkets and weapons, both powerful and not. Images of happenings in other worlds can shimmer in mirages, past or present, from the same Void hydra or hydras many planes away. Adventurers can often be found wandering the sands, looking for these artifacts, but few return to other Realms alive.


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