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Yesterday at 08:42 am
The Perfect Soldier
Species:Kitsune/Demonic Reaper:
Alignment:Dark :
Silent And Loyal
Appearance:Fox-A Three-tailed crimson red fox, with white legs, tails, and face. Black markings adorn these white patches, in swirls typically. His eyes are a typical red in color. His original fox form was dark blue with lighter blue markings, and silver eyes. He carries a bag around, with two starballs within.
Humanoid-Average height, with a muscular build, Three is made for battle. His eyes are red, like in Fox, and his hair is the same color as most of his fur. His three tails show, and are the same as on his Fox, though much larger. He wears black clothes, usually, under a set of gemsteel armor specifically made for him, to accommodate for his tails and such. A special pocket was made into the armor, on each side of his hip, to place his own starball, and that of his reaper. His original form had blue tails and blue hair, with silvery eyes.:
Personality:Three is silent, and that is not an overstatement. Unless asked to speak, or given a cue to, the Kitsune does not speak, barely moves until ordered. However without a master, he takes cues from his two companions, One and Two. Loyal to a fault, he trusts the other two reapers with his life, just as he trusts his reaper spirit. Used to life on the battlefield, but with a normal life he tends to hesitate, and doesn’t quite know how to hold small talk very well. Not the most cunning, or the smartest, but not dumb either.:
The Perfect Friend
History:His rememberable history starts the day he woke up in Kurai as a demonic reaper. He didn’t have a name, or a purpose, but he was given both by his companions, a Heartwood dragon and a mar’caen centaur, One and Two. They learned what became of their memories, and the pair gave him his own name. Three. Trey didn’t mind, nor did he particularly care. He didn’t have it in him to care. When One came up with a plan, Three’s loyalty to the group outweighed that of his creators, and his reaper didn’t seem to mind. And so, he assisted the escape, and their eventual moving to Evylon, where One was supposed to have come from. They stayed there, trying and failing to find memories, and after about a year, left, to go explore the realms in their entirety, while figuring out what was around them.:
Abilities:Illusions-Like most of his race, Three is extremely skilled in illusions, despite being a three-tailed. They are realistic, and he can maintain several due to Sanfaia, his reaper.
Fire-His element of choice is fire, and with his reaper soul it has been supercharged beyond his three tails. He can manipulate already existing flames with little to no effort, and to an extent can create his own.
Reaping-Able to separate soul from the bodies of the ones he kills to feed. But he has to be the one to kill the body in order to reap the soul.
When his Reaper, Sanfaia, takes control, not only do his colors mess around, but he becomes much more powerful. However this form is extremely volatile and uncontrollable. :
A Shoulder To Cry On
Reaper:Sanfaia/In life, a fire-oriented Death kingdom demon. She is known to be rather eccentric, who enjoys matchmaking, meaning whoever gets the misfortune to be her host means… they shall get pair with literally everyone they meet… A kind soul, she doesn’t take over unless Three is in terrible danger or is asked, and regularly chats with him to try and keep a healthy relationship.:
Yesterday at 08:39 am
Fluffy And White
Species:Mar’caen Centaur/Demonic Reaper:
Alignment: dark :
Sweet As Can Be
Appearance:From the waist down, Two is a white bunny, with no outward markings, except for a small black spot on her back right paw. from the waist up, she is a pale-skinned humanoid, about five inches tall. Her hair is a fluffy black mass that is a torture to clean up, but can be tamed into a long braid, with a single streak of red running through. Her eyes are red, and that same red is painted onto her body in tribal patterns. She has a small, and by small I mean really tiny, dagger that she can stab people with… it does very little to anyone, except be a minor annoyance. She does have a set of tiny gemsteel armor, but she never wears it, as she thinks that is stupid. :
Personality:Innocence describes this Demonic Reaper perfectly, for the most part. She’s actually quite a sweet-heart, an optimist that enjoys talking to everyone, despite what she’s been through. Unless, however, she gets hungry. Then she becomes extremely grumpy, to the point of snapping even at her dragon, One, of which afterwards she apologizes profusely. She loves spending time with One, and trying to get Three to come out of whatever shell he has around himself. Though she bickers with her Reaper constantly, they seem to have a better relationship that One and his reaper, and when they aren't fighting, are actually a fairly good team. Two enjoys talking to Three's reaper through One's telepathy and trying to hook Three up with a girl.:
Innocent Eyes
History:After getting her memory wiped by a mage, Two was introduced to another Demonic Reaper, called One by the demons, and the pair soon hit up an easy friendship. They were generally alone, until Three was added to their group. One finally was through with the Death kingdom. The trio planned an escape, and after much tomfoolery, escaped to One’s home-realm of Evylon. After a year of loitering there, they began to travel the realms, not only to try and regain their memories, but to also to find enough souls to carry three Demonic reapers. At some point during their time in Kurai, she formeda dragonrider bond to One.:
Abilities:Reaping-The power that comes with her Reaper, the ability to eat the souls of the recently deceased.
Seer-Two is blessed with a variation of the sight. It comes on suddenly, and she cannot control it, but she can generally see futures related to her dragon, though this may not always have been the case.:
Hiding Murderers Three
Unknown(Siblings Idk how many/Probably alive):
Reaper:Inosensu/In life, the sibling of Sanfaia. He tries to speak to Two on a daily basis, but She just tends to bicker with him. They fight nearly constantly, and annoy the shit out of one another, but in truth he enjoys her company. He is the only one who can get One's reaper, Kingin, to talk after he's been in a mood for a while. Inosensu likes hanging out with the other reapers, and even his host when... she isn't yelling at him for a stupid reason or another.:
Yesterday at 08:34 am
One Dead
Species:Heartwoodian Gold/Demonic Reaper:
Alignment:Neutral Dark:
Two Dead
Appearance:One's body is almost all black, marred only by red strips on his back. The frills that mark him as a Heartwoodian gold, and his wing membranes are a translucent white. He wears a set of gemsteel armor that protects his vulnerable underbelly. Two saddles sit on his back, a normal one, and a special one for Two, so she can sit comfortably without falling.:
Personality:Wise seemingly beyond his years, he speaks simply, in words everyone can understand, though when mad he devolves into demonic, which he picked up from his extended time in Kurai. He appears to be sad most of the time, and when he gets into a mood he tends to not speak for a while, and it is a task to cheer him up again, though it can be done. He enjoys spending time alone, though instantly gets worried whenever he doesn't know where either of the others are, becoming kind of like a Internet Texan Dad concerned parent, and after he finds them gives them a stern talking down. The others tend to find this annoying, but love him for it anyways. He enjoys reading, and learning different languages, and is currently working on learning Elven, though it is hard to get a hold of books for him to read that he already hasn't read. :
Three Dead
History:He awoke with no memories about a century ago, in Death Castle, as a demonic reaper. He was trained, and subsiquently tried in battle many times, but for a while he was alone. Nine decades passed until a new reaper was given to him as a companion, in the form of a Mar’caen centaur, whom was called Two. For a time, One was happy, he enjoyed the company and was a good, loyal warrior for the kingdom, even forming a rider bond with Two. But the reapers they kept trying to make were not strong enough, the hosts couldn’t handle it and kept dying due to many reasons. Until Three came along. Three was finally a perfect soldier for the kingdom, and One had become bitter, blaming the kingdom for the death of so many, that he wanted badly to stop the killing. Or at least not be so close to it. So he devised an escape plan, and the trio of demonic reapers left for Evylon, where he was told his species lived. But he couldn’t find his memories in the year to come, and they began traveling around the different realms… While trying to avoid Kurai. :
Abilities:Telepathy-One is a telepath, and with his reaper soul, this power is boosted, allowing his companions to speak back should a mental link be open to them, which it usually is. This also means, though, that the reaper souls can speak to one another, which honestly, the three hosts don’t seem to care as long as they aren’t being too disruptive.
Light-One is elementally aligned to Light, ironically enough, and while it is still boosted, it isn’t as powerful as his telepathy. He can create barriers for a limited time, and only he can pass through physically, but if the one were to use dark magic, it would cancel out.
Reaping-Due to being a demonic reaper, he must eat souls at least once a week, and this allows him to eat those of the deceased, though usually must be that of the recently deceased, or ones that he kills himself.:
No More
Reaper:Kingin/One of the other two reapers close friends from life, they are pleasant enough to be around, but whenever they try to speak to One, they are instantly yelled at to shut up. The relationship between dragon and reaper is strained at best, with One merely tolerating the reaper’s presence most of the time. Kingin is typically saddened by this, and sometimes will mirror the moods of his host, not talking to the other reapers or his host for up to months at a time.:
Apr 17 2018, 04:58 PM
Darkness Reigns Supreme
Nickname(s):N/A Feel free to give him one:
Age:10 years old(Young Adult):
Species:Vystranian Wolf:
It Blocks Out The Light
Appearance:Taller, and larger than his sister has this wolf not as… skilled as hiding, despite his color. He is a raven-black, with blue-purple hues especially prevenant on his tail and back. His eyes are yellow, with amber hues throughout, though typically exhibiting near the edges of the iris. He has a thin bracelt that seems to be purely decorational, inscribed with the same rune as his familiar’s pendant.:
Personality:Umbrun is generally distant when first met, making awkward small talk, but once you get him to really open up, you won’t be able to *get* him talking. Generally a pacifist, will defend himself with needed, but has a mentality of ‘I don’t know what they’ve been through, so I won’t judge.’ If you can gain his friendship, he can be a good shoulder to cry on, and a reliable ally. But get on his bad side, and he becomes a whole other person. He will go out of his way to make your life a living hell, especially if you hurt his sister.:
Sends The World Into Despair
History:Born to loners in the Darklight mountains near majesty with his twin sister, Glacias. Both got their familiars at one and a half years old. They stayed with their parents for about two years, until at their adolescent years struck off together to find a new home, away from their childhood. Travelling down, they saw their first non-wolves in the form of hunters, searching for rare creatures to kill. The pair had gone up to them, being friendly, but the hunters attempted to kill them. Of course they could defend themselves fairly well, killing the hunters easily, but the encounter shook them, and they wanted to see if that was how all humans were. The people at the nearest settlement they could find were the ones in Majesty. While they were mostly ignored, it was a learning experience. While his sister enjoyed it, he was wary, and became much more closed afterwards. He followed his sibling to Albronel with a bard, where they enjoyed life in the city for a while. But he wanted out of human areas, and His sister wanted adventure. They ventured to the Myrlands, and eventually settled in the Wulfen woods. :
Abilities:Umbrun has four ‘forms’ that he can switch between. Tranformation is painful, and depending on the form it becomes much more painful. Switching back to solid is painless, while each one progressively gets worse and more painful.
Solid-His Default form, physically strong with no true magical ability, appears normal
Liquid-Umbrun melts into the shadows, becoming completely intangible. Must have access to shadows of any kind, and should the shadow disappear, he will be forced back into his solid form, but completely drained. Can only stay in the form for an hour.
Gas-Looks as if he is in his Solid form, but with blurred edges, He releases an air-born poison that can extend to up to 15 feet radius from his body. The effects are mild paralysis and a major headache for up to a half-hour, but on the bright side, It really opens up those airways. He can keep this form for a half-hour.
Plasma-nearly transparant, though still visible enough to be seen, his body superheats the air around him, and releases an electrical charge. This takes effect in a 7ft radius centered around him, with more power centered nearest his body, making it difficult to approach him. He moves very quickly, but whenever someone comes in contact with his field, he slows down to normal. He may keep this ability up for about 5-10 minutes.
Once he runs out of time, Umbrun will immediately return to solid, and pass out from anywhere to a couple hours or a day or two. He can run out of energy in each of these forms quicker if he has to truly fight to keep them active, but otherwise, these times are generally how long he can sustain them. He cannot go straight from Gas after 29 minutes and activate Plasma for 15 minutes. :
And Keeps Those It Loves Hidden From Prying Eyes
Familiar:Umbrun’s familiar is a lightcat felidae. She has the body-shape of a sphynx cat, with pale sand-colored fur and slightly darker tan color points. She has a collar that has the rune of Lightcats on it, though no one can quite be sure where it came from, that matches her partner’s bracelet. She is silent, most of the time even to her partner, and communicates telepathically if at all.:
Apr 17 2018, 04:54 PM
Snowflakes Falling On The Ground
Nickname(s):N/A Feel free to give her one:
Age:10 years old(Young Adult):
Species:Vystranian Wolf:
Beautiful And Deadly
Appearance:Small, and Lithe, Glacias can hide perfectly, when she wants to. Her coat is double layered, and the white of new snowfall. Eyes of the deepest blue adorn her face, with lighter blue speckles within. Colored markings adorn her shoulder, Small swirling symbols, that will change appearance depending on the current ability in use.:
Personality:This wolf may seem cold and calculating… and that’s because sometimes she really is. But, she has a loving heart, and when she can she attempts to follow her heart, while listening to her mind. Smart enough to hold her own in a battle of wits, but mayhaps not win, and strong enough not to die *immediately* when in battle, she appears to be an average wolf in most things. With fairly simple powers, she has learned that she needs to be creative with them. A musician at heart, she loves music in general, and finds the time to go to nearby cities whenever she can to find a bard or something to listen to. :
Freezing Up The Skies Above
History:Glacias was born to a pair of loner wolves, along with her brother, in a small cave in the Darklight mountain range, near Majesty, both getting their familiars at one and a half years old. They stayed with their parents for about two years, until at their adolescent years struck off together to find a new home, away from their childhood. Travelling down, they saw their first non-wolves in the form of hunters, searching for rare creatures to kill. The pair had gone up to them, being friendly, but the hunters attempted to kill them. Of course they could defend themselves fairly well, killing the hunters easily, but the encounter shook them, and they wanted to see if that was how all humans were. The people at the nearest settlement they could find were the ones in Majesty. While they were mostly ignored, it was a learning experience. Glacias enjoyed it, no matter how dirty it was, and enjoyed listening to a bard on a corner, singing for coin. She wanted to hear more, so she and her sibling were guided to Albronel by that same bard, who even showed them around. They lived in Albronel for about a year or two, until traveling back into the mountains, hearing of a land of wolves. Seeking a true home to call their own, the pair, and so they went, following the mountain ranges until they smelled it. Wolves. But, they were reminded of their parents, who warned them that packs are terrible things, and… decided to wait it out. Brining us to now, with the twins living in the Wulfen woods, cautiously, but happily for now. :
Abilities:Based on the color of her tattoo, that is the power she is currently using, the three colors being Black, Light grey, and pale blue. It takes about five minutes for the tattoo to fully change colors.

Black- A type of Camouflage, Glacias can make herself nearly invisible to the passing other, be it prey or another predator. She retains her scent, any and all sounds, and size. But appearance-wise, the shadows seem to swallow her to keep her from prying eyes.
Light Grey- Forming a set of flight-worth Wings out of pure light. While this gives away her position, it also allows for a quick escape and has a tendency to blind everyone around her… including herself.
Pale blue- Ice manipulation at its core, Glacias can change the state of water Into Ice of any kind, Though she must concentrate, and can only change things Into Ice and not out of it… But while she may not be able to freely change between states of water, she has a fair control over the *shape* of the ice created, usually in a pointed shape and falling toward her enemy… But should she need it, it is an entirely versatile ability, barring energy:
And Icing Over Seas
Familiar:Glacias’ familiar is a Red feylizard with orange markings on his wings and tail. He is quite friendly, but prefers his partner’s company. He enjoys scouting ahead and flying in general. Communicates in common, verbally.:
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