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May 28 2018, 06:29 PM
Character Name: Pellias

Character Species: Liniah

Character Information Link
May 17 2018, 02:16 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Mavanger, Luna, and Conni

SETTING: Paryx, North Ristell


TIME: Current, evening

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Avelena (Mav), Lorensa (Luna), Valerian, Tovran, Lithan (Conni)

It was a cool evening in Paryx. Avelena had been travelling for weeks, and had only just shown up in the city, finding this small but busy tavern rather quickly. She had always used taverns as quick cash grabs, making money off of all the entranced patrons, in awe at her stories and magic.

She sat at her table, patiently waiting for the current bard to finish his playing. There was respect among musicians- you didn't interrupt another playing, especially in a tavern, here many small time musicians came to make the few jaden they could. When he finished his song, she stood, her mask hiding her identity.

She sat on the small stool on the stage, a few drunk patrons shouting across the tavern. She spent a moment to make sure her lute was in tune before she began. Her mask did surprisingly little to stop her voice from ringing out, bouncing off the tavern walls.

She sang a song of a great duel between two warriors. Brothers, split apart by unfortunate circumstance, their quarrels now erupting into violent battles. She sang of thier history and childhood, constantly working to one up each other, as she laced her voice with her magic. The stage before her sprang to life, two men in shining armor clashing blades as the crowd gasped.

She continued, recounting the battle itself as her fingers pick up speed across the strings of the harp, of fire and fury as the two held nothing but bitter hatred for one another now, each scorned one to many times. She sang of the bitter irony, that while once they had been closer than any, they now fought in a final duel, the cause lost to the ages.

She told of how the younger brother, in his pride, had challenged his older and far more experienced brother to a duel to the death over a slight, as the two knights before her continued to clash their blades in a furious test of arms. And then, silence. The larger knight made a fatal thrust, impaling the younger knight. The crowd was silent, a few quiet gasps could be heard in the silence.

She told of the older brother's inevitable victory. Of his eternal grief as the figure fell to his knees beside the still body. She sang of his retribution, of how he turned himself in for murder, and faced the executioner's axe himself. And then, it was over. she released her illusions, and her spell wore off as she grinned beneath her mask, standing and bowing.
Apr 24 2018, 10:16 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Nix, Concinnity, and Myself

SETTING: Vystrian wilderness (Will give a more detailed spot once I'm home since my school has the maps page blocked)

WEATHER: Warm, slight breeze, overall a comfortable temperature.

TIME: A month before Current

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: One, Two, Three, Nirn, Thia

Nirn ducked past a tree, glancing behind her worriedly. The Faction had tried to stop her when she said she was leaving, tried to capture her, for what she didn't know. She was on the run now, looking for somewhere, anywhere to hide while she waited for the Faction to stop looking. Her whole life, was in shambles, her own morals turned against her, and she had been horrified after speaking to Verridith, the queen of dragons herself. She couldn't comprehend the truth, that the faction had lied her, turned her into a monster, turned her into a murderer.

She had been lost, but she knew the direction to take, and the first step was to denounce the faction. So that's what she did. She was a fool to think they would have let her leave so easily, a part of her hoping they would so she could see they weren't fully evil. That hope was to no avail, however. So here she was, ducking through the forest, hoping that her flimsy trail of illusions would put off the hounds long enough for her to escape.

She was, at heart, an optimist, and was sure that if she just kept moving she would make it out just fine, or if she found a hiding place. As that thought crossed her head, she found herself face to face with a large cave. Normally, it would be no place to hide, as obvious as it was, but she had an idea, she rushed it, turning and casting and illusion of a solid rock face over the mouth of the cave.

She slumped against the wall of the cave, breathing heavily with exertion, her eyes closed, sweat dripping down her brow. She froze, however, when she realized she wasn't alone. Slowly, she turned deeper into the cave. There, a gemdrake sat. One that she had missed in her hrry to hide. One that may very well kill her in her exhausted state. She gulped, smiling weakly.

"I hope I'm not intruding, I just... need to hide here for a few hours."
Mar 24 2018, 02:13 PM

PLAYERS INVOLVED: Fyfergrund and Mavanger

SETTING: Felnova, Khankirae, Laerte's Temple

WEATHER: Sunny, warm

TIME: Alu, the 23rd of Meiva; 13030, Current


Nirn was in trouble. Not physically, no. She was in trouble emotionally. Just recently, her whole life had changed. She had learned that not only had the Faction been lying to her, but that they were the true murderers of her family. She had also come upon the realization that she had been killing innocent beings for years, misled by the faction and their lies. That was over now She had denounced the faction, and now stood before the temple of Laertes, far from her home.

She gazed up at the structure, slightly in awe. Laertes, the god of war, peace, and balance. She stepped forward, climbing the stairs somberly, her blades in their sheaths. She looked up, towards the heavens. Who else to ask for aid from, than the one she wronged? She had carried out a war against peace, and disrupted the balance. Only Laertes could tell her how to restore it, she felt.

She entered the temple, walking past the sounds of sparring and the low murmur of speech. She moved forward, towards the quieter garden, intent on finding somewhere peaceful to meditate, and to pray. Maybe, just maybe, if she prayed hard enough, Laertes would give her guidance, or something.

Once she entered the garden, she sat on her knees. She placed her hands on her knees, and closed her eyes. She spoke quietly, as to not disturd the peace.

"Laertes, I'm not one to pray. I never had been. But I've been led astray, and on that path I disrupted your balance. I joined the crusade against the dragons. I killed many. But now, I've denounced the Faction and their ways, but I don't know how to fight them. Please, I beg of you, show me the way."
Mar 4 2018, 11:59 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Any Inquisition Players

SETTING: On a hill overlooking Everdawn

WEATHER: Sunny, warm

TIME: Current day

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Mordeci, Krieg, anyone else

Upon a small hill overlooking Everdawn sat two chairs, with a table between them. On the table, a pitcher of water and two glasses. Upon the chairs sat two men, relaxing as they spoke on matters more nefarious than anything one would think in the given setting.

Mordeci picked up his glass, taking a sip as he looked over the city, the people bustling about their days, oblivious to the two. He turned to his companion, Krieg.

"Look at them. Oblivious to the heresy that their fellow citizens commit. I remember the day that I, too, was blind to that heresy." he said, frowning. It was a pleasant, warm day, the distance quieting the sounds of the city to a gentle hum.

"Our crusade shall enlighten them." he said after the slight pause.
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