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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Apr 19 2018, 07:28 PM

Name: Caoran

Gender: Male

Species: Kelpie


In his natural form, Caoran appears to be a grey equine with a back half much like that of a mudskipper. Fins sprout from his back and his mane is nearly black. His hooves are split and webbed. He can lower the fins on his back and tail so that they appear nearly flat, and often raises them when he feels threatened. Caoran's lips can pull back further than normal equine anatomy allows to reveal a mouth full of pointed teeth. His eyes are green and have horizontal pupils. Grey slime drips from his body.

While on land Caoran can appear as a normal horse with the same coloration.

As a human, Caoran is a fairly attractive man in his early twenties. His hair is a bit wirey, but long and the same color as his natural mane. He has green narrow eyes, thin brows, and often wears a slight smile. He seems athletic but not overly built. Loose, dully colored tunics and plain pants are the extent of his sense of fashion. His voice is smooth and he seems to speak very deliberately, with an accent that is impossible to place.


Caoran can send his thoughts to others as a form of communication. This doesn't show anything he doesn't want revealed, and is often interpreted as a mental voice.

As a shapeshifter, Caoran can turn into a human. He is skilled enough that he may shift out of this form quickly, but shifting back can take up to five minutes.

When attacked, he can generate a thick fog from the moisture in the surrounding air, and then use it to obscure his form as he spawns weak barriers from his reiatsu. Usually this is an effective get-away.

In his natural form, his bite is dangerous and he's more agile on land than you'd expect, thanks to the shape of his tail. His top ground speed is still less than a human can run, so he relies on surprise. In the water he's much quicker. His body can also exude a powerful slime that sticks fast to the victim, keeping them attached while he maneuvers to a more strategic position.

As a human, he's clumsy in a fight, preferring to shift at the earliest opportunity.
Aug 7 2017, 10:51 PM
Name: Blair

Gender: Male

Species: Snakekind - Naga


Blair is long, even for a naga. His serpentine lower half is thick and well-muscled, with a pattern reminiscent of a python’s. His scales are smooth, ranging from light brown to pale yellow in color, while his skin is beige. Above the waist, Blair is built like a swimmer. He appears to be in his early twenties. His face is angular, and sharply pointed ears only accentuate the effect. His hair is pale blond, short, and very fluffy.

Blair’s default expression when around other people is an overly amused smirk. His sclera are black, his irises deep gold, and his pupils are slit like a snake’s. His teeth are sharp and pointed. Around his waist he wears a large dark red sash that successfully hides the transition from scale to skin.

Every so often a pale forked tongue flicks out of his mouth when he’s nervous.

Blair has many abilities linked in some way to his species. He’s able to ‘see’ heat, and his sense of smell/taste is likewise sharp.

He can easily suffocate and crush weaker beings in his coils. His bite is strong, and he can unhinge his jaws.

He’s able to harness his Reiatsu to a fair degree, usually to exert an uncomfortable amount of pressure on others. Beyond that he tends to throw up energy shields. He could probably improve his control with practice.

He’s also a very good bluff.
Jul 21 2017, 05:00 PM
112 - Adult :: Dwarf :: Bodyguard/Mercenary/Thief
Currently in: Anywhere but Kurai, Minora, The Light Realm, The Dark Realm

Character Background
  • Was born and raised in the Dwarven city-state of Minora.
  • Disowned by her family after she was caught in the middle of a burglary.
  • Slipped away before she could be imprisoned.
  • Has worked for many years as a thief, though more recently has been trying to get into the mercenary business.
Plot Ideas
  • Aerro probably wouldn’t get along with other Dwarves. This could be fun.
  • Need an extra hand while adventuring or going into dangerous territory? Aerro doesn’t steal from those she works for!
  • Aerro needs drinking buddies. Or buddies in general. She can be quite gregarious.
  • Need something stolen? She can do that too!
  • Have a trader that doesn’t ask too many questions? Hit me up! :D
Current Plots
  • These might spin off into new plots and threads.
  • None yet!

    21 :: Naga :: Recluse
    Currently in: Anywhere but Kurai, The Light Realm, The Dark Realm

    Character Background

  • Never knew his parents, was raised by a dragon who claimed to have known his mother. He never had reason to doubt it.
  • He parted ways with his adoptive mother under good terms around four years ago.
  • He tends to trade with small towns. A bit. A teeny bit.
  • His adoptive dragon mother was recently killed by the Faction.
  • He doesn't know this yet.
Plot Ideas
  • He doesn't know his dragon-mom is dead yet. Would your character know?
  • After he finds out: Are you Faction? Wanna fight?
  • Want to recruit to help fight the Faction?
  • Alternatively Blair is a huge troll to most people he meets. He tends to alternatively flirt and pretend to be an evil man eater because he's a weirdo.
Current Plots
  • These might spin off into new plots and threads.
  • None yet!
Credit for the basic template goes to Dun of RPG-D. Please note that this template may be altered in any way from its original form to better suit individual plot-requesting needs. If redistributing in an altered format, please include credit for the original template.
Jul 19 2017, 11:30 AM

Name: Aerro

Gender: Female

Species: Dwarf

Appearance: Aerro doesn’t look like the typical dwarf. Her black hair is cropped into a chin length bob and contrasts with her pale skin. She stands at around three and a half feet tall, with a stocky, somewhat curved build. Her face is oval, with keen dark blue eyes and a bent nose with a slight crease between the start of the tip and the bridge. Her left nostril is pierced with a thick silver hoop, and her ears are similarly pierced through the helix.

Clothing wise, she prefers thick fabric and shades of brown and dark grey. Often she wears well-oiled leather body armor with a long dark brown leather long coat over. She has two large daggers sheathed at the hip, and a few smaller utility knives shoved into pockets sewn into her coat.

Aerro knows the bare basics of working a forge, though it’d be difficult getting her to do so. She’s physically strong and sturdy, though also unusually graceful for someone of her build. She uses her short height to her advantage, and is able to weave and dodge until she finds an opening to strike. Dual daggers are her preferred fighting style.

Pickpocketing, breaking and entering, and burglary were her main means of making a living growing up. Hiding and moving silently came with that.

She’s also a skilled taster of fine wine.
Jul 17 2017, 09:25 PM
Name: Phantasm

Gender: Male

Age: 127

Species: Heartwoodian Black

Phantasm is 7 feet at the shoulder, with a build that sacrifices bulk for grace. His tail is almost disproportionately long, and serves as his most obvious weapon. The tip of the tail itself is bladed, with two razor sharp edges on either side horizontally. He is covered in a mix of dark grey and black scales that are arranged in a distinctive crossband pattern, with a lighter belly. His wings are somewhat “elliptical” in shape, and grant him great maneuverability.

His snout is long and his head sports two pairs of horns that curve back, the lower pair more so than the upper. His spines are separated into groupings of three, with the middle spine being longer than the other two in the group. Glowing red venom drops from his fangs when he’s agitated.

Phantasm is very skilled at maneuvering his body in order to dodge an attack and counter with his own. In flight, he can change direction quickly, though isn’t able to reach the speeds of dragons with more pointed wings.

As most Heartwoodian Blacks, he produces deadly venom from his fangs as well as his tail, though his body tends to make more than he needs. His jaws often drip venom when he is angry, and even sometimes when he’s simply agitated. He has to take great care so that his “problem” doesn’t inadvertently harm others. Luckily he’s learned to keep most of it from getting out of control with a mixture of licking and inhaling sharply.

With his tail being as long as it, he is able to whip it about to hit enemies he normally wouldn’t be able to reach.
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