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Oct 31 2017, 10:44 PM

SETTING: Evylon, Driakkion, in the city of Fyr'krae

WEATHER: Clear Skies, Winter

TIME: 30 days behind current time.

Fyrendrang (Fyfergrund)
Nirania (Nerroth)
Oct 12 2017, 08:43 PM
Name: Nirania

Gender: Female

Species: Evylonian Red Dragon

Age: Young Adult

Appearance: She looks much like a standard Evylonian Red dragon, having bright red scales all over her body with some black ones around her neck area and on her back, resembling the color of soot. She has portruding orange spikes that go all the way down her back that fade into a black color near the ends. Her wing membranes are much the same, being a bright orange the color of regular fire fading into a soot-black color near the end. Her belly is a paler color of orange, with a little bit of red highlights.

Personality: Being both the companion and caretaker to her ancient temperamental grandfather Fyrendrang, she spends a majority of her time around him, to help him out when he might need it and above all, help him keep his mind in check and frequently travels with him whenever he decides to head out. As such, she displays more of a caring side than what one might expect from an Evylonian Red but as it is the nature of her specie's, she can at times still display aggressive tendencies but not as much as other reds are typically known for. Spending so much time around her grandfather, she has learned to keep her aggressive tendencies down moreso than a typical Red would otherwise show, having to keep calm whenever her grandfather goes into a rage. Similar to her grandfather, she isn't very keen on constantly being in the same place all the time and is thrilled to go with him on his travels, exploring and seeing new sights whenever the ancient red decides to leave and doesn't forget to take her with him, otherwise she will try and follow after him.

She is very proficient in fire and earth magics, as is standard for her kind. She is completely immune to fire and heat and has nearly mastered all it's forms, being able to simply breathe fire to manipulating it into different shapes at will. For the most part, she has much of the same abilities as her grandfather does but a scaled-down version of them. With her earth magic, she can likewise reshape it according to her will, at least while touching it and she can control lava to a pretty good degree as well.

She was blessed with pure white reiatsu, being able to traverse the void and go to different realms without the use of portal markers and she can likewise use her reiatsu in the form of pure white flames, being able to purify, cleanse, and heal with it or she may use it to burn.

Weaknesses: Being very attuned to fire as she is, ice magic and cold spells weaken her and being in colder areas likewise weakens her abilities and may do some damage to her. Some lightning magic may do damage to her as well along with how she can sometimes be a bit reckless given her youth combined with her specie's aggressive tendencies.

Born in Driakkion in the city of Fyr'krae to the Queen, growing up she spent a lot of time around her grandfather in his lair and often listened to stories about him. Over the years, she had heard talk about his temper and his mind not being all there along with his tendency to often forget things and have outbursts and it wasn't long before there was a family gathering to discuss the old red's temper and his memory problems and which one would become his 'caretaker' of sorts. Having gotten along so well with her grandfather and spending a lot of time with him anyway, she was volunteered to the task and while intially nervous about it at first, she soon settled into her occupation.
Jun 1 2017, 08:09 PM
Okay, so I had this idea for my Solar/Lunar dragon hybrid Nelarth.....

I can see him developing a crush/love interest in a Lunari woman. I was very shy and hesitant to post an ad for this idea of mine but Fyfergrund encouraged me to come out of my shell a bit and post it anyway, to try and see if anyone would be interested, so here it goes *takes deep breath*..... Now it would be particularly amusing if this was a cursed Lunari woman who held a bit of a grudge towards Lunars for the curse she and her kind were left with so very long ago. Now this would be my prefered route but to be fair to the player, I'm willing to work with other ideas, if anyone is interested that is.....
Feb 10 2017, 02:55 PM
Name: Nelarth

Gender: Male

Species: Solar Dragon/Lunar Dragon hybrid

Age: Young adult

He is built much like a typical western and his head is canine-esque in appearance. He bears a marking upon his forehead that takes the shape of a Sun during day and takes the shape of the Moon during night that will change in accordance to the phase of the Moon. He is mainly covered in fur all over with some elegant feathers that trail behind him and he also has furred wings. His coat is a golden color that shines in direct sunlight during day with silver markings while during night it, is generally reverses and changes to silver with gold markings except it becomes black on nights of the New Moon and sometimes his night coat will shift with the hues of the night sky over all.

He is somewhat of a shy guy but can also be stubborn and temperamental though he will be kind if he is treated the same way and with respect. He loathes the Faction of Hope for taking his parents away from him and enslaving them though he is honorable and tries to do what he feels is right and will try and help fight and assist others when he is able to. He has some self-doubt issues and often blames himself for his parents' capture and wishes he had been stronger and could have prevented their capture and considers the Faction of Hope to be a bunch of racists who dispose of anyone that does not agree with them.

Being a hybrid between a Solar Dragon and Lunar dragon, he can effectively harness power from the Sun and Moon due to his mixed heritage. He may wield Water and Darkness from his Lunar heritage though he primarily specializes in the elements of Fire and Light. His flames are a bright golden or white color during day and a silver color during night and turn black on nights of the New Moon. He may use his flames either offensively or to purify and heal injuries and areas tainted with malice and due to his Solar heritage, he may imbue Solar Energy into his flames and help plantlife grow but he has much to learn about his abilities because he is still very young. In addition he has Solar Vision and Lunar vision and is able to "perceive" through either a Sun or a Moon, being able to see what the Sunlight/Moonlight is touching though this is limited only to the surrounding area he is in and it is a rather draining ability.
Feb 9 2017, 07:46 PM
Hello everyone! I am a rather shy person but I do love fantasy a lot and this is the very first roleplay forum I've joined so I'm inexperienced when it comes to this sort of thing though I do look forward to talking and roleplaying with everyone!
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