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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Dec 28 2017, 12:14 PM
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Dec 26 2017, 08:29 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Fenrir and you

SETTING: somewhere in the wicked range

WEATHER: clear morning without a cloud in the sky

TIME: current

Jun 30 2017, 05:16 PM
Name: Pataimel (PAH TAY MEHLL)

Gender: Male.

Species: Zirus Empyrian

Appearance: A face you thought you'd only see in your nightmares, his head is skull-like but with massive faceted eyes that that start at the front of his head but curve around to the sides like the windows of some deep-sea machine. On both sides of his vertical jaws grow a pair of massive serrated mandibles of enchanted metal that flatten to a fine edge on either side. Beneath these mandibles are two small legs called the pedipalps, these have been replaced by a multi tool for things like screw-driving and welding. Between his massive eyes and his mouth grow a pair of very long, segmented and armored antennae that are prehensile like a monkey's tail.

He has two legs growing out of his armored back the ends of which have been replaced by wicked scythes and where his primary zirus arms would be now grow a pair of human-like mechanical arms. His legs are long and stag-like and have been replaced by metal at the knee; his feet are stilt-like and bladed. On his back he has long wing-shields that can be opened to reveal a pair of oval-shaped wings that were once clear as crystal but are now blackened due to the empyrian oil that now flows through them. Pataimel can still fly if not very well due to all the added weight of the mechanical parts, he has the tendency to land flat on his armored back and flail for a little while before he manages to get back on his feet.

Pataimel is quite large for a zirus, standing at 6'2 and weighting 500 pounds due to all the mechanical parts. He has no melee weapons because frankly every part of him is one but he usually lugs around a small ship cannon that fires a harpoon of enchanted metal. At some point of the empyrean process Pataimel lost his ability to speak and can only buzz, click and hiss to communicate. Fortunately his zirus powers have allowed him to bond his mind with his pet cockatrice which being part parrot can speak on his behalf in its happy screeching parrot voice. The parrot's name is an unpronounceable cicada-like buzzing sound.

Abilities: Pataimel can speak using telepathy but he is happy to have his parrot translate his speech and never uses his power. He is a tinkerer, a brilliant one, they say there ain't no trinket he can't fix.
Jun 29 2017, 01:37 PM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Fyfer, Fenrir, OPEN (feel free to hop in)

SETTING: somewhere nearby the Bones of the Earth.

WEATHER:Clear and sunny although as in any tropical environment, that is no guarantee that a torrential storm won't magically materialize on top of you at any given moment.

TIME: today

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Rasha, Kirama, Reynard
Apr 26 2017, 10:30 AM
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Fenrir & ??? (Open)

SETTING: somehwere out there in the badlands.

WEATHER: noon.

TIME: Current.

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