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 Bad, but Big, Dreams
PLAYERS INVOLVED: @Wordna @Fyfergrund

SETTING: Leonine

WEATHER: Cloudy, slight rain

TIME: Current

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Aislinn, Romulus, and Wrex
Birds singing out the window. A bright light dully reflected off of white walls. The beginning of the day was at hand, Aislinn's least favorite.
Aislinn started to shift and turn in bed, getting ready for the hardship that will face her very soon.

Getting. Out of. Bed.

She thrashed and squirmed, blankets getting tangled up with her in the process. She then tried to take just one step out of bed, still squirming. As she brought her foot to rest on the ground, nothing happened for a few seconds, then the entire mattress flipped. Sheets and all spilled over like a waterfall, promptly collapsing to the ground. Her body only twitched for a few seconds, like roadkill, then started moving to get the blankets, pillows, and mattress off of her. Moaning with disdain, she finally got the last of the sheets off of her. She then got up and frustratedly remade the bed. As she left her room, she once again decided her relationship with beds is one secret she'll take to the grave.

She walked off at a brisk pace to her closet, full of clothes. Opening the door, she saw her usual collection of dark clothes, but still with a wide variety. She picked out a woolen, dark green shirt, and dark purple leggings. This normally wouldn't look good, considering the clash of colors, but she thought it would be fine with her dark brown belt on. Slipping on her belt, she was all but ready to go. All she needed was some black socks, and her good old brown boots.
As Aislinn went about her morning routine, said routine was abruptly interrupted by somebody pounding on her front door. If she listened carefully, she would be able to hear a muffled conversation just outside, broken by brief moments of silence as if whoever was so keen to gain her attention was listening for any sounds that she was up and about.

After a moment, whoever it was pounded again, more loudly this time. "Open in the name of Mina, Queen of all Felnova!" demanded a loud voice as, outside, the small squad of Faction soldiers waited in growing impatience as two of them scanned the skies while the other scanned the nearby landscape. The first kept his attention firmly upon the door, hand resting on the mace hanging from his belt.

Meanwhile, part of the reason the soldiers were so on edge was safely out of sight...atop Aislinn's house. Wrex had been in a grumpy mood even before he and Romulus had run afoul of a Faction patrol, as he had once again found himself the victim of the eccentric dragon's sudden whim. He lay atop the roof, balanced carefully and holding very still so as not to make a sound as he mentally cursed both Romulus and the Faction.

Unfortunately, the dragon had been wounded during the confrontation, and Wrex had been forced to venture into Leonine to pilfer some rags to use as bandages, and some healing salve he had taken from the Faction barracks. Unfortunately, before he could slip back out of the town, the Faction was up in arms, and alerting the local citizens to be on the lookout for strangers.
Finally pulling on her boots, she closed and locked the closet.

She was a bit annoyed that Fraction members had come knocking on her door. They'd been patrolling the streets all day and night, making herself have to exhaust herself for no reason by teleporting directly to a special door the owner of a nearby inn had installed just for her, so she could get out at night if the case ever arrived. She'd eaten John's dreams so much over the years, he practically had no self preservation instinct when she was around. He'd do anything she asked without question. He truly was the perfect toy.

Another loud knock followed by angry yelling brought her back to reality. Using a very small, unnoticeable amount of magic, she masked her eye color to the usual blue she used when talking to fraction members. She then grabbed a simple pair of black gloves to mask the symbol on her hand.

She walked over to the door, straightened her posture, and opened it with a cheerful smile on her face.

"Oh. I never expected some of the fraction themselves to come knocking at my door! Something must be very wrong. If you're coming to try to recruit me, I'm sorry to say but I'm far too weak to join as your superiors have already told me." She says at first happily, then confused, then apologetically, all the while hoping it's nothing more than a mixup.

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The group of soldiers didn't seem impressed by her excuse. The leader of the patrol gave her a bit of a sour look, but otherwise maintained a professional look.

"That's not what we're here for. Earlier this morning a dragon bearing a rider was seen not far from here, and engaged in a short fight with a local patrol before fleeing. Every citizen is to remain on alert for any signs of more of the foul beasts, or strangers. Failure to report sightings of anyone or anything out of the ordinary will be considered an act of betrayal, a crime punishable by imprisonment, with further punishments as decreed by the local authorities," he declared. He gazed past her into her house for a moment, then back at her.

"Do you live here alone?" he demanded. Above them, on the roof, Wrex's hand closed around his katar's hilt as the Faction lieutenant referred to dragon-kind as 'foul'. Both for poor Boros' sake, and, somewhat to his surprise, for Romulus's sake as well. Irritating as the feather-headed dragon could be, he certainly wasn't foul by any means.
She tuned out the end of his statement, and started to think up a reply.

"I'm the only living thing in this house! I don't really live with other people, as my parents live in Mordue, but that's enough about me! You probably have at least a hundred or even more so houses to ask." She said jovially, trailing off into concern at the end, her kind and concerned grin ever present.

She thought about Jim for a second, but he's technically in an underground cavern beneath her house, chained up as always. Good old Jim. She then made a quick note in her head to eat the dreams of some of the higher ranked individuals of the Faction later.

"Hope you all do well!" She then said in a nice tone.

Already having had enough of these guys. She aims for a more obvious conversation ender, hoping they'll get her message. But she let's none of her annoyance show in her voice, not a drop.

Using just an ounce of illusion magic, she also gives him a steadily increasing cold feeling. Never enough for is conscious mind to ever pick up, but enough to urge on the subconscious to get warm and moving.
The Faction lieutenant continued to stare at her with a hard look in his eyes for a few moments. He was tempted to make up some reason to search her house, irked as he was by her flippant tone, but she did have a point. There were still a good many houses he and his men needed to visit. A sudden chill sent a small shiver up his spine, and he pulled his cloak tighter around him as he briefly gazed skyward, where the clouds were releasing a steady, light rain.

Then, without another word, he turned and strode off, his men falling in behind him as he marched towards the next house. Atop the roof, Wrex carefully peeked over the edge as the soldiers marched away, his grip on his katar relaxing as they continued on, and around a bend. Then, very carefully, he moved to the edge of the house, and dropped down.

Immediately upon landing, he silently cursed his luck. His landing had been soft, but he was crouched right beside a window set low enough for him to be able to see inside. And if he could see inside, then the woman inside could see him easily enough, if she happened to look his way. If she did, he would raise a finger to his lips, and hope she wanted to avoid drawing Faction attention as much as he did.
After she closed the door, Aislinn watched the Faction members walk down the street and around the bend through her window. About to turn away, she then briefly saw a humanoid shape fall into view of the window. Assuming the worst, she quickly focused on something else before he could have the chance to turn around and see her.

There's two most likely scenarios. The most likely is that a criminal was waiting up there, do to the horrible placement of their fall, mostly likely do to their haste. Second most likely is that a newer member of the Faction was sent to see what she did after the rest left. She was nice, but she could tell over years of cold reading that he was annoyed with her too, mostly why she didn't stop. But it could be interpreted by someone of a more skilled nature that she's hiding something. They had reasons against searching her house so the main group had no choice but to leave, but they might've left a spy here. She needed to prepare for both scenarios.

She walked up and unlocked her closet, Aislinn grabbed an already packed backpack, sitting on the floor. Then, she walked into her bedroom, a room without any windows, and quickly checked that the person sitting outside still couldn't see her. Seeing that she was out of view, she pulled out two bone carven Runes from a secret pocket inside the main pillow, and placed them quickly under a purposely padded section of her shirt, made to blend into her shirt specifically for this same purpose. She knew like this the Runes she had were properly hidden.

Only having spent around 15 seconds in the bedroom, Wrex had not moved. She emerged and silently opened the front door, looking straight at him.

"Hello mister! You look awfully cold and wet out here! Why not come in for a nice cup of coffee?" She whispered quietly but happily, winking at the end.
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