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Jul 10 2018, 03:53 PM
Name: Eoghan

Gender: Male

Species: Minotaur - Subtype: Druid


General Garif character model from FF12.

Eoghan stands at nine feet, eight inches tall, however a foot and of that is contributed to his extremely large horns. His horns are pretty bulky, but flat, making their use as weapons fairly limited, this has lead to Eoghan to both decorate and take care of his horns, bringing a slight luster to their dull brown. To compliment his horns, his fur is somewhere between a mix of brown and orange, and incredibly long hair brings out this trait even moreso. However; his face is almost always shrouded beneath a beaked mask, beneath his mask is a traditional snout, large black eyes, and furred face that matches the rest of his coat. His bare skin is tanned, due to traveling and being underneath the sun for most of his life.

Included in this, is Eoghan’s attire. Typically wearing a kind of harness that comes set with pauldrons made of blackened steel. Around his palms and forearm are a set of leather gauntlets that are laced along the side. Around his waist is a set of faulds, also made of blacken steel, but are rather woven as opposed to being plate. His pants are extremely baggy, though this is to help hide the large amount of fluff that Eoghan simply can't keep down when it comes to his his leg fur. Finally securing his traditional wear, Eoghan dons leather greaves. His hooves have also been shod in iron, due to the amount of walking Eoghan does.

Within most instances, Eoghan is also seen with an incredibly large backpack, almost identical to a small wagon. It has the ability to be propped open overhead to provide shade, a stick is also extended outward that holds a lantern close to Eoghan’s head. The pack is made from an incredibly durable tanned wood, and covered with a amethyst purple tarp that has faded over the years. The interior itself holds deep shelves, and other divites and pockets for storage of various goods and wears.


Physical Ability: Eoghan is a well versed traveller, and added to his minotaur lineage, has an incredible amount of stamina and willpower to just keep trucking. It takes a lot for Eoghan to tire, and at some times can be seen walking for three days straight without let up. His motivement has kept him in prime strength as well, due to having to support an incredibly large backpack full of his wares for decades. It can be assumed that Eoghan is a minotaur in his prime, and similar in power to his peers. Therefore it can be said, that while Eoghan is fairly average in the world of minotaur strength, he has an incredible amount of stamina, and endurance, even when compared to others of his race.

Druid: Eoghan discovered his gift around one-hundred and twenty years ago. It was when he first shifted into an incredibly large moose (similar to that of our east siberian moose, if not larger). However; he does not often shift into his animal form, but when he does, it is a sight to behold. The coat in his moose form seems to have been layered with moss, and delicate pink azaleas, if not showing Eoghan’s incredibly gentle nature. Even with his Druid gifts, Eoghan typically only uses it to form small flower crowns for children, and can often be found with a lute, singing to plant life. However; he is in tune with his gift well enough to be able to form great vines to form ladders, and other ways in aiding others.

Weather Reiatsu: Eoghan was blessed with weather control, but has not spent a lot of time to train his natural gift. Due to this, at most, Eoghan can create incredibly small clouds, enough to provide shade for himself, and to help water the gardens he tends to. However; doing so requires a fair bit of egenery, so when he does dabble in weather control, it’s typically to nourish something roughly the size of the common house plant.


Lover, not a fighter: In spite of his incredible strength, and magic ability, Eoghan refuses to fight, and is incredibly stubborn about it, unless women, children, or the elderly are attacked, and even then, would rather act as a stalwart defender than aggressor. Even when personally attacked, Eoghan would rather try to diffuse or calm a violent situation, rather than attack. Included in this, is that he will never use his druid powers in an act of violence, except in situations where large amount of vegetation would be harmed or destroyed. This is his stubborn code of honor, and would much rather try to scare off would be attackers with his incredible size, rather than harm.

Summarized History:

Eoghan was born roughly one-hundred and six years ago. He was an incredibly curious, and free-spirited child, often obsessed with adventure and discovering what was beyond is incredibly small island. He also had a strong affinity for the natural fauna and flora of the island, which was incredibly off to his parents, seeing as the two were masons. Watching passing boats, and the birds soar in the heavens overhead always filled Eoghan with longing. He even discovered his gift fairly early in life, well his ability to control the weather. However; he was afraid of storms, and instead repressed his desire to learn more about his abilities. Around the age of thirty, a large trade vessel had crashed ashore, and in a sense of panic, and desire to help those on the vessels, rushed forth, and found himself in the form of an incredibly large moose, standing level with fellow minotaurs while on all fours. After clearing away large amounts of debris and rubble with his powerful antlers, Eoghan reverted back to his bovine appearance. Incredibly thankful, the captain of the trade ship offered Eoghan a spot on his crew when the next vessel arrived. Viewing this as his opportunity to escape, Eoghan took it, and began his own adventure.

After some years working as a crewman, Eoghan wished to explore the gift he had discovered, and as fate would will it, a passenger on a ship he was crew for, was a traveling musician faun. The faun took notice to Eoghan’s voice, and how it seemed to harmonize with nature. He offered Eoghan to come with him to the vast forests of Evylon. There, Eoghan was taught of his gift, the fact that he was a druid. He readily embraced the prospect of being one with nature, and was happy for some time. After living with the fauns for years however; Eoghan grew restless of the forest home, and once more took an interest in the birds of the heavens, and of the roaming creatures of the world. He set off once more into the world, becoming a lone nomad, and eventually took up the profession of being a personal caravan, transporting goods and services for those that would want it. That has been his life for decades, and that is where our real history begins.
Jul 10 2018, 01:40 PM
Howdy pals, I'm Aimon and that one dude Nyte referred me here! Im excited to meet everyone and have fun rping with you all. Uhhh i play the video games, like animangos and pretty much most nerdy things out there? The dark tower is my favorite book series, but im a bit of a book nerd and like lots of stories. Im basically an open book so yeeeah. I dunno intros are hard. Ive already said hi in the discord n stuff too :)
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