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Yesterday at 02:29 pm
PLAYERS INVOLVED: Shuhei, Elffri3nd

SETTING: Ibenia, A Plague of Rats has taken the city by storm

WEATHER: Heavy Snow

TIME: Current; Night Time

Jul 8 2018, 11:04 AM

Gender: Male

Species: Equus Greater Ghost

Age: Died at 14

Personality: Above all, Gheleon is loyal. His loyalty to his rider has resulted in Gheleon's spirit unable to find peace as a result of Eddard's own trauma, which has lead him to return to to the Mortal Realm as a Greater Ghost alongside his companion. Gheleon has risen for the sole purpose of guiding Eddard's soul through the Mortal Realm, to help accomplish whatever goal might put Eddard's soul at rest. Their souls are bound to one another and for this reason Gheleon is often overly protective of his rider and will act harshly towards anyone that shows any signs of aggression and sometimes even affection towards him, if Gheleon is not trusting of the individual.

In many ways Gheleon reflects Eddard's personality when he was alive. Joyful and happy as well as prideful and courageous. He possesses intelligence far beyond that of a regular horse and can understand the common tongue quite well, though he cannot speak it. The Stallion outwardly expresses his emotions in various ways, such as stomping its foot or nodding its head and will always make its opinion known among a group.

Abilities: Gheleon's force of will has allowed him to return to the Mortal Realm as a Greater Ghost to guide his Rider Eddard. As a Greater Ghost, Gheleon is capable of maintaining a completely physical form and blending in well enough to pass for an actually living animal. Though at any time, Gheleon can revert back to his incorporeal form and pass through physical objects and barriers allowing him to run like the wind over and through any terrain or obstacle with great ease. Only Eddard or other Ghosts can physically touch or cause harm to Gheleon when he becomes incorporeal. This allows Eddard to ride Gheleon even when he transcends his physical form.

Through sheer force of will Gheleon can draw upon his own Reiatsu and the Reiatsu of the world around him to generate strong currents of air that enhances its capabilities enormously. Gheleon can run like the wind, generating currents of air to propel him farther and faster with ever step and generate force-field like barriers of air to plow through oncoming traffic. Utilizing these abilities Gheleon is capable of a pseudo form of flight, capable of propelling himself high in to the air and generate currents of air by galloping to guide his fall with great precision. The Ghostly wind Gheleon generates appears misty and will form a great deal of fog in whatever area Gheleon might be using his abilities. More often than not a thick veil of fog will follow Gheleon and his rider wherever they may roam.
Jul 8 2018, 08:09 AM

SETTING: Vystriana's Northern Mountains, Vash's Castle

WEATHER: Blizzard

TIME: Current

Jun 23 2018, 05:37 AM

Gender: Male

Species: Human Greater Ghost

Age: Died at 27

Personality: The battle that took Eddard's life was a trauma that left a scar on his soul. Much of who he was in life is gone and he now roams the Mortal Realms a Ghost. Much of his mind and his memories have been lost and even as he roams the land he has a great deal of difficulty retaining information and memories from his past. The remorse he feels from the loss of his Lady during the great battle is unyielding, and much of him remains trapped within that moment. As a result he's prone to fits of rage and he's sometimes incapable of deciphering friend from foe, seeing only the enemy soldiers he fought against in his final moments. Though these fits do require some form of trigger, he can be somewhat unpredictable at times. Though there is always struggle in his heart, his will is still strong and he can recall the jovial persona he once had in life while in pleasant company.

As a Knight, Eddard demonstrates a great deal of chivalry and always carries himself in a Noble manner. He more often than not speaks formally especially in the presence of the opposite sex, showing women a great deal of courtesy often referring to them as "My Lady." Though brave, Eddard's fractured mind has resulted in him being extremely naive and is easily taken advantage of. He is sometimes overly willing to assist strangers and though he does in fact do a lot of good, he can easily be manipulated in to doing a lot of bad. When he finally realizes he's been had it's often too late, however his nature as a Spirit of Vengeance will allow him to retain the memories of betrayal and he will carry that hatred with him for all of eternity.

Abilities: A Greater Ghost can manifest itself in many ways. As a soul that simply cannot accept its own passing, or as a spirit of vengeance that cannot rest until it accomplishes a certain Goal. Eddard is the latter form of Greater Ghost, manifesting himself in the real world to accomplish an unknown task to atone for the loss of his Lady. He solidifies his body within the realm of the living to fight and relive the very battle that took his life. In combat he makes excellent use of his incorporeal form, phasing in and out of the real world to avoid attacks or to move through obstacles in his way and in turn he solidifies his body to land swift and deadly blows upon his enemies. Though while he maintains a physical form he exposes himself to physical harm and while incorporeal he cannot make physical contact with the real world and thus cannot cause harm to his enemies.

Both his sword and his spear are as much a part of him as his own beating heart. At will he can summon these weapons in to his hand and wield them with great skill. Eddard wields magic instinctually, drawing upon his own Reiatsu and the Reiatsu of the world around him to bend the air around his movements. In battle his ferocity and sheer force of will allows him to move the air around his body and weapons to empower his movements and his attacks allowing him to move swiftly and strike with inhuman strength. When wielding his spear he can generate extremely powerful currents of air that can blow away his enemies and also circulate air around the tip of his spear to pierce the strongest armor. When wielding his sword he can repel the swing of a Giant's hammer and generate streams of air that slash and cut at far greater distances than his blade is actually capable of reaching.

As a Greater Ghost, Eddard cannot die. However he can be dealt a Killing blow and sent back to the spirit realm for a certain amount of time so that he can regenerate. The same applies to wounds he sustains in battle. His physical body can not heal itself in the Mortal Realms so he must return to the Spirit Realm to regenerate his health. Spiritual Attacks can cause direct damage to his soul and is the only real threat to his incorporeal form, capable of causing him harm even while he is in his Ghost form. The act of returning to the Spirit Realm takes an enormous toll on Eddard's mind which is already fractured from his death, so he does not do so for minor cuts and bruises. Every time he Returns to the Spirit Realm he loses a piece of his memories and may even forget everything that has happened to him during his last visit to the Mortal Realm.
Jun 22 2018, 02:08 PM
Hola, I'm Shuhei.

I've been RPing since I was a teenager and I've still not gotten any better at it, goddarnit. JK, though I've never RPed on such a broad fantasy board like this before and I'm excited to give it a try~ I've already met some of you in chat and I'm feeling very optimistic about this place. I hope you'll all welcome me with arms wide open and we can all sing Creed together. I hope you're all old enough to remember Creed or else that won't be funny at all. I actually don't like Creed very much. I know right?

on a side note, RaeHavoc referred me to this forum so I thought I'd formally state that so that she can get them points~ Thanks.
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