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» Realm Quicklinks, quick directory of Realm-related pages
Here you can find a directory of links related to the Realm of Lizzarkyth. This will include a link to Realm information and related pages, common species, Realm lore, group pages, and more!

This includes a link to the Realm information at a glance, and all accompanying countries.

Realm player-made groups can be found here, as well as various Realm-specific lore notes.
Constellations Gods Order of Mages

Commonly found species located in the Realm; links and related information can be found here. This is, however, not the ONLY species that may be found in this Realm - any and all species may be found, regardless of species.
Species List

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Basilisk Circadian Elemental Imp Lyzard Odius Sin Saurian Shriekan Unicorn

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