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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Apr 16 2018, 03:45 PM
Name: Eleni

Gender: Female

Species: Pure Elf

Family: Heron (dark elf)


Tall and slender almost the the point of malnutrition, Eleni cuts a particularly lanky, graceful figure. When not hidden under layers of cloth and wraps, her skin is so pale it faintly glows in the darkness, and her hair, which falls in thick ringlets to her shoulders, is whiter than cobwebs. Even her lips and eyelashes are devoid of color; in contrast, her eyes are shockingly blue, saturated in the tradition of the pure elf gene.

Eleni, however, prefers to hide these distinctive features. Mistrusted and easily identified among the drow of D'issan, she learned long ago to cover up her skin under layers of black cloth and grey wraps, even going so far as to wind a scarf around her hair. Ashes, rubbed into her skin, dull the brightness and give her a semblance of belonging among the other natives of the underground city. She wears a single diamond teardrop earring in her left ear, matched by her brother's, and a vial of refined darklily essence that acts as a safeguard against capture.


To call Eleni loyal is an understatement. After their mother died in childbirth and their father joined the Faction to throw down the Golden Queen, Eleni took it upon herself to care for her younger brother by whatever means necessary. Unfortunately, as a poor denizen of little note in the depths of D'issan, those means did not leave much room for moral scruples.

It began with petty theft and ended with Eleni attempting to rob a high-ranking Faction member in the Council's own quarters. Caught, she was given the choice of accepting the role of an informant or dying then and there. Even then, Eleni's only thought was for her sibling lying awake for her with a hungry stomach. The choice was obvious.

So began many months of Eleni ferreting out traitors in the Faction's ranks, their exposure traded for her and Heron's ongoing safety. Rather than grow to resent the boy for the choices she made, Eleni's hatred of the Faction strengthened, and she would often tuck Heron in at night with stories of beautiful places safe from the reach of Nina - the exile continent of Khankirae. The dreams did not only take root in the boy; for long hours after Heron fell asleep, Eleni would think of how they could make their way there, leaving this war and its dangers far behind. But always, she would be reminded of the darklily vial resting on her breast, and the promise of death if they tried.


As a pure elf, Eleni has a natural strength in light magic. She manifests it in many forms: a ball of blue light, favoured in dark places; a shifting fog toxic to creatures affiliated with shadow; a shield with the consistency and transparency of glass, held together through will; and, in extreme situations, in the form of a dagger with the same solid qualities. This last action, done presumably in an act of violence, is difficult for her to maintain for long durations as it takes considerable concentration to keep the magic corporeal while also fighting an enemy of any skill.

This, of course, means that it's much simpler to keep an array of ordinary knives on hand instead. Eleni dresses in form-fitting clothes that allow her the greatest freedom of movement; her weapons, therefore, are small and easily concealed, with one sliding into a sheath-pocket on the small of her back, another strapped to the inside of her calf and one on her arm, and a fourth hidden in the sole of her boot. She keeps lockpicking pins and a small vial of sealant for refolding letters or missives undetected.

For all her physical preparations, however, Eleni makes for a poor fighter. Accustomed to stealth and light as a feather besides, she has never received formalized training in combat and would fare no better than a child with a sword or a bow in hand. When faced with such opponents, she must rely on her quick wit to evade them, and has made an undignified escape out across the rooftops more than once.
Mar 31 2018, 07:31 PM
Location: Albronel. Time: Current; Weather: Clear.

Welcome to Meanwhile...! These threads will not be able to be replied to, but will hold an event or a scene away from player characters, featuring the goings-on of NPCs in the worlds where we write. However, this is a special Meanwhile, featuring Nina, Queen Priestess of the Faction of Hope! Like any other Meanwhile, the happenings of this thread may be utilized in played threads, used as thread prompts, listed in the IC Gossip thread, used in character histories, or any number of things. This particular one is directly related to the event Faction Retreat!

Do have fun, and enjoy the read!

This thread will be archived on 05/30/18!
Mar 25 2018, 05:38 PM
Name: Pascha

Gender: Male

Species: Xeriin (Forestkin)

Age: 13


Pascha looks to be, at first glance, pretty much indistinguishable from the hundreds of other children who linger after their parents have gone to war. Dressed in a well-worn tunic and pair of trousers, the only thing that stands out in his outfit are shoes - a part of polished leather boots, in fact, lovingly cared for and far too big for him. His hair is chestnut brown and raggedly cut with a dagger so that it doesn't grow past his shoulders. Brown freckles dot his nose, and his eyes, aggressively green, stand out in a slender bird-boned face.

On closer inspection, however, it becomes impossible to miss the long downy brown rabbit ears hiding in his hair. Extremely sensitive to touch, they are nevertheless indicative of Pascha's mood, and will stand up, flop, twitch, or quiver in response to the emotions that flood his childish mind. They are not the only beastlike quality about him; his footpaws, hidden in his boots, closely resemble those of a large hare, complete with soft brown fur that continues up his calves before smoothly transitioning into human skin once more. Supposedly he has a tail, but certainly no one has had the privilege to see it.


How do you tell a child he can't grow up to fight? Pascha's well-meaning caretakers struggle with this question every day that they see the scrawny rabbit-boy chase after his fellows. Orphaned by the Faction War, Pascha was initially quiet, hanging back from the other children of the monastery. But as time passed and he came out of his shell, it surprised everyone that he did so with a vengeance; not content to play games or lord over his natural skill at running, Pasha would follow the older boys around instead. Though he could barely lift a sword and was never able to throw anyone down in a wrestling match, Pascha tried everything that they did, sometimes obsessive to the point of self-injury.

But it was hopeless to turn him aside with thoughts of skills more suited to his ability. Though Pascha was the fastest, quietest, and most attentive child there (no one could sneak up on him, and he was forbidden to play hide and seek), the boy looked at these talents as deeply shameful. Warriors didn't run. Warriors didn't sneak around in the dark. Conflicted, he took to wearing a pair of cast-off boots that he stole from Jack, the orphanage's protector, hiding his paws and simultaneously making himself that much clumsier. Of course, it shortly became a pastime around the grounds to "scare Pascha out of his boots."


As a rabbit Xeriin, Pascha has certain species' strengths: he is exceptionally fast, has incredible hearing, and instinctive reflexes that go well beyond conscious thought. He is able to see in the dark and has eidetic memory, meaning he can perfectly visualize anything that he commits to mind. His body is lighter than that of most children his age; though it is clear to all but him that he will never develop a knight's body or strength, his insistence to pursue the training of older boys has given him a particular lean muscle that can handle his own bodyweight and cardiovascular strains with ease.

In terms of reiatsu, Pascha is untrained, and so any magical outbursts are unlikely to be controlled or focused enough to deal any real damage. One weapon he is skilled with is the rapier; a small dagger common to assassins, he keeps it on his person for especially dangerous bullies, though he loathes using it.
Mar 9 2018, 06:52 PM
Name: Makarios {The Black Dog}

Gender: Male

Species: Sol'tera, subspecies Iahake.


As with most iahake, Makarios' skin is a shade of black so deep it appears almost violet in the sunlight. He is a huge figure at nearly seven feet tall, and thickly built; in fact, though muscular, he is too heavy for the sleek horses of the desert and is forced to walk or run alongside.

Everything about Makarios is dark. His hair is distinct from his skin only in texture; shaved on the sides, he gathers it into a braid that hangs down past his massive shoulders. His eyes are similarly black, and forbiddingly cold. Though he speaks rarely and is unimpressed by scholarship, he is not stupid, and those who make that mistake are cut down without remorse. The man seems unaffected by morals or honorable codes, and does not distinguish between an irate subordinate and an enemy. The result is that Makarios rules his subordinates through a mixture of fear and admiration, often attracting the worst brutes into his command; it is unsurprising that, though employed by the Faction, he is often found in the remotest of detachments.


Makarios is a brutal fighter and almost all offense. He wields a double-headed battle axe that can cleave most humanoid enemies in two and disembowel an unlucky dragon. Talented in the magic of the iahake, he employs a mixture of shadow and fire to overwhelm several opponents at once, often dispatching them one at a time under the cover of the barrage.

Outside of these strategies, Makarios is terrifyingly strong. He can lift a horse and throw it out of his way, making men and women seem like matchsticks in comparison. His stamina is also impressive, allowing him to keep pace with a contingent for hours before finally exhausting himself. There are many who whisper of giant blood in his veins, or enchantments that grant him his monstrous physical abilities, but the clever ones can pick out his weaknesses in agility and leadership, as well as obvious vulnerabilities toward light or water based elements. While it is true that killing or incapacitating Makarios would be incredibly hard, escaping him would not.
Mar 9 2018, 06:26 PM
Hey peeps, I'm looking for a partner in crime to play a Guardian Warden with my character, Aphoria (info found here).


Guardian Warden info is located here. Take a gander. The shortform of the situation is that a Guardian Warden can be any sentient animal species. I'm looking to partner up Aphoria with a Guardian that you shape. This will be done IC, so you can be reassured of an opportunity to roleplay out their beginnings and see how they develop a friendship, and, later, this incredible bond.

If you are interested, please hit me up on Discord!
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