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» IMPORTANT THREADS, those significant to the sitewide plot

Below are the links and descriptions of the ongoing important, plot-based IC threads. Hop on in with a character, or simply follow along; the events that occur in these threads will affect threads throughout the rest of the site.

Keep in mind: if you currently play a plot position and are part of one of these threads, you must post within a week of your turn or risk losing your positions.


The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune || darkeh + Verridith + JPG
Nina gathers her forces in Everdawn, and has issued orders to the Faction and its cities as it continues to expand.

CLARION CALL || Verridith + darkeh + Mitternacht + Fyfergrund + Khamnin + Xikhara + Thatguy + Motoko
Verridith has called a meeting in the Crystal Fortress to any and all still loyal to the Vystrian crown, to discuss the next step in the battle against the Faction.

Fury of the Woodlands || Verridith + Fyfergrund + Khamnin + Nerroth
Rynorel Forest rises against the Faction of Hope, attacking the city of Alzock.

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