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» unrelated role-play rules *, Please read these over first; thank you.
BTACD is going to be starting up an unrelated forum, where you can role-play with other BTACD members. For this reason, however, we have to lay some ground rules about what you can and cannot do when role-playing here!

i. Rules for main role-play do not apply here; however, if you expect to involve vaguely sexual acts or anything else that would violate main r/p rules, please put a warning in your title. Please keep in mind that sex-related role-play must still be fade-to-black, or taken to email.

ii. If you can't change the title, please put it in large bold letters at the head of your role-play topic's start.

iii. In order to start or participate in an unrelated, you must have at least one character in the main role-play.

iv. You may have as many unrelated role-plays as you like; however, there are some limitations. One of which is, naturally, that you must be able to keep up with them all. Following rule three, for every unrelated role-plays you have, you must have one thread in the main role-play.

Thanks, and have fun role-playing in our unrelated section!
These have been updated, as they were reverted to an older set during the move. Thankies!

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