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Welcome to the land of dragons and elves; demons and death. Here, you may weave tales of all creatures, great and small - magic is found in everything, and many worlds one can explore are open for discovery. By Tooth And Claw Dragons, often shortened to BTACD, is an original high fantasy role-play site with over eighty species and ten solid worlds, fifteen years strong. Freedom of creativity is boundless within the established lore, and member suggestions are not only accepted, but encouraged. We release new content monthly, and are always expanding our wondrous Realms. Come and play with magic, honor the great gods, and beware the balance that governs all...
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Dragons, books, movies, some games, drawing, writing characters (even if I never finish them), and creating.
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About:: For the moment I'm a noob to BTACD, but I hope to improve my knowledge of the site and my roleplaying skill (or writing skill in general). I have several characters already created, and can't wait to introduce them and improve them. I enjoy characters with sad, dark, or twisted backstories(not sure exactly why). Any constructive criticism or help getting to know how the site works is appreciated.
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Sep 23 2017, 01:01 PM
This is my inactivity notice.

Name;; Sagramour
Estimated time gone;;

So... I know I was just about to get started on here, but... I'm having to leave already... Due to circumstances outside my control I won't be able to get onto this site for who knows how long. If I ever do get to return, I WILL get started properly. Thanks to those who helped me get started and who welcomed me into the site. Farewell until next time, whenever that may be.
Sep 7 2017, 10:20 AM
Hi, so, I'm new to the site and will probably be considered new to rping as well. I've only been rping for around a year now, but I am interested in improving and gaining any skill I may or may not have. I have several characters that I've created for other sites, and I'm hoping to be able to adapt them to fit this site as well. As far as I'm concerned I am a noob in all respects, but at least I'm a noob willing to learn and create.

I'm a bit weird when it comes to my attachment to my characters (or maybe not, I wouldn't know. :P ). I tend to think of them as my creations, but they are also a part of me, each in their own way. I like to base each one on an emotion or impactful, personal event. I think, if I checked every single on of my characters has a somehow tragic, dark, or weird backstory, but each one has a reason for being the way they are. I have played normal, likable characters, vengeful murderers, and characters with more than one person in their brain.

This is just some bits of random stuff about me and my interests/things I enjoy. I like reading fiction stories. Generally I like most genres, but there are some I enjoy more than others. Also depends on the type of story. I like sci-fi, fantasy, and mystery. I especially enjoy it when the characters in said stories seem like they could actually exist. I also have watched a lot of movies, most of them good ones. Some of my favorites are Inception, Interstellar, the LOTR trilogy, and the newer Planet of the Apes trilogy. When it comes to TV I've only seen two shows, and only on Netflix, so I guess my favorite TV shows would be Lost (aired from 2004-2010) and Sherlock (aired from 2010-possibly ongoing). That's all I can think of putting up here for now, but feel free to ask questions or whatever. I'm looking forward to rping with everybody, so I'll see you out on the forums.

Just a warning, I'm not exactly all read up on the rules and lore, so if I make a mistake please let me know and I'll do everything I can to correct it. Meanwhile I'll keep reading and familiarizing myself with everything.
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