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» Welcome, new members!, if you're new, please read this~
...to the Introductions forum!

Here you can tell us a little about yourselves, and meet the older members. We will assign you to a mentor to help you get integrated into BTACD and learn the lore, as well as enter into the role-play itself and have a general good ol' time. (: Please make sure one of the first things you do is read the Front, Realms, Species, and Mentor Project pages before you read anything else. Above all, read the Newbie Guide. The importance of these are as listed here:

i. the front page has all of BTACD's rules, info on inactivity notices, and FAQ and, on the sidebar (that's also on the side of every page), a summary of the current plot and group itself.

ii. the Realms page has important information of all of our worlds and their lore. you should learn about one or two of the Realms you're most interested in before even creating your first character or writing your first intro. if you come out with questions about the setting, don't be afraid to ask your mentor or I for more info!

iii. the Species page is fairly self explanatory; you may see our bestiary, what species we role-play. but please keep in mind that because BTACD focuses on freedom, you are not restricted by that list alone. custom species are allowed and encouraged, though please check with Blazeh to approve the info for a custom species before using it; she will also tell you if accepting of custom species are open or closed, as we have artwork that must be finished before we accept many more. ^^

iv. the Mentor Project page is probably one of the most important pages for a new member to review. here you will see our list of approved mentors. from this list you may choose anyone - or multiple mentors - to pitch questions at while you navigate BTACD's expansive lore.

Thank you for joining BTACD, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

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"you do know I have the worst memory in the high desert right"
"that's a lie, you just fill your memory with all things BTACD related"
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