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» Celxis, [x] gnome || female
Immortal Cyan
 Posted: Jul 16 2017, 09:44 AM
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Name: Celxis
Gender: Woman
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Gnome
Age: 18

Height: 3’0”
Weight: 40 Lbs.

Celxis has light brown skin and large green eyes which are wide set. Her long and thick hair is dyed cyan, and she normally wears it in hime cut. Her frame is short and curvy, with a pronounced rear and a buxom chest. As a result of her martial training, she has thick and robust thighs, arms, and calves. Celxis grooms her brows to a dramatic, near-semicircular shape. She has a small and delicately shaped nose, which complements her heart shaped facial profile.

Celxis has no tattoos or distinctive marks on her body, however, she takes great pride in her appearance. Despite her profession as a warrior, Celxis has no scars. She often wears elaborate jewelry on her body, including ear piercings, armbands, and necklaces. When she is not training, she enjoys applying and wearing makeup.

Celxis is a highly skilled fighter and martial artist. Her favorite weapon is the longbow, however she is proficient with swords, spears, maces, javelins, and most other melee and ranged weapons.

She possesses an uncanny athleticism, that has been cultivated through extended training and practice. Her athletic abilities surpass that of even the most gifted elven fighters, acrobats, and rogues. Her vigorous strength and endurance allows her to accurately fire high draw weight bows over long range for extended periods of time. Despite her small size, her foot speed and agility allow her to outrun many of the fastest humanoid bipeds.

Celxis is an extremely gifted and practiced markswoman. She is strong and dexterous enough to rapid-fire her bow over long intervals of time, whilst simultaneously hitting her targets. Her mastery over the bow overshadows that of even the most talented Heartwoodian archers.

Despite her Gnomish heritage, Celxis only has rudimentary skill with runes. Instead, she turns to close members of her family to rune her weapons and armor.

Celxis was born in Albronel to a family of Gnomish scholars. Her father was granted a commission to study the draconic language. After failing to receive admission into an exclusive mage’s academy, Celxis’s father branded her as a failure and sent her out to find work on her own. However, Celxis had an aptitude for martial arts, arms, and fighting. At a young age, she was squired as a knight of the Order of the Sword. Once she completed her squirehood at 16 years old, she became a Junior Knight of the Order of the Lion. By this time, Celxis found out that her father had been killed by a dragon, after his commission to study the language was revoked. Celxis left the order, and joined the then growing Faction of Hope, offering her services as a martially talented ex-knight.

She later participated as a foot soldier in the sacking of Albronel, and helped the order take control of the city. After proving herself as an incredibly skilled warrior, Celxis was initiated into the Order of the Red Eclipse.

Patient: Celxis is very patient. She is willing to work for extended periods of time in order to perfect a craft or skill, before seeing tangible results or rewards.
Submissive: Celxis is not a leader. She is most comfortable when working under someone who directs her energy for her.
Diligent/Productive: Whenever Celxis enjoys her work, she is extremely conscientious and diligent.
Quiet: Celxis is inwardly focused, but she can be outgoing when prompted by someone she trusts.
Vanity: After receiving an injury, blow, or scratch, Celxis often requests her healers to erase any hint of scarring. She also likes to dye her hair, and to wear it in intricate styles.
 Posted: Jul 16 2017, 09:58 AM
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