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 Tears, Wash Away the Blood, Nechesa, JPG

SETTING: Greenleaf Forest somewhat north of the Mirasse Swamp, Erurost, Lizzarkyth

WEATHER: Drizzling, thunderstorm

TIME: Current, on the verge of midnight

CHARACTERS INVOLVED: Mura, Mune, and Nechesa

“Did you fucking see that, mate!?”

“Slaughtered Forrest and Canare! Tore through 'em like nothin!”

“Fuck 'em, just keep runnin' you morons!”

The three hooded and cloaked xeriin fled the cave under the cover of darkness, pursued by that which they could not see, their rapidly footfalls barely falling against the stone floor as they fled from their pursuer.

Every which way, the shadows of the forest seemed to move just a bit, just an inch. A rustle of a tree. A blur from behind the greenery The flicker of the stars, of the moon. Flutter of an owl, of a wolf, it could be any of them.

“Shit shit shit, it could be anywhere!”

“Boys, can it, we're almost there! Almost home free! The courtyard's just ahead – we'll take fli-”


The two hooded avians at the front turned their gaze to a horrific sight – the black shadow's blade had been shoved through their companion's chest, blood still running down the edge, which was attached to the creature's arm. Wrapped in black wrappings, the five foot tall creature simply gazed at the other two with crimson eyes.

“Return my sister, thieves. Or else,” it hissed.

“That...that thing's a lot smaller than I thought. Maybe we can take it!” the rat xeriin's whiskers twitched as he considered his odds.

“It's a fucking shrimp! You made a big mistake stepping into plain view! Keep a tight hold on the goods!” The burly barbarian of a bear xeriin tossed an ornate sword to his partner in crime – the hefty two-handed sword, still in its scabbard, nearly toppling the rat as he caught it, before the rat xeriin fled.

As he approached, he drew his own broadsword. “Bitch. Those were my brothers. You'll pay for that.”

“You forfeited the lives of your brothers by laying your hands on my sleeping sister.”

The bear xeriin raised an eyebrow. “I have no idea what you're babbling about, but I also don't care! Your ass is mine, twat!” With a swift swing he brought down his blade upon the lanky-framed shade with a loud cry.

The cry turned into a scream – he hadn't even seen her blade, but he FELT the blade cleave through his wrist, and his eyes widened in a scream of their own as he saw his dismembered hand fly from his wrist.

“You will feed the blade known as Mura. That is more than you deserve, maggot.”

A sharp scream followed by gurgling. The blade drunk deep.

Rain fell through the treetrops of the night-shrouded Greenleaf Forest. The occasional flash of lightning would illuminate the shaded sea of trees. The pitter-patter of raindrops overwhelmed the rapid panting of the rat, resting on his haunches, dropping an ornate blade about the size of a man to the forest floor

"T-the beast. killed all of 'em. I'm all alone. and th' sword. What do I do?" he gasped out to himself among the darkness of the trees.

Then, a flash of a shadow out of the corner of his eye, through the trees.

"...No. No, stay away!"

"What do you do?" the voice seemed to echo throughout the trees. His eyes shifted. Left. To right. All around.

“You die."

A scream pierced the fall of the rain - the ebony sickle-arm impaled him just under his heart/lungs. The five foot tall beast wanted to hear him scream. The beast wanted its blade next to his heart as it quickened before giving out. It allowed the blood running down her arm to soothe the burning savagery clawing at the back of its eyes, which bore into his with raw, unbridled rage.

All the while, the glowing man-sized blade, Mune, flickered, its glow starting to flash, as if alarmed.

With her leg, shaped like a curved lance, she tore the corpse of the rat-man off of her sickle-limb, and allowed him to slide limply to the forest ground.

Then she fell to the ground.

Along with the raindrops trickling down her face were tears, flowing freely from her eyes. She had just awoken, yet she was so tired.

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The death scream rang through the trees, scattering the birds roosting there, and Nechesa froze, listening to the quiet that fell with the rain.

The terrible sound had been close. Too close. A shiver ran up her spine as she thought of her nest, her brothers and sisters, her children. They must have picked up on her anxiety from their hive-mind network, for she had already begun to feel pangs of wariness that were not her own. They knew something was nearby too, now.

This trip out to see if their webs had caught any food had potentially turned into something dangerous, and so Nechesa trod carefully as she moved forward to investigate. It didn't take her long to see a Zirus in a clearing. A blade lay alongside her, and a dead bandit lay before her. She recognised the bandit. He and his brothers had caused minor issue for her family before, taunting them or stealing their food where they could.

It was a surprise to see him sprawled in a bloody heap, but what was perhaps even more surprising was that the Zirus seemed to be crying; despite the rain, her tears were obvious - the look on her face said it all.

Still hesitant, Nechesa swallowed.

"E-excuse me?"

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As if on a hair trigger, the cloaked mantis, looked up, startled, and seemed to fade into the darkness of cast by the forest. She reappeared a short distance away, bladed sickle arms glowing with the sanguine crimson that it had just slaked its thirst with.

She held a tight, low stance - the rain cleaning off both tears and blood from her blade and face.

" blades have shed enough blood to fulfill the contract. Yet, I will not hesitate to shed more if-"

The ginormous two-handed sword on the ground started to shine more brilliantly, pulsating with a harsh, radiant light, before the light engulfed the eyes of all in the area.

"Mura. Stop. I do not think she means us harm."

Where the sword had once laid, stood a ginormous beetle with similar mantis-sickled arms. Bulkier than Mura, she towered over her smaller, cloaked sibling.

Mune, on the other hand, wore heavy bits of armor on top of her already formidable chitinous plating, based on a golden Halgian design - her exoskeleton a calming creamy white.

" sorry, I did not mean to take so long to awaken. You would not have needed-"

"Killing sustains me. Apologize for nothing," the being called Mura snapped.

Mune shook her head, and turned slowly away from Mura, who slowly eased her stance. The beetle-matnis looked to the spiderlady. "...and you are? Are you another treasure-hunter...?"

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Nechesa took a few paces back, just as startled by Mura as she had been of her. She backpedalled further as a bright light unexpectedly filled the area, dazzling her sensitive eyes, and kneaded them with the balls of her hands for a moment until the stars faded.

When she looked again through slightly blurred vision, another Zirus was there. The two shared a brief exchange that didn't make a lot of sense to Nechesa, then turned their attention to her again, asking if she was a treasure hunter.

"I-I'm sorry, treasure hunter?" she repeated timidly. "No, I...heard screams. Uh...their screams."

She glanced down at the deceased bandits, and shifted her feet. While she was glad they would not be bothering her nest any more, she wasn't exactly ecstatic to see them murdered either.

"I am Nechesa. If I may...who are you?" she asked, choosing to give no indicator that her home was close by - she didn't know the pair's intent after all. The anxious voices grew louder in her mind, to which she responded with assurance she wasn't entirely sure she believed herself.

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Mura paused. The black and red mantis-zirus dropped lower into stance, narrowing her eyes, as if a predator stalking its prey.

Mune held up her larger sickle blade – easily the size of a large sword. The titan beetle creature shook her head, as she gazed at Nechesa with shining yellow gem-like beads – her head shaped much like a simple knight's helmet, with a massive hefty horn adorning the crest of the helm.

“Greetings, Lady Nechesa. I am Mune. This is my sister Mura. We are both zirus...and weapon. Mura woke up before I did, and saw that these graverobbers were attempting to steal us away.”

She eyed her sister.

“Mura...” She paused, as she mentally sculpted her words carefully. “Mura had to kill them.”

Mune's eyes tracked Mura's, which darted away from the comment. An awkward pause. She then continued. “You are zirus, are you not? It has been a long time since we have been around our own kind.”

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